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  1. I am get the collectibles in all the map with franklin and never call me. When i call taxis the telephone is busy.
  2. Dont work.... tanya and taxis dont call me...
  3. Thanks. I try this tomorrow.
  4. Dont call me i am waiting a lof of time but he dont call me to do a mision.. I can do something?
  5. Thanks for answ
  6. Hi guys I need to restar the doomsday because I died and restar the progress but I try the first heisth but is put this message: no disponible wait a time and try. Somebody knows how many time I need to wait to can restar the doomsday. Is real time or online game time.? Thanks
  7. Is totally dead is imposible to find partner xddd . I can platinum with a friend but I play 0 games with random people.
  8. Hi people How can I use the rings in the history mode?
  9. Finaly can after 10 hours aproximatly, this challengue is very very hard I dont want to think before the patch.. is soo injust. I dont do the sub challengue of bike in the air, never can get gold medal I dont know why. I get gold medal in the others 3 and get aproximatly 10 seconds to the final.
  10. This is my last challengue I have golf in the others. I can not I try this days but I can not. I try with 3 gold and a silver(bike the air) but only have 100k. Some advice to get this last medal.
  11. Ok. A lot ot thanks. I read people to want gold medals in a sub challengue and created this dude. There are sub challengue very complicated. Thanks
  12. Is necesary to get all gold medal in secundary challengues or only need to get gold medal in the principal challengue,to get the trophy.
  13. What is the diference of hard II or supervivence ii
  14. I think there are only 2 hard challenge .
  15. Is imposible I try with 7 days.. I need help... I cant sleep for this shit.. Edit:finaly caaaaaaaaaaaaaannn I finish this nighmare....