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  1. Ffs I paid full price for Trials Fusion: Awesome Max Edition yesterday. Some good things I'll be picking up though. Thanks for the thread.
  2. I looked through as much of his list as I had time for and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. I believe this isn't his doing but unfortunately that won't get you unflagged unless a white list happens.
  3. If i recall correctly, games back then didn't need to be resigned on PS3.
  4. I understand that, I never said he didn't but there's no need for the childish labelling just to get a point across. Having a little respect goes a long way. But yes, there's clear evidence here that these trophies have been earnt illegitimately and OP unfortunately should stay flagged because of it. There's other ways of getting the point across.
  5. That isn't comparable at all. He didn't make this dispute so people could point out the obvious. This section is for "professional replies", pointing fingers and calling the disputer a "cheater" is far from it.
  6. I'm sorry but I can't agree with that. No one deserves to be labelled here.
  7. Hahah. I'm waiting for people to tell me to get a life for not taking the $20 ;p
  8. Think it's stupid. Just got this. http://m.imgur.com/umwBPjq
  9. If this is your first or second flagged game, you can hide it to be back on the leaderboards if it's your third or higher then you're off completely
  10. Yeah as above post states, you unlock the 100% trophy before meeting a lot of actions required to 100% it. Such as "Endangered Species" and "Dare Devil".
  11. Depends on the developers. Some just don't give a shit while others will read it and work on a fix.
  12. Super Meat Boy! - if you can do Zombie Boy and Girl Boy, you only need to push a little further for Impossible Boy. You can do it (:!
  13. Platinum!! 9808 deaths, my goal was sub 20k so I smashed it haha. I also wanted the plat in a week but missed by 22 hours ): still very happy with my time though. Man the pressure on the last few levels..
  14. Can't believe people are getting flagged because of this bug. Smh.
  15. Looks really weird how the platinum description is just a summary of every other trophy. Seems very short though like you said.