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  1. Does this mean that the Valhalla Can Wait trophy is also easier now?
  2. I managed to claim the PS5 upgrade on the console itself from PS+, through UK store today
  3. The staff in the Annapurna discord said they are looking into fixing the PS5 upgrade option for ppl who got it off PS+
  4. After I do this I can enter the empty server of my choice and continue doing progress there? And will I have to do this for each bot match or at least once in one sitting? Also devs should really fix the trophy/in-game progress tracker on PS5 ver. as it works perfectly on PS4 ver., probably because that's exclusively save file based
  5. I've done the plat more than a month ago and I can confirm that those locations are fixed now so you can earn it on any PS4/5, I did the plat on a PS5
  6. I tried first creating my character as Slayer but it doesn't let me as I need to be level 40 first, is there a way to bypass that?
  7. So anyone got an update on when Riddled Corpses + Xenon Valkyrie + Demon Tier PS5 stacks will release or nah?
  8. So just to be clear, does M&K also work with the PS5 version specifically/is one of those PS5 games that happens to support that functionality?
  9. So if I buy Tormented Souls (PS5) the PS4 version will show up as a free upgrade on the PS Store? Edit: Nvm it does
  10. Can anyone confirm if this method still works for the U4 remastered? Thanks in advance
  11. I think they're gonna be like A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS5), where it's trophy list went live on PSNP a few couple days after release so I wouldn't worry much about it really
  12. So I should just leave a Druid trial and the final main quest incomplete for both DLCs before autopopping on 2nd list then? I know that I need to have the mastery challenges incomplete too
  13. I mean it's just the Shooter Bundle trophy list, doesn't include Remake and Wanted plats but just in a 2 games in 1 type of deal
  14. This trophy list set as "Physical" is really misleading, as I just bought Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition/Bundle (Digital) and it's the exact same list as this game instead of having both platinum lists in it
  15. Nice thanks for the tip