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  1. Thank you very much~ I saw the game on sale, I will buy it.
  2. I have two PS4. Can those Online trophies (Both the main game and DLC) earned by self-boost using 2 accounts 2 PS4s?
  3. I see your point... Just like I am playing Deus Ex now, the online bonus only show in UK account... But I want to play COD in English, if the game and DLC have no problem, then I will buy in UK store. Thank you very much.
  4. Thank you very much~
  5. I am new to this series. I want to buy the Digital Deluxe Edition on UK Store and download it using my alternative UK account. And then switch to my main JP Account and play it. Will there be any problem about multiplayer or other things? Can I still play DLC and multiplayer using my JP account? Can I get the 2XP bonus and 1100 COD WII points?
  6. I started playing MGS2 on PS3 without signing in PSN. So I cannot transfer my save data and auto-pop those trophies on PS Vita. This make me cannot earn a lot of difficult ultra rare trophies by auto-pop...
  7. I want Sony to modify the hide function. Now when I hide a game, other people and the ranking site (PSN Profile, PSN Trophy Leader) knew that I have hide something. So it is not a "perfect hide", I want Sony to improve that, so other people cannot know I have hide something. Because the hide function is not perfect. I still have to avoid some difficult games (e.g. COD, FIFA, DMC5, MGRR...etc) that I do not have confidence to 100% it.
  8. I hate online trophy!! The reasons are... 1. Online trophy may include PvP which maybe very difficult. 2. You have to play immediate after the game release, or there will be no people playing online. 3. The server maybe shut down or have problem causing unobtainable trophy. So playing a game which has online trophy is very high risk. I want to maintain my 100% profile. So I will avoid a game if it has online trophy. Call of duty, Far cry, FIFA etc... a lot of game I wanted to play. But it has online trophy, so I avoid them.
  9. Amazon in Japan has physical version.
  10. Thank you very much~
  11. This game must be played online? How many hours do it takes to 100%?
  12. Can I 100% this game offline(solo)? Will this be very difficult? How long does solo take to 100%?
  13. How long it takes to 100% this game? Is there any bugged/glitched trophy? Is this game difficult? Is there a GOTY Edition that includes all the DLC?
  14. Edit: I get all comrades trophies using your method. Thank you very much, now I can enjoy the rest of the game~
  15. The successful sound and animation come out. But the item do not come out, what should I do?