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  1. Nope, that's weird.
  2. Razer and scuf
  3. ty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Guys, can I do all combat related trophies after story? I mean trophies like *Pinpoint Shot(Hit 250 enemy weak points while using a scope.) *Death from Above(Kill 100 enemies while hovering) ...
  5. Hello.As I understand you just need to be friends with person who have the game, so feel free to add me and we'll boost that trophy together. PSN ID - MrTorTik7743 (I'll have the game 1st May, with ps+)
  6. All the Gears Just Cause 3
  7. Trophy thoughts?
  8. Trophy thoughts?
  9. TES: Skyrim of course
  10. Assassins creed(all that you have) and NFS's probably too GL HF
  11. a lot of games, but 1st one is the division
  12. CoD:Black Ops 3
  13. Witcher 3
  14. 10/10 creepy points lul