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  1. I boosted this game 2 months ago, the answer is yes.
  2. Like the first game, there are still no explanations for the trophies... Which is a good thing. It's not the kind of game I expect to find difficulty in. Moreover, the trophy in question was not so difficult since we could use backups (unlike Limbo). It was just Annoying to the Core.
  3. I recommend Steins;gate 0 if you want to know the events that were silenced in the first game.
  4. Definitely. I will remove all my hidden trophies which include: one cheated game, not proud of it, trophies obtained by the asshole who stole my Ps Vita, recently my Ps3 failed me, I bought a second hand one in a game shop. I naively thought the profile was blank, but no. So I ended up with some new trophies without timestamps on my profile, Ps Home trophies because I was just curious. This is an app, not a game, why does it have any trophies in the first place?
  5. Only after chapter 15.
  6. I think it's NA. 1) He finishes the game "World Uniter" before killing all the archdemons, in particular "Storm king" 2) He kills Penetrator before killing his first archdemon. It's impossible, you need to kill an archdemon to go through 1-3. His EU trophy list seems legit.
  7. Don't mind my post. I got that Platinium less than an hour ago...
  8. Ico, if we put aside the fact that the game has aged very badly, the Speedrun trophy 'Less than 2 hours' will amplify all the flaws of the game before throwing them in your face.
  9. Since you have already completed two episodes, I advice you Steins;Gate 0.
  10. As Lou wakes up with Amelie's quipo in her hands, it seems pretty clear that Amelie has intervened.
  11. You should have unlock all preppers first, then doing delivery to kill two birds with one stone, getting 20 x4 LoL delivery and upgrading preepers to five stars.
  12. I don't know, but definitely not UR since the game can be done on very easy (I know hard difficulty is necessary to obtain LoL grade, but difficulty doesn't impact delivery). Personal estimate: Difficulty: 3/10 Time: 70-90 hours
  13. If you accept the ban, it is not necessary for you to come to this forum to defend yourself. If you want to go back on leaderboard, you must hide your games with illegitimate trophies.
  14. They thought of players without VR putting the VR trophies in a separate DLC pack, but whatever people are still complaining.
  15. I assume that these are exercises for the theoretical driving test in France. A good motivation to get my motorcycle license.