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  1. Ciao, ho visto che l'ultimo che ha completato al 100% race the sun, e che sei anche italiano, volevo chiederti il come hai fatto? sono giorni che ci provo ma non riesco a prendere i trofei di fare 5 milioni di punti, raggiungere la regione 4 in apocalypse, hai qualche consiglio? sono su ps4. 

    1. Divecomb


      ?Puoi parlare in americano?

    2. Axelc1995



      I speak little English, but I'll try, not days that I try to complete 100% race the sun, but I can not take the trophies to make 5 million points, reach the region 4 in apocalypse, do you have any advice? I'm on ps4.

    3. AttilioPazzo-


      @Axelc1995  hi, I played on Ps3 where you can use the void portal bug as explained on the guide on this site, on Ps4 is no longer possible because it was patched, you should be able to use the Ps3 version of the game it should be 1-2 hours you should be able to get all the trophies

  2. another game that burned down people's money
  3. Afterburner Fly faster than Mach 2 for 1 hour in campaign Validated aspirations Acquire all the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies
  4. #92 The Chronicles of Riddick difficulty 5,5/10

    #93 Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. difficulty 4/10


  5. General of the Airforce Become "General of the Airforce" (level 40)
  6. Platinum Get all Trophies
  7. #90 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Ps4)

    #91 Twisted Metal (Ps3)


    #8 Punisher:No Mercy (Psn)

    #9 Lead And Gold:Gangs Of The Wild West (Psn)


    0 buggy trophies on Twisted Metal and many URs


  8. #88 SPACE OVERLORDS (Ps4)

    #89 SPACE OVERLORDS (PsVita)


    on PsVita the loading times are almost endless, which makes the grind for the 250k buildings really boring




  9. Plat #86 Fifa18 (Ps4) 

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Congratulations! 👍

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Woo hoo, finally a FIFA platinum. Should be getting FIFA 16 really soon to finish it from my backlog. :) 

    4. AttilioPazzo-


      @ee28max yes, it's my first FIFA plat, the last one I played was FIFA 11. good luck for FIFA16

  10. unlocking 480 missions before getting 240 means that the trophy was glitched for you 240 times, this is really impossible
  11. Plat #84 Legasista

    maybe I'll also go for the JAP version

  12. Legasista (Ps3) Work in progress....


    - 200-floor Ran-geon Solo Cleared -



    - 200-floor Hard-geon Trio Cleared -



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    2. AttilioPazzo-




      fortunately you do not need to farm to get the Black Key, which makes you go over 100-F, the glitch of the door works; I'll tell you I found a better one, if u staying near the door and spamming the Attack button while an enemy is hitting you, will find yourself on the other side of the door.

      the most boring part for me was to farm the equipment, I think I spent at least 20 hours, especially to farm rare subtitles like :

      Mana Evolution  Mana use -10
      Super Mana Evolution  Mana use -20

      now in 1.5 / 2 hours I can complete 200F



    3. MMDE


      Ah, but you don't need to farm the equipment. Once you get the specific stuff, you're invincible, can't take damage, it's just about getting through the dungeons.

    4. AttilioPazzo-


      @MMDE the problem was just to get a weapon with little mana cost, and farm subtitles that allowed me to bring down the mana to 0 , otherwise I could not become invincible :platinum:

  13. You can find the game here It costs 199.00 元 = 25,5 euro