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  1. What is the estimated time and difficulty for each of the platinum?? (after using in-game cheat like no encounter, gil x2)
  2. Will there be 6 platinums??
  3. The game is on sale now, buy it if you want to auto pop those trophy.
  4. I am new to this series, so my skill is very poor. What is the Time and Difficulty to Platinum this game?
  5. I think I will first 100% Hitman 2 asap, at the same time look for any sale of Hitman WOA and deluxe pack. If still have no sale during that time, I may have to buy in full price, because I am afraid the save transfer will disable sometime.
  6. Oh god, then I have to buy the $100 standard + deluxe pack. I am willing to paid for the auto-pop. Thanks.
  7. Icic, so I just need the $70 to get the standard World of Assassination, thanks.
  8. Oh, Hitman: World of Assassination cost $100 include deluxe pack, very expensive. If I own Hitman 1 and 2 all content, do I need deluxe Pack of World of Assassination??
  9. Thanks a lot, I will 100% Hitman 2 asap.
  10. Thanks, so after I 100% Hitman 2, auto pop to Hitman 3 PS4, can I auto pop to Hitman 3 PS5 after 100% Hitman 3 PS4?
  11. So can Hitman 2 progression carry over this new Hitman World of Assassination?? Can Hitman 2 trophy autopop on Hitman 3 if I buy the new Hitman World of Assassination??
  12. I mean one of the PS5 is playing PS4 game, another of the PS5 is playing PS5 game. Can I login the same PSN account doing that? I often use PS4 Pro to AFK, at the same time playing PS5 game actively. But want to replace the PS4 Pro to PS5, as the PS4 Pro is quite loud. So want to ask can I do that using two PS5. Thank you very much~
  13. I reached 90 OVR, but no trophy pop. I tried 90 OVR with every position (att, mid, def), still no pop. Can anyone help me?? Edit: After resetting, changing position. The trophy suddenly pop, thanks god!!
  14. > IE using volta to get to the end of level 1 or level 4... Is this a must?? Can I use pro club to get to the end of level 1 or level 4 ??
  15. I don't start Hitman 3 yet, so will not play it. What I talking about is Hitman 2. Seems I have claimed Hitman 1 's DLC few years ago when I get all multiplayer trophies at that time. Once I redownload the game with all DLC, then I see all the content are there in the in-game menu.