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  1. Thanks for both of you. I want to self-boost it with my 2nd PS4. Do the 2nd player need to move? Can I use 1st player to do all the things?
  2. I just bought both HITMAN 1 & 2. I want to ask that, are those trophy related multiplayer mission available from beginning? Also is creating an IO interactive account compulsory?
  3. Sony did not respect Asia anymore. Not only very little ps5 stock, but also the decision of X over O as confirm button.
  4. Sony is giving up on Asia, after it's headquarter move out of Japan. There are only very few PS5 stock in Asia. I cannot buy one (at normal price).
  5. But is online connection needed for playing HITMAN 1 & 2?? Also after they shutdown the server, if I play after that, can I carry my progression to HITMAN 3??
  6. How many hours will be saved if I 100% HITMAN 2 before?? Is it worth to 100% HITMAN 2 before playing HITMAN 3??
  7. I know that Hitman 2 has some Hitman 1 map, also Hitman 3 has both previous map. So I want to ask, will 100% Hitman 1 get any advantages to 100 % Hitman 2 ?? Will 100% both Hitman 1 & 2 get any advantages to 100% Hitman 3 ?? Is there something like Auto-Pop trophy if progression is carried to next game??
  8. No price there, cannot be bought. Also if server is down, 100% is not possible.
  9. So what should I do to start AFK?
  10. I am waiting for it to drop price in next sale. I have not expect it go delisted, I am sad.
  11. Cannot find it in PSN store Is this game delisted??
  12. Can someone teach me how to AFK this trophy?? I start on a empty map, idle for long time, no random disaster at all. Cannot be AFK on empty map??
  13. I want to AFK the "What theā€¦" trophy. This cannot be done by manual active disaster. But I AFK for 4 years in game time, no random disaster at all. What can I do?
  14. I open a new map, and set random disaster frequency to max. AFK for 4 years in game time, there is no disaster at all, why? Because my city have no people so no disaster? Or the AFK should be done on scenario but not map? What have I done wrong?
  15. How to put it on highest speed? Also will be city destroy by disaster during AFK?