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  1. It depends on what challenges you have left to finish. Some of the specific car combat challenges can be gained by using a car from your car collection. Switch to the car that you need the challenge for (as a target), recall your magnum opus and do the challenge. Some challenges can also be completed through repeats of the death races.
  2. I played Fallout 3 a lot on PC. I would like to replay it on PS4 to get the Platinum. Though I would probably not by it at full price coming out. Would love a Fallout New Vegas for PS4 as well. Played it on PC but never finished it.
  3. The Uncharted games have in-game cheats that you can activate, which don't disable trophies. Ratchet & Clank (PS4) does too. They do have to be unlocked in-game first though.
  4. Welcome to PSNProfiles, and PS4 in general. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  5. Sorry to be a bit off topic, but I still wanted to say it's nice to see a dispute being handled in a calm and constructive manner by the disputer and the people trying to help.
  6. I've had the same problem when I just signed up at first. Tried all kinds of things with cache, different browsers, etc. For me it was fixed by signing in directly to the forums like @Squirlruler posted:
  7. So what I understand from this, is that you upgraded your hard drive and used your previous save file. This unfortunately is still against the rules of the leaderboards. You can hide the game to re-appear on the leaderboards, you can hide up to two games. See this topic for further instructions:
  8. Hi, I think it's cumulative. I believe there is an in-game counter for goblin kills in one of the challenges (might be the exact same for the trophy not sure). Those challenges are cumulative/shared over characters. The guide also seems to suggest you can grind this cumulative as it's placed in the second grind section. I haven't gotten the trophy myself yet, so I can't fully confirm it for you.
  9. Funny I had the exact opposite experience. I personally really liked Mad Max, and hated Just Cause 3. For the same reasons; bad combat, bland uninteresting open world, terrible story. I can see how they're similar but somehow I enjoyed the combat in Mad Max and found the open world to be interesting and the story to be all right. Though it gets grindy if you want the platinum. To each it's own.
  10. I'm not going to argue against you here. But to give you a understanding of why people are referring to the leaderboards, is that those leaderboards are the trigger for the trophy. Not the trophy the trigger for the leaderboard. That is probably best. Good luck.
  11. I'm afraid you misunderstand how a dispute here (on psnprofiles) works. You were flagged for a game, with a reason as to how the trophies you achieved are not in line with the rules for the leaderboard. That flag was judged to be correct by staff. The dispute allows you the chance to provide evidence that the trophy was achieved legitimately. This does however lay the requirement for evidence with you, not us. Also understand that there is no you vs us situation here. The people who have responded to you (so far) are just regular members, trying to help in getting a clear picture of what happened. Again, you can see this yourself in the flags. If you're unable to find this, you'll have to wait and somebody from the staff who handles disputes will probably be able to help with the reason. Myself (and other members) are unable to see these without just guessing.
  12. The flags should tell you the reason why you're flagged. Post that here and how this is not the case, and they could (potentially) be lifted. No it's not. But if something is done against the leaderboard rules to get a trophy, that's your responsibility. Whether it was your brother playing it at the time or not. In blunt terms; if your brother cheated while on your accounts, it's your problem. Which leaves the question how you (or your brother) achieved the Valor Grand Cross trophy? You can ask your brother if you're not sure yourself.
  13. I haven't updated any yet, as I haven't actually finished any games yet. I started Just Cause 3, initially the game seemed all right. But I found the game to be pretty bad actually, the mechanics are just horrible. I wanted to finish it so I tried grinding through. I got through the story and almost all collectibles. But eventually I got completely burned out from it and had to take a break. I have about 75% of the trophies, and still have the toughest (5 gears in all challenges) to go. I'm really not sure when I'll try and pick it up again.
  14. I checked out your story on your broken PS4. Google doesn't translate it too well (it gets translated into bear cubs attacking your ps4, I think it's just kids), but I think I get the idea of what happened. And though very unfortunate for you, I don't see how it causes the issues you describe. As far as I know the PS4 automatically syncs all trophies to PSN all the time. So a restore shouldn't mess with that. For anyone else; what I think he refers to is some kids messed up his PS4. Bad enough that it needed a full restore, needed to restore previous save files as well.
  15. I don't have the 3G model of the Vita, so I don't exactly know how that works. I have fixed some issues on my Vita by restoring it to the factory default and wiping the memory card. I checked online to see if that might help you out, but I don't see much results that would support this. The only results I found with people with the same error weren't able to fix it through a factory reset, and had to get replacements from Sony. I seems to suggest it's a hardware issue. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.