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  1. Sent a ticket to 2K, 2K Japan and Gearbox like 5 days ago and got 0 replies.
  2. Every boss trophy has now a 0.1% rarity on PSN. Probably a hacker tho
  3. Even more annoying if they add the list and you can't play it
  4. Still haven't played this Remaster but on 2 and Pre Sequel there was an option on the menus. Think you had to upload the character first on the ps3 and then download on ps4. Should be the same
  5. Thanks! The fishing trophy made me so mad. Some fishes took me 1 whole day to get.
  6. Even the Burned Doll. I still find that a lot. Almost every supply stash I open.
  7. In 1 month you only found 5 items? I literally find Poker Chips in MedBags every time I open one. Teammates killing you to get the item. First of all, how did they know you had the item (suppose they were randoms if you say they killed you) and second, when teammates kill you they can't loot your death stash.
  8. I'm 99.9% sure the IX characters won't work.
  9. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.
  10. Wonder if you can use your saved characters from the non-VR versions? If that works, you can probably get some trophies popped easily like the locations trophies.
  11. I saw Bruno's item like 4 weeks ago and don't see Recon's since after the rest of the specialists came out.
  12. Took me 600+ hours.
  13. But once you get it, it should be easy.
  14. It was stupid because it was dependant on another people's choices. Now it is stupid because you just need 3 kills. Literally the easiest now lol
  15. I find Burned Dolls, Poker Chips, I Ching Coins. No Nomad. "Character item drop rates were increased". (By 1%)