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  1. Rez Infinite - 3,69% Not that hard 4/10, not that long 15hrs, but really annoying because you need several playthroughs: - 1 in Play Mode, (<-- the basic game) - 1 in Lost Area, - 6 in Direct Assault, (<-- the basic game x6) - 1 in Boss Rush Mode, - 30 in Score Attack Mode, (<-- clear a chapter x30 !!) - 2 in Area X.
  2. Nope · · blob · · · Not at all · · · blob · · ·
  3. Is it sarcastic? You don't like Sekiro because of social media? Just cut the line.
  4. Still waiting for a sale to buy Lords of the Fallen DLC of the same developer.
  5. I hunted some trophies that I consider now as a waste of time. Now, I have change my mind on which trophies I will decide to hunt. My main problem was to decide to plat a game before to even play it! Because I like the serie, because I like the developper, etc. And even when I like a game, sometimes trophies are stupid, like grind this or grind that. Would you like to do several runs like different difficulties? Or maybe a speed run, like for Ico, a poetic and comtemplative game where you enjoy the landscape...
  6. You had obtained these online trophies illegitimately. You seem honest, but you must hide the all game yourself if you want to come back to the leaderboard.
  7. You don't need the For Honor DLC to 100% it. You can buy a Wu Lin Hero with in-game money. You can access to the Arcade mode through a friend that buy it. Breach matches are accessible to every player.
  8. It could be a good port, but it will never be better than the PC-version. By the way, it seems to be an easy plat.
  9. My question may be stupid. Is the VR headset required? (I mean, can play normally on your screen?)
  10. Shadow of the Colossus on PS3 a tough one!
  11. This is a walking simulator, even you just float. The main problem in this game is that moving is too complicated. Moreover, you are limited by your amount of oxygen.
  12. I received good feedback from this game, what's wrong with The Surge?
  13. Altar Conquered! Complete Stage 1 of Babel. Yesterday i finally found the motivation to finish Catherine and to start Babel. I completed Altar and almost Menhir. So wish me luck.
  14. First release date: PS1 - December 3, 1994 PS2 - March 4, 2000 PS3 - November 11, 2006 PS4 - November 15, 2013 6 or 7 years between two successive generations, then my prediction for PS5 release date is 2019/20. Did I become an analyst? I think I am, and deserve a reward.