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  1. Jeez. They call themselves a security group but we can't know for sure what they're doing. Never heard of a security group that releases TV episodes..
  2. Apparently they only hack big companies to find loopholes and then report it to them afterwards. I don't think they're the "lets take over" kind.
  3. Thanks for the info ! This is starting to really get my attention. Just joined the discord which is pretty active. It's good to see developers that care about issues and put you first. I'll sacrifice my completion for this dlc if I have to.
  4. I just looked up the steam achievement rarity and there's not 1 achiever for the last 2 achievements yet. Didn't realise it was that hard. I've not touched the game so I have no idea how it is. We shall wait and see, I wouldn't just go on to say people have cheated it because they have it lol. That's very ignorant. But at the same time I'd like to see proof of how they did it, not that they need to. Anyway it sounds like this game has an ass ton of levels. Doesn't this DLC add 2,000 more or something? I'll search for their discord in a bit. Do I need to mess with a lot of local MP for this then? Hate relying on people lol.
  5. Any idea when the DLC will be releasing for PS4? Always like a challenge..
  6. No trophies have been earnt after the platinum going by your picture. Flagger didn't do a very good job at looking at the dates.
  7. You can just search "Easy" or Instant" in the track central search and there'll be tons of instant win tracks. Unfortunately you can't repeat the same one for more XP after patch but there's enough tracks to level you up a long way.
  8. If you can do Zombie Boy then you shan't need to worry about not having enough skill for impossible boy. Personally found it a lot harder the second time around. I think it's because my muscle memory for Dark Rapture levels was piss poor but I struggled the first time too. If you can do Zombie Boy then you have the skill, in my opinion. These aren't intended as tips, just a bit of motivation to keep going lol.
  9. Ether One purely because I'll never play that buggy ass game again.
  10. Because the next person won't be stupid enough to attack the community without valid reason in the first place. You're always talking negatively about this website yet you still continue to use it every day it seems. This thread was ever so blatantly only made for attention and unfortunately it didn't go as well as you hoped. Theres no abuse here. If any lesson could be learnt from this it's don't give what you can't take, because that's clearly a big issue for you.
  11. Doesn't matter if it was you, your brother or even your uncle's dog, the trophies on this account for this game have been earnt illegitimately. If it's the only game, you can hide it to be back on the leaderboards, if you have 2 other flagged games then you're permanently off until you can successfully dispute them with viable evidence.
  12. Without proof of it bricking, or proof that YOU did the stars beforehand, then making the dispute will be a waste of time since it's still indistinguishable as to whether you've done it legitimately or not.
  13. Not being funny dude but ever since you found out about VN's your head inflated hugely. I consider you a friend but when you do shit like this it pisses me off. Especially when you try to shit talk in our party chats because of your "race to level 100" bs. Trying to pressure someone to bet money on a race to level 100 when you know for a fact they don't want VN's on their profile. I know it's not a joke either because you always try to push it upon that certain individual whenever I'm there and no one finds it funny. I've lost a lot of respect for you with this. I know I'm not the only person either. Just stop.
  14. 2 many. See what I did there? Ha..