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  1. Willing to lend the gear required for "Painbow Connection". Just message me on PSN and I'll help whenever I'm available.
  2. Yeah, I'm trying to farm the grenade mod, but it's kinda annoying with this issue. Get like 1 run in 3 tries.
  3. It just happened 3 more times. They keep saying I killed "Buff Gamer" already and to turn back... That's an enemy from Torgue's DLC lol
  4. Something just happened for the second time while playing this DLC and it's just so weird... Randomly, while playing, I get an audio of someone talking in the Echo thingy, saying I already killed the boss or wtv. Then Mr. Torgue proceeds on saying something like, " Yeah, you should go back, you already did this" and after he says it, the game crashes. Like, hum... What?
  5. 1 - Yes 2 - You can spend as much as you want
  6. Just ask for help in Global/Zone chat and then invite to group whoever replies. They'll probably be level 65, which will make it easy.
  7. Never got a reply from Gearbox, only from 2K. Might give another shot tho.
  8. Only thing to do at this point is to post on both those threads and wait.
  9. Talking with the guy that replied to us on the thread. He said: "I’ve pointed the thread out to one of the community managers and asked them to look into it, yes."
  10. Japanese version of Borderlands on the PS3 doesn't have the Claptrap dlc. Just the trophies got released, not the dlc itself.
  11. True, think the only option would be to auto pop the dlc trophies.
  12. Created a thread right now.
  13. Got a reply from 2k basically just saying to create a thread on 2k forums so "our voices can be heard".
  14. Sent a ticket to 2K, 2K Japan and Gearbox like 5 days ago and got 0 replies.
  15. Every boss trophy has now a 0.1% rarity on PSN. Probably a hacker tho