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  1. Can anyone confirm if the PS5 plat autopops even if you've done PS4 with the pre-Phantom Sight requirements? (Phantom Sight season is when the rework of the trophy list has occurred)
  2. @SeanThundr so does kill trading work for Die Hard trophy now that you've done it or?
  3. nojokaboom Heavy Fire: Afghanistan The method i used is supposedly whitelisted according to this forum post on the site I did one trophy legit but after that i've completed a level through co-op with the account/profile that had Already done the plat on same PS3 and the rest of the trophies have autopopped in their respective order
  4. Aight thx
  5. Can anyone confirm if the infinite health glitch still works or not after patch 1.03 for PS4 Collection ver. at least?
  6. No problem and good luck
  7. As soon as you turn to werewolf, leave the match, worked for me on getting it fairly fast
  8. The only trophies you'd really need to do through co-op are: Don't Touch My Brother VIP Express I'll carry you Also your stats save regardless if you leave match or not, that's how I've done the 100 matches and werewolf transformation trophy among a couple others quickly
  9. Takes about 50h through doing game with one PS4 but half that or so with 2
  10. Yeah looks like there's a bunch of good methods to use from there, thanks
  11. Ah nvm then, legit it is
  12. Also nvm here's a vid that actually acts as a step-by-step guide for mentioned glitch, my bad
  13. Nvm trophy is still obtainable, just wanna know if the glitch still works
  14. Don't know how he did it exactly judging by vid, just aware that it might still be ripe for use if it didn't get fixed yet Though then again should still be manageable legit if you get good/p2w teammates to semi-carry you