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  1. I want to start this series because of auto pop, so which game of this franchise can auto pop? Can someone summarize please?
  2. Any info on auto pop?
  3. Thanks, I will try~
  4. How can the chip up the ball be done? What button?
  5. What does "chip lob strait" mean?
  6. Can I share play to someone, and ask him to do the difficult mini game for me??
  7. Can auto-pop = Buy Cannot auto-pop = Not buy
  8. Does anyone report the matchmaking issue to EA?
  9. Congratulations for getting both trophies. Thanks for your advice. I will try to find Asia people for boosting. But it is quite hard...
  10. Thanks, one more question. Will being PSN friends with boosting partner disable matchmaking between them?
  11. Using PS5 to play PS4 version, can the partner be seen?
  12. Thanks, then I will not buy the game.
  13. Honestly, yes. Auto-poping is one of big reasons I buy my PS5. Another reason is fast loading times.
  14. I want that too, but not possible.
  15. Because I have some interest in this game, but not a must buy for me. So autopop give me extra reason to buy the game.