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  1. Please add me to the Legend and Lady Croft tier. I have all main/spin-off games platinumed and/or 100%. 😁
  2. But it should be pointed out that this game is also on disc.
  3. At least the trophies are more rewarding than the last collection. After playing the first two seasons 3 times, trying to play each episode for a bronze in that isnt enough.
  4. Yessssssss!!!! I can't tell you how I hated to miss out on it before. This just made my day!
  5. E3 or any other industry show used to be enjoyable to check out for what's new but I don't feel that way anymore. When developers are announcing new games a week or so prior to these shows (or even if they're leaked which is getting worse and worse), I have no enthusiasm to watch. Perhaps it's the continued rise of social media that envelops this, but the element of surprise is gone. What's the point of a show (besides for those to play the actual demo) if most big titles are revealed ahead of time?
  6. But this is so much more than that. Skybound Games have truly gone in and remastered it. The seasons before Season 4 have been outfitted with Season 4's graphic style. Lip syncing has been greatly improved. Character models can now be viewed and there are a ton of behind the scenes videos. I'd hardly call it a repack.
  7. It's as easy as making a boosting session on here. Just set the time, date, and how many required.
  8. Best to make or join a session on here.
  9. If it's the first Uncharted on the PS3, it won't say the difficulty you've beaten it on. 2 on up and the remasters have that.
  10. I really like The Amazing Spider-Man. Had an original story that continued after the first and felt fun. I don't recommend the second. I didn't find it as enjoyable and at times, frustrating. The web swinging mechanics that were easy and simple to use in the first one were made to be complicated in the second by using two buttons to swing instead of one.
  11. All episodes are on the PS3 disc as well. I made a guide on availability previously.
  12. You can buy an import disc on eBay.
  13. It seems that Uncharted: Fight for Fortune and its two DLC packs have been delisted in North America and the UK (from what I've searched). I've searched through the PlayStation 3's store, mobile/desktop, and on the PSVita. It's gone. However, it's still in the Hong Kong store with the two DLC packs. Also, even though the online aspect has been broken for a while, the Hong Kong store has stated that the servers will close on September 3, 2019 (and this most likely affects the entire game in all regions).
  14. I remember before they did the massive overall in the rewards that I had no problem with them counting my acceptable trophies. After they did though, it takes forever for them to update, if they do, and I feel like its not counting as much as I'm achieving. I was able to get quite a bit out though and all good things have to end.
  15. You should set up or join a boosting session. That's the easiest way of getting majority of them.