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  1. Yeah looks like there's a bunch of good methods to use from there, thanks
  2. Ah nvm then, legit it is
  3. Also nvm here's a vid that actually acts as a step-by-step guide for mentioned glitch, my bad
  4. Nvm trophy is still obtainable, just wanna know if the glitch still works
  5. Don't know how he did it exactly judging by vid, just aware that it might still be ripe for use if it didn't get fixed yet Though then again should still be manageable legit if you get good/p2w teammates to semi-carry you
  6. Can anyone confirm if the beneficial glitch for the HQ Special Operation still works? There's not been an earner since the 17th of Dec of last year for "Stairway to Heavens" trophy so that's why i'm asking.
  7. FYI, the invasion events are back online for today