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  1. I am very disappointed with no trophies of all dlc in this game
  2. I play this dlc in ps5
  3. I have a problem. I use the version 1.16 finish the dlc and I go to the 1.26 I install again after 10 hours. The charles install me again the 1.16??? Why? I change the URL of the version 1.26 Where is the mistake??
  4. Something know some advice. I am very frustrated for this trophy.
  5. How many levels are in the game?? The rumor says aproximatly 100 levels
  6. In this moment cell fells the true terror.
  7. Hola a todos me explico en español mejor por la dificultad de como poder correguir el fallo. A mi no me salto cuando acabe el 100% de todos los niveles. Mire y tenia 99% de burbujas habiendo tenido todos los niveles marcados como 100%. Como lo solucione? Pues fui nivel por nivel mirando si tenia todas y me encontre con que un nivel no me dieron las burbujas de premio por conseguirlas todas simplemente lo acabe de nuevo llegando a la meta. Que susto. Ya me Queda menos para el 100% .
  8. Try to a friend defeat baba yaga and continúe the game. I only have a bug of a trophie.
  9. I think thath imposible to get the trophy of legitimy mode.
  10. Yes..m¡¡¡ Finally get. I am very happy¡¡ 2 montain 2 hexagonia 1 tails.
  11. Yes
  12. There are something problem in minigame rock all the game count of you éxit and five you the kurds.
  13. Patch when?? Where you look this information.
  14. I am very frustrated. Because i have a id with 100% in all games; a lof of time,money and work to have this. I can not lost is important to me.