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  1. Is time to ask for the difficult of dlc and platinum xd.
  2. I begin the game un normal and in the chápter 1 after talk with the nathan brother i change in options to crushing difficult and i go to finish the game in crushing. It counts to finish the game in crushing?? Or when finish the game i finish the prologue in crushing.
  3. No trophy again...shit.
  4. Is hard?? I look a youtuber put difficult 10-10
  5. Hi people i go to the 100% i begin the dlc. Have a question i see there are a exp plus with 300 gold coins i want to buy because rest time of the dlc. But i see a update of this to get more How do I get it?? Unlock in level -1. Whath it this??
  6. Need some advice to play with a friend un ps4. I try for days but i play only with randoms.
  7. there is people in the online? I think buy this game.
  8. Finish the game and gget all trophies,restart a new game and when you can buy the taxi do it.
  9. No trophies for jill
  10. Yesterday a zombie bite a partner and the time is -999 i lost in a second.
  11. Dont worry you can get the 100% and this trophy in other game
  12. Hi people. I try to play but i have a terrible lag with delay about 5 seconds my player can not open doors, cant attack enemies, can not take objects. Is imposible to play.. you have this problem?
  13. Un amigo me dice que es más difícil este trofeo después del patch... ¿¿Es verdad??
  14. I platinum this game today. Only can said:the rocket launcher is our hero. I dont can think this if you can have the shop. Pass the game in rank S in inferno with normal weapons transform this platinum in a 9-10.
  15. A little sad because the platinum is very easy on one of my favorite games in my life. I dont want a platinum extremly harder for example wolfenstein ii but i dont want a walk in the park.