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  1. You should keep trying until the trophy is unlocked.
  2. thanks again to all guys who participated in today's session for Motogp 09/10, without you the Champagne trophy would not have been possible ❤️







    1. ee28max


      Congrats on the trophy! 👍

  3. it seems that the latest online trophies have been earned on November 15th, probably the servers are empty
  4. yes it's right, a lot of stuff are messed up on both SSFIVs but I think it's useless because the OP should already have 3 flags
  5. you can also add others, they are all hacked
  6. He's legit because the 5M trophy unlock it as soon as you crash and the score screen is shown, same thing also applies to the Meteoroid trophy that you unlock at the first crash in apocalypse mode, so as he says it's right, the score do not reset when you switch game modes, it's weird but it's possible
  7. the game is quite simple, it is within everyone's reach, it takes only a little time, 4 weeks at least, to get all the game items. there is nothing to worry about sorry I messed up with battle of Z, however there is nothing difficult, it's all very simplified, the platinum trophy requires a lot of patience to get 20 million zeni, it took me 90 hours of grind to get only that trophy
  8. I still believe no one has tested the game if it works
  9. Ladies and Gents, We Have a Winner! Tournament - Emerge as champion Trophy Triumphant Acquire all trophies
  10. Set for LifeAcquire 20,000,000 Zeni throughout the course of playing
  11. yes, all trophies can be obtained in private matches
  12. Ciao, ho visto che l'ultimo che ha completato al 100% race the sun, e che sei anche italiano, volevo chiederti il come hai fatto? sono giorni che ci provo ma non riesco a prendere i trofei di fare 5 milioni di punti, raggiungere la regione 4 in apocalypse, hai qualche consiglio? sono su ps4. 

    1. Divecomb


      ?Puoi parlare in americano?

    2. Jarek_1995



      I speak little English, but I'll try, not days that I try to complete 100% race the sun, but I can not take the trophies to make 5 million points, reach the region 4 in apocalypse, do you have any advice? I'm on ps4.

    3. AttilioPazzo-


      @Axelc1995  hi, I played on Ps3 where you can use the void portal bug as explained on the guide on this site, on Ps4 is no longer possible because it was patched, you should be able to use the Ps3 version of the game it should be 1-2 hours you should be able to get all the trophies

  13. another game that burned down people's money
  14. Afterburner Fly faster than Mach 2 for 1 hour in campaign Validated aspirations Acquire all the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies
  15. #92 The Chronicles of Riddick difficulty 5,5/10

    #93 Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. difficulty 4/10