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  1. I also had a pretty solid plat journey on ps3. My hiccups were just usually audio. It ran pretty well I thought.
  2. I thought the same. A dollar left on a psn card. Thought the dialog was great!
  3. I buy them for my vita. I have 2 15min. Breaks each day at work, they are cheap and awesome for that. Devious dungeon/2, Random Heroes, I love those. They are simple but fun. Ive played past platinum on all of them. Assuming everyone buys for ps4 or easy plats is wrong.
  4. Coop makes it much more bearable and fun. If you do the final levels for what you're missing, it really wasnt bad.
  5. Agreed. I also played past all trophies because it was just so fun. Didn't think this would get a sequel. Great surprise!