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  1. In other side of the forum someone says thath vendetta is not the only trophies thath become imposible. The two of the trials of the dlc are imposible after close the servers
  2. Is better asecure the 100% to cry after. I am stay playing shadow with my ps5 in sustitución of demon souls or miles morales Shit
  3. If web say this is because they know more better the game than our
  4. I pray to don't separate list...
  5. Is hard this platinum? I discover this game now, and I am a fan of aviii rest in peace.
  6. Somebody know if, for example, I have a game of ps5 miles morales I want tu downgrade to play the ps4 list. And I load the save file of this game.
  7. Someone can to try load the save of ps5 in ps4 please I don't have the platinum of ps4 but I buy the ultimate version of ps5 thanks.
  8. I wish thath not new trophies. I am very busy in games of ps5. Play in ps5 is more fast but I think is more slow quit the game if you fail in mastermind.
  9. Something try the glich of duplication in ps5? I think is not work in this remake
  10. I don't do in ps4 but I am sad to don't have more trophies. Aftermafch, deaths with dlc characters, etc
  11. Hi. Can something with ps5 load the save of ps4 game. I don't have complete the last dlc and I play this in ps5. If I play the edición of ps5 I think will have separate list.
  12. Little deception. I want new trophies of ultimate version.
  13. Mk11 have separate list
  14. Dead by Daylight llegará a consolas de nueva generación a finales de 2020, publican en su cuenta oficial en Twitter. El juego incluye gráficos mejorados con respecto a las versiones de actual generación y recibirán actualizaciones de forma regular. ¿Estás jugando a DBD en consola? Cuando actualices tu máquina obtendrás el videojuego gratis y mantendrás todo tu progreso, subrayan. Your progress is a safe
  15. Bye bye bladstone jiji
  16. Hi people. I am noob in mk11 but I play a lot of mkxl I was a alien's player unfortunately I don't have the alien in mk11. can you tell me the best characters in the game included all dlc characters. i am a veteran in fighting games I know the best characters is the best for you. But all knows thath somer characters are better that others because her/his hit box, damage, recovery and combos. thanks.
  17. Tier list are very useful. I am very good player in dragon ball figher ( barduck kid boo, goku ui) are very powerfull this character is more easy become competitive than playefs for example Krilin, fat boo, ginew,etc.. Allways is important know about this.
  18. I am very disappointed with no trophies of all dlc in this game
  19. I play this dlc in ps5
  20. I have a problem. I use the version 1.16 finish the dlc and I go to the 1.26 I install again after 10 hours. The charles install me again the 1.16??? Why? I change the URL of the version 1.26 Where is the mistake??
  21. Something know some advice. I am very frustrated for this trophy.
  22. How many levels are in the game?? The rumor says aproximatly 100 levels
  23. In this moment cell fells the true terror.
  24. Hola a todos me explico en español mejor por la dificultad de como poder correguir el fallo. A mi no me salto cuando acabe el 100% de todos los niveles. Mire y tenia 99% de burbujas habiendo tenido todos los niveles marcados como 100%. Como lo solucione? Pues fui nivel por nivel mirando si tenia todas y me encontre con que un nivel no me dieron las burbujas de premio por conseguirlas todas simplemente lo acabe de nuevo llegando a la meta. Que susto. Ya me Queda menos para el 100% .