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  1. I have noticed The Hungry Horde (PVita game) has been delisted, if anyone can confirm this . Thx
  2. Do you have a time machine too ? 🤔
  3. No! This is normal! This also happens with the Ps4 version because they are Ultimate Edition You can sync without problems
  4. #120 Injustice (PsVita) 

    #1 Fastest Achievers 

  6. This is supposed to be a common glitch on PsVita, it happened to a friend of mine years ago.
  7. Having plated this game on PsVita I wanted to use the cross save function to avoid a lot of grind and also complete the Ps3 version, I noticed that on PsVita I don't have any function to upload my saved game to the cloud, this function is only available again if I delete my save on PsVita! Someone had the same problem and how did you solve it ?
  8. You are not the only one, I would play it with great pleasure too but I don't think it works, if I remember well they tested MK vs DC without success, if it worked maybe there was hope for MK on PsVita too
  9. Everything works perfectly and every statistic is saved correctly... Even the glitch of level 50 still works
  10. @Hibari-shugosha Thank you very much, Probably not, but it would be a good reason to make so many people come back to play SFV .... We will see
  11. Priceless You managed to get 1,000,000 FM. That's pretty good! The real value, however, is in the path you walked to earn that much. The Never-Ending Path "Sweet! You got all the trophies! You're really somethin'. Isn't that right, Ryu?" "You have done well to reach the end of this one journey. The path to becoming a true fighter still lies ahead, but let us take time to share the joy of your accomplishment."
  12. I'm really close, only 8.000 FM, I just have to finish 2 more survivors on hard and I'll have my Platinum trophy. If SSFV should come out I hope in a slightly different trophy list maybe more focused on the offline part.
  13. I'm checking all this out by playing, and I can say now That for the 1 million FM trophy you have to take all characters to level 26 as you said. To do this you have to do for all 38 characters: - complete all trials - complete all character stories (complete the general story is useless) -complete all the demonstrations -complete all survivors: easy, normal and hard 1 level = 1000 FM So by having all 38 characters on level 26 we'll have: 26,000FM X 38 = 988,000 FM for the remaining FMs you can grind by playing online while doing the trophies, or by completing 2/3 runs on extreme survivor (1 is necessary for the trophy) To complete the survivor to the hard difficulty is necessary, on some characters I have done everything except for the hard survivor and for this I'm level 23, now I have about 700k FM, I thought it was more difficult but it's just a bit repetitive and takes time. In the future with the addition of more characters the process will be faster, but I think that for fans of SF it's always a pleasure to play this
  14. Ah thank you so much for the answer, so it roughly works the same way it did before. I was worried about the FM trophy, because I had read in other forums that now it was much more difficult to get them, although I would do it anyway because the desire to play a SF is so much 😂
  15. To date, how is the situation regarding FM, is it still possible to earn them through Ranked Match or Casual Match?