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  1. cleared all umvc3 online 




  2. It's summer full and people have more free time to open unnecessary disputes like these. For from c to shining c, it depends on the level of opponent you are going to defeat
  3. What is the reason for the flag? However I already see so many trophies in random order
  4. SSFIV Ibuki Trials 22-23-24 + platinum


    Trial 22


    Trial 23


    Trial 24 + platinum


  5. SSFIV Trials 11/35



    1. EternalChaos72


      How hard are these trials? 

    2. AttilioPazzo-


      It's my 5th time I make them lol But some are not simple, you have to spend time on it.

      Years ago when I first did my fingers bleed bllod hehehe


  6. Ryu and Ken trials cleared 





  7. What is the flag's reason?
  8. Ultimate battler is the hardest trophy in the game, done that you have the platinum safe
  9. suspect? And say little ... are you saying that is normal unlock ultimate battler after 20 arcades (classic mode) ?This is a non-legit list, which I only saw about people who used save hack, where they had all 20 battles completed , so they did the simplest battle (classic mode) and unlocked the ultimate battler together top rung. . If this is not hack, we get ridiculous, it seems strange that a person like @grimydawg who understands about fighting games pass by legit these lists
  10. ULTIMATE BATTLER and TOP RANG it is not possible to unlock them in the same time cause in the battle mode there are 20 kinds of different battles one of this is classic mode and u must complete it only one time for the ULTIMATE BATTLER , u can unlock ULTIMATE BATTLER only together RISE TO THE TOP ( complete one classic battle) Who has played the game really can confirm it
  11. In fact ZombieLovers84 is flagged on injustice for the same reason
  12. Injustice is not a buggy game, the only trophy that can give you problems is' BUDDY SYSTEM, Ultimate buttler can only be unlocked together RISE TO THE TOP, We're talking about being flagged back on a game that's clearly not legit, obviously the flag was lifted cause they did not know the game
  13. Does not mean anything dude, the list is not legit, even grimydawg can make mistakes. Explains how you can unlock the ultimate battler and top rung at the same time. METAHUMAN, FEEL THE BURN, AROUND AND AROUND WE GO AND THE HERO WE WANT ALL unlocked in few seconds, it's science fiction
  14. Top rung and ultimate battler is wrong, unlock them in the same time it's possible only with save hack
  15. KjudYPr.jpg


    After this trophy i can say that umvc3 on ps3 is already platinum