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  1. Is posible to play with a friend ? Online or local?
  2. Hi. I play this scene of the raid 2, a lot of hours. But I can not pass this zone but I played yesterday with a big man who tell me a trick. I tell ourss to help who can not pass this zone. The four players are in the source and kill in this situation only down one to use of bait but never take corruption. Kill enemy's with granade and arrow. The best character to use in this zone is the haunted. if you need best explication tell me.
  3. Ok I understand. Thanks
  4. Hi. I want to play this game but some people tell me is hard and when I look the guide put difficult 2. What is the difficult to have the 100% of this game not only the platinum. thanks
  5. Because there is a solution, If you play 30 in a indian server can play alone and boosting infalible. I know people thath do this this days I vote fallguys because is the trophy thath I worry thath my trophy life. The agony to do infallible before the patch is very frustrated
  6. Can you write a guide of a a raids.
  7. I have the platinum and yes...the level 29 is the most hard trophy of my life.......good luck
  8. I prefer no trophies I am very busy with ghost of tsushima online and ffxv.
  9. Someone can look now if are new trophies?
  10. Apparently there is no changes in the trophies list
  11. Can be have autopop
  12. In other side of the forum someone says thath vendetta is not the only trophies thath become imposible. The two of the trials of the dlc are imposible after close the servers
  13. Is better asecure the 100% to cry after. I am stay playing shadow with my ps5 in sustitución of demon souls or miles morales Shit
  14. If web say this is because they know more better the game than our