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  1. First Switch game for the year to kick it off to a good start: Too bad I don't think my Reflexions DLC is compatible.
  2. Nichegamer has some screenshots: My Switch is ready.
  3. Generally speaking there is little point to explore an area more than once. Make sure to get any recipe books, those are the most important thing. Ideally you should kill everything on screen, since in Rorona fighting doesn't use up time (iirc), but if enemies are too strong then just run away and kill only what is necessary. Or make the tera-bomb, wholesale it and never worry about fighting again. Spend rest of the assignment time crafting every item (just make junk, since most are not needed) while doing the friend quests that are possible. Priortize NPCs, since you get wholesale for them, but I think a few party members will just leave the game if you neglect their events so take the new ones exploring (I think Gio and Lionela were the ones at risk). Then put items characters tend to request, especially the difficult ones, to wholesale and it should speed things up considerably. Also make the Windrider as soon as you can and wholesale that too. In short, wholesale is the key to everything. Also, there is a trick with which you can abuse with the system save regarding bestiary and item completion. Basically if you have a complete file, it should unlock the gallery. Then if you're missing any of the rare monsters, you can load up a year 3 save with preferably good amount of time left, fight anything you're missing, force a system save (go to options and change music volume or something, I suggest saving twice since it's a bit glitchy and doesn't always work) and it will record it in the gallery. I got my plat last year with this method rather than going to full NG+ just to complete item/bestiary.
  4. Liz to Aoi Tori Why didn't anyone tell me this was a Hibike Euphonium movie, not to mention one about my favorite character Mizore (and Nozomi). Very nice, I like the new ghibli-ish style for Hibike and of course the obvious parallel of Mizore and Nozomi to Liz and the bird, but which is which? It was so beautiful I don't even feel like shipping anymore.
  5. You can get this right at the Hanzo prologue with Asuka (it's my first trophy). Didn't find anything problematic with chaining them with anyone. Use manual lock on and maybe training grounds where you can make enemies immortal. I know the chain trophy can be done there so I would guess it works for aerial combo.
  6. This is the trend in new big titles. Probably will be the most common KH plat, but there is a chance DLC or update will add "the real platinum" afterwards.
  7. Switch is the future portable. I doubt Sony will dare challenge it and many 3rd party devs already jumped the ship. Get that if you want to look forward to new releases. However, if you want trophies and the existing games, then the sooner the better. For the sake of online trophies and also I think the hardware (memory cards and the console itself) and some physical cartridges will only go up in price as time passes. In any case, I find it's great to have a Vita (or Switch) for afk grinding or sitting at less populated mp-lobbies. Surely helps to feel like I'm not wasting my time completely.
  8. I'll attempt to finish Ys 4: Memories of Celceta for the next event date (not Persona 4G as listed). The game has more content than I expected from Ys so I don't know if I'll get everything done, but I'm playing it and earning some trophies now.
  9. Man, some people online are something else... even when there's no trophy at the line. I've cleared a co-op mode several times with a bunch of noobs and it was easier than with this supposedly elite gamer.

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    2. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      I've had some luck with noobs that really surprised me.  The best thing is that with them I didn't have the ragging on the other players, it was refreshing.

    3. mecharobot


      I don't necessarily mind some attitudes in competitive modes (this same players team just got obliterated in ranked match against mine), but it doesn't do much favors in co-operative play. Besides if a person really knew what went wrong, they'd probably be able to say what. Yeah, definitely find it more comfortable playing with less serious people.


      Oh well. More playing, less raging (and ranting).



    4. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      Agree.  Sometimes I need a serious group, but not all the time.  It is actually enjoyable to play coop with a more relaxed group.

  10. Interesting. I might try buying a set off a friend, since I doubt he cares about his ps3 stuff anymore. There's exactly one game I might need it for.
  11. From Endless Ocean OST (the shipwreck theme):
  12. Okay here is the ugly washed out cup I wasted ages getting from : 100% of Trophies Obtained! Such a nice platinum title too, gotta love it. For those not familiar with DW Gundam platinums, this is the most annoying one to get. Reason is the mission mode, which is separate for every character. That means if player wants to play with many characters, all the licences, skills, relationships and mission progress have to be done from zero up. Every single mission in the game has to be completed and some characters happen to have a very high level mission specific only to them. So while it's possible to do 90% with a maxed out favorite, the remaining 10% will still take a lot of work. A lot of grinding was just me resetting missions to get right characters to appear so I can raise or lower their friendship levels, or praying RNG I get the skill I need. That's right, sometimes there is a need to have certain character to be high and others low simultaneously and it's really messy. Now I could rag on about a few other issues about the game, but that would be unnecessary. It's done. @Avatar_Of_Battle Good news is the game is really easy to boost. Takes like an hour in the ranked sudden death mode and other player can afk. No powerful suits or leveled up characters needed. You can even send a message if you happen to get a copy somewhere when the event is still on.
  13. 53rd plat, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2


    Just wanted to post that I hit a new personal record with a completion time of 8 years and 3 months. Where did all that time go? Also if it wasn't obvious, I suggest staying far away from this game. Play Reborn with custom BGMs instead.

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice!! Just got my DW:G3 in the mail. Too bad Reborn no NA physical. The digital still way overpriced ><

  14. Got a Wii game for a change: Actually been looking to get a copy for a while, since the second game is one of my favorite Wii titles and I consider to be a hidden gem. For those who don't know what this thing that looks very much like shovelware is, it is a diving game by a jap company Arika. It's very relaxing. Player gets to dive listening to soothing bgm with vocal tracks, filling a dictionary with fish species, finding treasure, upgrading your gear and getting guilt tripped by ecologist propaganda. At least the second game is like that, I heard there are some differences, which I guess I'll be finding out soon.
  15. I found SW4 to be rather excellent so it's good to have on the Switch. Though obviously I'm just going to play 4-II or Empires if I want more SW since no way I'll get 100% on that again. As for the event, I'm not in my best trophy hunting streak, but I haven't given up on the DW Gundam 2 plat. I just finished the extra missions for Milliardo, Judau and Glemy. Only two missions left! I'm going to try and finish Gym Ghingham's mission tomorrow and start working on Paptimus Scirocco. I think Scirocco needs a bit of extra grind, but I was able to do the rest around 34-38 level range. The method is roughly to play collection missions to get enough kills to unlock the special levels and joining the Gundam Fight league for skills/leveling when Rain sends the message. Pilot sense should be unlocked asap from whatever suit possible (I like the Re-GZ if tier 1's aren't available for the pilot). Doing the second round of Gundam Fight on Hard takes like 15 seconds in gameplay time for 4500-5000 xp and gives a chance to unlock a skill, though the menus obviously make this longer. Beating the league also puts Domon on Trust/Friendship instantly so it's possible to get license for God Gundam easy. That Gundam can't be used in these special missions, but it is essential for getting Serene Mind, since no way anyone is crazy enough to get it from Musha mkII.