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  1. I dont mind it is Action or RPG. I just want Kiryu to return as main playable character.
  2. Any new trophies for the connected DLC?? Does the DLC lower the difficulty of platinum??
  3. Thanks. One more question. do DLC lower the difficulty or time to platinum this game?
  4. Many people play because of PS Plus, is self-boost for online trophy possible now? Also will platinum autopop on ps5 version?
  5. What trophy is online? Can it be self-boosted now as many people playing it now? Can DLC lower the difficulty of platinum??
  6. Thank you very much~
  7. I have not get the trophy for both PS4 and PS5 Version. I want to ask do the trophy auto-pop or stack is some way. I am at about 1000/2000 points. If I accumulate to 2000 points, do I need to enroll in weekend league to get the trophy? Will the trophy pop once I get enough points? If I keep the 2000 points, will the trophy auto-pop on PS5 version? Many Thanks.
  8. I saw trophy guide there is patch 1.01 that fix glitched trophy. I start my game (VITA), but no patch come. Is the patch for PS4 only?? Do the VITA version need patch to fix the glitched trophy??
  9. Icic, so all other trophies can be done solo?
  10. Which trophies are online trophy?? Can those be self-boosted?? Or it requires a team to cooperate??
  11. Any online trophy?? Any bugged trophy?? What is the difficulty to 100% this game? How much time is required to 100%?
  12. What is the difficulty to 100% this game? How many time is required to 100%? How many online trophies?
  13. Can someone update the list with digital english visual novel??
  14. I will bought those with 1 hour or less platinum. However, is 2 hour platinum a long platinum nowadays?? Worth buying those with 2 hour or more platinum??
  15. How about existing patches? Will they be available after July?