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  1. Thanks @rattlehead57 for making your game available for free! Don't let the negative comments disencourage you...
  2. Using WiFi or wired LAN should not matter. I can confirm that WiFi works, that's what I used for my setup.
  3. Some things you could check: Did you download the configuration files for maradns/deadwood and edit them to suit your network? Did you keep all three command windows open and the processes running? Deadwood has to be installed, your screenshots also show uninstallation which you should not do. MaraDNS has to be running, the screenshot looks fine. Gonespy has to be running, the screenshot shows that is has been probably stopped. Does gonespy output something when you start Unreal Tournament III? As far as I remember, it logs two entries from the queries of Unreal to the command line. For troubleshooting, I would recommend that you enter your server PCs IP address as DNS server for a computer/tablet/phone and try to access the internet from this device. If this works, DNS forwarding is probably fine. Good luck!
  4. I've got these two codes, feel free to use them... US account: GP42DPGN63 CA account: 2CQ4LJJE35
  5. From all I can remember, the last 2500 to 3000 lightyears near the centre are empty space, and before that there is some sort of inner rim of systems nearest to the core. While some may be nearer to the core than others, you should be able to jump to the core from any system in this group as it is the last stop before the centre. If I'm wrong and just the path to the centre did stop to work for you, you'll have to use the galaxy map mode where you can freely select which system you want to go to and try to get nearer to the centre.
  6. Have you tried to go directly to the centre with a fully charged hyperdrive jump? About 3000 light years near the centre is actually the last stop before going there.
  7. I want to send a big "thank you" to everybody that helped to get gonespy up and running. The setup as described on the github page worked perfectly for me, and I was able to complete "Online Champion" for Unreal Tournament III without any problems. Processing power and Windows version should not matter that much in the end. My servers were running on an old Macbook Pro Mid 2010 with a Boot Camp Windows XP setup. I don't know why exactly, but the Java Installers from the Oracle website did not work out of the box. However, once I had downloaded the .tar.gz-file and unzipped it, I had a working Java installation. The Windows XP Firewall can be completely disabled, so I didn't have to tinker with allowing individual ports.
  8. I have collected some information and personal tips on https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/morphite/318996-morphite-information-help.html. Hope they are of use for some of you...
  9. I'm afraid that calling a ship using a bypass chip does not work after going through a portal, you'll only get the warning "ship out of reach". I did not try finding and repairing a crashed ship or buying a ship at a trading post, both of which might/should work...
  10. 1) Build signal scanner, search for monolith, monolith points you to portal. 2) Because it is no correct portal address, the portal will randomly take you to a number of different planets near the center. I tried out some of them (also got to identical planets several times) -- sometimes the signal scanner only found habitable bases very far away, sometimes even only on other planets in the system. You have to get a littly lucky, I guess. You can't call your ship... See, for example: But you can build an exocraft pad after you have progressed enough with the base building missions, this helps a lot. 3) Just search reddit or forums, there are many people posting their locations... Good luck!
  11. I also don't think that this is a glitch: https://nmsportals.github.io translates this sequence https://nmsportals.github.io/#000000000000 into the coordinates 07FF:007F:07FF:0000, which seem to be the coordinates of the center (if there was a system and a portal at this address). Selecting 07FF:007F:07FF:0000 as destination in the Pilgrim Star Path tool https://pahefu.github.io/pilgrimstarpath/ will give you the same distance to target and to center of the galaxy, which probably means that this target is identical with the center of the galaxy. Of course, the game could be modified in a way that only correct portal addresses will work (would not really change anything, because you would only need a few glyphs more than now), or that you cannot fetch your ship afterwards (but you probably could try looking for a crashed ship behind the portal nevertheless)... You don't have to do that - you can also build a signal scanner, take the coordinates and paste them into pahefu's Pilgrim Star Path tool: https://pahefu.github.io/pilgrimstarpath/ It tells you the distance to the center of the galaxy.
  12. Congratulations on being first achiever of the Permadeath trophy in No Man's Sky! Well done!