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  1. Doesn't hurt to try and if it does work, it'll help out so many people who don't have it.
  2. Since the Krypt has to have online access, I don't believe this would work offline.
  3. I just got it a bit ago. Upgraded both the TV and stereo fully and just started to progress through all TV shows and then majority of the radio stations until the trophy popped. Didn't follow a list for it. I'd say try it again one more time with everything.
  4. Tomb Raider should be more specific. It was the Wal-Mart exclusive version that had a Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Code, not all. Same goes for Dead Space 2 (Limited Edition only).
  5. All DLC is still avaliable but who knows if it will still be there when the servers shut down. EA took down The Sims 3 DLC after they shut those servers down (which were for creations) and Sony got rid of ModNation Racers DLC for unknown reasons when they announced those server shutdowns. Best to get it while you can. The game is also avaliable on disc.
  6. Thank you! I've marked it down. And thanks to everyone who took these codes off of my hands. They've been collecting dust for way too long! lol
  7. I've already posted many codes on specific games pages here already (sorry for the added clutter, lol) but someone gave me the idea to do a general post with some codes. So here are some free codes for themes, avatars, and skins I've had collected for a while now. Knockout League Avatar Bundle: DAG7-K9N4-3QLF Bow to Blood Avatar Bundle: CHBR-LMNB-TX7E Dreadnought Aquila Coating (ship skin): 6AML-3XN8-D2G9 Pinstripe Avatar Bundle: ML65-K2N5-GXJF The Adventure Pals Avatar Bundle: 3MTN-PQNH-MRLP Orcs Must Die! Unchained Blackpaw: Blackscale Skin: 4G8R-59NQ-6GLT GAME OF THRONES House Sigil Avatars: LTL89XNQA254 Game of Thrones Brand Avatars: AJ79TJNRJH74 Game of Thrones Dragon Theme: G7MBKQNHNLEC
  8. True but I wanted people to have an easy access to what specific game it belong to. Oh well. lol
  9. Just updated as well. Thanks.
  10. Hello! Here's a code for an Avatar Bundle (includes 5 avatars) up for grabs. Code: 2K23-D2N9-472J
  11. Hello! Here an Avatar Bundle (has 4 avatars) up for grabs. Code: AXR9-FAND-D7XG
  12. Hello! Here is a free Area X Dynamic Theme from Rez Infinite to be claimed. Code: 32GX-9DN6-5GQ9
  13. Hello! Here is a code for an avatar bundle. I can't remember how many avatars were avaliable in this but it's up for anyone to claim. Code: TQNL-4HNJ-N996
  14. Hello! Here are four avatar codes up to be claimed. Eve Avatar: PR8C-4TNR-HJ3Q Dusk Avatar: Q3H5-XENL-E9F5 Dawn Avatar: GHPJ-NNN9-AMMH Midnight Avatar: 6DMX-DMNF-D87M
  15. Hello! Here are some unused codes for a Dynamic Theme and 4 Avatars. Avatars: 7JQB-QTNT-43QF K6KH-F9NQ-CGE3 2GJF-TQNL-3QBR 84QR-7RNA-M938 Dynamic Theme: 662G-BCNQ-4G4C