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  1. I don't have lucky with the new map...
  2. I hope to no. Doom is for all not for a fucking monopoly Business.
  3. The dlc is not bad I am thinks is very funny and have some epic combats
  4. There are autopop??
  5. Are very boring in this game
  6. There is some counter of how many sligs you kill?
  7. My muddokons don't throw when configure with balls or others things. I am in the level of trailis and the second part don't throw anything but i don't have problems in the first part...
  8. Ok I try.
  9. The Game is very funny, I am a great fan of Avicii. In this moment Only don't have the trophy of 75% perfects is very hard and the 15 perfects I can after of 2 hours. This game Is not easy, only with the perfects trophys.
  10. I don't usually play rythmic games but i was dj In my life and I know about ritms. Someone explain to me about the latency. In the begin of the game I calibrate the latency. Is -7 I ,I am not convinced with the result.
  11. I look in all site thath game is easy but I don't understand. DO 75% of perfects in a song is terrible. And do 15 perfects continues is other trophy thath I don't understad why the people say that's playtinum Is easy. I know the glich but i have digital edition, I must be buy the phisical but the perfect of the 15 and rank s+ in hard is not a safe...
  12. I want to begin this game but i look the extremely rare platinum. Is this game hard? Or i look thath people have a lot of bugs. In this moment is not have a guide to know whath is the problem of this game.
  13. I don't have enough money to have the stake. But I can have enough to have the wolsbane with maximum stage. Is viable to do the most hard difficult in this situation?
  14. Finally get the 100% Need 285 hours and 3 months
  15. The three???