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  1. Online aside, the game is also available physically on disc for those interested!
  2. Anyone who owns the PS4 disc will now have no issues getting the free PS5 upgrade. They fixed the problem.
  3. It is possible to do online trophies in private matches. If you look at those specific online trophies in the guide it even says it can be played in both public and private. I got a number of online trophies in private matches.
  4. Confirming that the solution in the original post works and helped me out! Thanks!
  5. Crystal Dynamics announced the next entry was in early development near the start of 2021 in a 25th anniversary celebration video. Seems like that fact was overlooked by many. Her origin story is over. The advertising made sure of this. She's now the Tomb Raider. So expect her to be wielding some dual pistols.
  6. Wipeout Rush has been announced for iOS and Android devices. Coming early 2022.
  7. It's a code.
  8. I'm glad Dead Space is on EA's radar again but this seems so unnecessary. The original still holds up pretty well and a remastered trilogy would have sufficed. It's not like the RE trilogy getting a remake/re-imagining because of the technical limits of the PS1. It saddens me that the remains of Dead Space 4 are, dare I say, dead. Remakes are the new remasters these days.
  9. I suggest renaming this thread to "Unexpected Server Shutdown!" or something along those lines. Maybe it would get more people's attention.
  10. You have to manually switch the Displayed Platform to the PS5 version. The data it first showed me was for the PS4 (which was empty) and I had to change platforms.
  11. If you really want to know how she ended up in prison, I suggest reading the Mirror's Edge: Exordium prequel comic. Besides we really didn't need to know it for the overall story. It's simply meant to serve as a jumping in point for both Faith and the player into the world of runners. A fresh start one could say.
  12. Count me in please!
  13. It's a PlayStation Move required game.
  14. The Vita doesn't offer the apps required for Play Link unlike mobile devices and tablets. It would have been wise for them to add it but they didn't.
  15. No they don't and the few DLC's that offer co-op are optional and not needed for the trophies.