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  1. Plat #71 Stormrise


    it's a good RTS game, a fun alternative to RTS WW'

    for the trophy of the 99 online wins you have to make at least 200/250 wins to make the game count it considering that the leaderboard does not keep up your real progress, so you have to play until you unlock the trophy :-D


    My rank in the leaderboard:







  2. Plat 70# Operation 7 Revolution

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    2. LightningCharm


      No prob.  Good luck on the next one. :wave:

    3. Scyther


      Nice work!

    4. AttilioPazzo-


      Thanks buddy

  3. Plat 69# R.U.S.E.

    Psn 100% 5# Hawken

  4. your injustice's list is completely random, trophies related to STAR LABS are out of order, TOP RANG unlocked before RISE TO THE TOP, this is not possible man!!
  5. maybe in 1 year it's possible a Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, as it happened with its predecessor, with all the DLC characters and maybe with a challenge trophy list
  6. it does not mean anything, even if it was true, when you had collected the 301 orbs you had to unlock the trophy for the 300 orbs. the most obvious thing is that you used a save hack
  7. this is the most easy marvel vs capcom of all time, after injustice 2, another fighting game for nobber
  8. My names is mayo
  9. Plat #68 Super Street Fighter IV (Ps4)




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    2. AttilioPazzo-


      @skateak I've never tried it, but it's definitely worth it, even because it has a fair amount of UR trophies, is it wrong or is it discounted on the psn store?


    3. skateak


      This should be the link for it still a little expensive.!/it-it/giochi/guilty-gear-xrd-sign-/cid=EP9000-CUSA01689_00-GGXRDSIGNEU00100 


      You might want to look into getting Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2. It is basically the 'Super' version of Guilty Gear  -Revelator-!/it-it/giochi/guilty-gear-xrd-rev2/cid=EP4293-CUSA08260_00-GGXRDREV2EU00100

    4. AttilioPazzo-


      thanks buddy , i would like to start with Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, actually it's a little expensive, maybe while finishing some games , it's back on sale on the psn store

  10. Super Street Fighter IV (Ps4)


    Cleared all arcade mode with each character on hardest difficulty and all rival battles





    1. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

  11. Reminds me VIOLA of Soul Calibur v



    My respect









  13. To unlock Supreme Champion you have to finish all the combos of each characters, it is not possible to unlock the trophy before them
  14. @xZoneHunter I suggest you update the guide about The Collector Trophy, The MK XL update added 6 new modifiers that are automatically unlocked. You need a total of 71 now
  15. I think he has more than two games flagged