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  1. Thanks! The fishing trophy made me so mad. Some fishes took me 1 whole day to get.
  2. Even the Burned Doll. I still find that a lot. Almost every supply stash I open.
  3. In 1 month you only found 5 items? I literally find Poker Chips in MedBags every time I open one. Teammates killing you to get the item. First of all, how did they know you had the item (suppose they were randoms if you say they killed you) and second, when teammates kill you they can't loot your death stash.
  4. I'm 99.9% sure the IX characters won't work.
  5. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.
  6. Wonder if you can use your saved characters from the non-VR versions? If that works, you can probably get some trophies popped easily like the locations trophies.
  7. I saw Bruno's item like 4 weeks ago and don't see Recon's since after the rest of the specialists came out.
  8. Took me 600+ hours.
  9. But once you get it, it should be easy.
  10. It was stupid because it was dependant on another people's choices. Now it is stupid because you just need 3 kills. Literally the easiest now lol
  11. I find Burned Dolls, Poker Chips, I Ching Coins. No Nomad. "Character item drop rates were increased". (By 1%)
  12. I know I've found the burned doll there. Don't go there enough to talk about the others. Think it should spawn. It is a box like any other I suppose.
  13. Yeah. That box spawns there most of the times so it probably is a good place to farm.
  14. I'm just done with this game mode. Not having fun anymore. Tired of it Been trying for days and it's fucking stupid
  15. Yeah, I got the item 4 items yesterday (even tho I died straight away).
  16. Got 5 burned dolls in like 5 games. 2 of which was in 1 game lol. Don't get what they were thinking.
  17. People like me who still need Nomad after days of searching will probably be even more screwed. Most people will use those skins now.
  18. To make the things even greater, zombie characters from Chaos storyline just released. Majority of players will probably be using those skins. therefore, HOW are u supposed to get 3 specialist kills??? GG
  19. It doesn't.
  20. Same. After 100 games found it, killed 13 enemies and not even 1 skin.
  21. Yeah, exactly the same thing for me. 3 days chasing Nomad and can't find the item. Know 1 person who found it on Nuketown's bunker but I never do. They could've made a much greater job when it comes to unlocking characters. Don't want to spend days searching for an item
  22. Yeah, those ones!
  23. Nomad- Find Juneau's dog tag in supply stashes. Kill 3 Specialists. No placement required. Also, got Prophet and got his item 2 games in a row, so it shouldn't be too rare (or I was just lucky). Both me and my friend got it in those games.
  24. Maybe you have to have 3 perks active when the match ends?