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  1. Plat #77 Mortal Kombat 9 (Ps3) #3.000th trophy

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    2. AttilioPazzo-


      @Spaz a fun, especially for the ps3, remained on for H24 for almost a month 😅😅

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Nice choice for making it your #3,000th trophy milestone. I'm soon to get my #1,000th trophy :) 

    4. AttilioPazzo-


      @ee28max have never given much importance to the trophies of the milestone, but this time I hope I have made a good choice, good luck for your # 1,000th trophy milestone

  2. Plat #75 Street Fighter IV

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    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. ee28max


      Well done on the milestone! 💯

    4. AttilioPazzo-
  3. it was not a coincidence that in 2016 injustice was at 0.07 as a rarity, there were no save as now, all the games made in that period are legit, and the flag should be lifted
  4. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
  5. all the trophies are earned out of order, and all are close to each other, modding and hacking are against the rules of this site
  6. Is this the Na version? Good job
  7. the usual waste of time
  8. these are all instant trophy lists, for injustice and Mortal Kombat the flags can not be lifted
  9. Supreme Champions unlocked before all trials trophies , this happens when u use save from internet, even other games have the same problem
  10. it is not possible to unlock 5 stars on a map together with the trophy to unlock 5 stars on all maps, those maps on Fuse are not very simple and considering that the requirements for obtaining stars depends on the K/D ratio , it is not said that these requirements are pursued by all team members
  11. as for Super Street Fighter IV you can not unlock the trophies without having reached certain requirements, for example you can not unlock the Entitled trophy before Trial Athlete and All Clear, because you need to complete 840 trials and complete the arcade on the hardest difficulty with each characters to unlock certain titles and icons. here lists all the titles and icons needed to unlock the trophies
  12. the flags on Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV can not be lifted, the trophies are out of order and also earned close to each other
  13. non e' un problema di sincronizzazione, a me sembra un chiaro uso di salvataggi, alcuni trofei relativi alle reliquie sono sbloccati in pochi secondi it's not a synchronization problem, it seems to me a clear use of save, some trophies related to relics are unlocked in a few seconds it's not a synchronization problem, it seems to me a clear use of rescues, some trophies related to relics are
  14. Plat 74# (Ps3) Street Fighter X Tekken


    mission mode - Mission 19-



    Mission Mode - Mission 20 -



    Mission Mode - All missions Cleared -


  15. Plat #73 (PsVita) Street Fighter x Tekken 

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    2. AttilioPazzo-
    3. fabmorais_2011


      Congrats! I found this one to be a pain in the ass mainly because of the Missions. Akuma on Mission 19 gave me nightmares.

    4. AttilioPazzo-


      @fabmorais_2011 yes Akuma in mission 19 with unlimited meter took me 3 hours to beat him, almost the same time to do all the remaining missions, in fact for this I started directly from the mission 19 hehehe, however, it is necessary to have patience and a bit of luck lol