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  1. This already exists, it's called Bloodlines. Pretty decent for PSP and first AssCreed with actual boss battles. Think there was even a way to unlock some bonus item in AssCreed II if you had the game data transferred to PS3. I'm a bit too skeptical to wish for any sequels myself.
  2. It's not everything, but I can't say I really feel thrilled popping some 20%+ AAA-plat. Those with more of collector mentality value that which others don't have, which is usually about low % or possibly obscurity (game itself is rare/unobtainable).
  3. I think 1 of my Dualshocks has broken analogue. It doesn't drift, but there does seem to be a weird deadzone in it that sometimes stops movement in a game. Would be nice to have a calibrate feature on PS4.

    1. KingGuy420


      Yeah my left stick has that. My character will just stop running sometimes. Super annoying.


      There are a few fixes you can try. None of which worked for me but you might be luckier.

  4. Happy birthday to Ami&Mami and (also me I guess):


    Also got their figures, since the better other characters are always sold out:


    picture quality kind of bad, tho


    Not been a particularly good gaming year so far, for trophies at least. Only got 1 plat and it's from a standard AAA-game. Also haven't found as many stellar offerings for Switch as I hoped. Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 were some of my personal highlights last year and I did pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles 1 DE, but I'm not really getting into hype over Animal Crossing/Pokemon etc. Not to mention the infinite delays on Metroid Prime 4. Also most kusoge I find, are not as fun without trophies so I feel I get a bit less out of them, or there are better offerings if willing to do some PC-magic. Which kind of brings me to issue, that this year my best gaming (arguably) experiences were either ancient VNs on PC or finishing the Suikoden series on PS2 at last. My only regret being that I would have enjoyed Suikoden V so much more in the glory days, but apparently it did not sell well since it was late into the life cycle or something. Could have still put it in the classics, eh Konami?! I just hope I could get something more out of my actual new consoles, but then again good ol' games are good ol games and even better in their true questionable glory.


    Also there's the pandemic, which cost me my job, but now it seems I'm getting it back next month (with a worse contract, hurrah). So not sure how happy I am about that. Probably not very, but I do feel like I'm rotting away even more than usual and got drunk like 3 times last week so maybe it can give some rhythm to life again. Presuming no one gets sick, of course.


    If you can't find any point in this post, it's because there is none. Thanks for reading and happy weekend.

    1. DamagingRob


      Damn.. Hope things pick up for you, and you have a nice birthday.

  5. 63rd plat :platinum: (+100%), Assassin's Creed Malaka Odyssey


    7 trophy DLC packs is a bit much, no?

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    2. Burek_san


      congrats :yay:i am on this one too got dlc going for 100%

    3. mecharobot


      Thanks folks.

    4. ShonenCat
  6. You can get it from doing the phone cheat together with portal glitch to make money and it should unlock.
  7. Finding the picture locations triggers memory scenes and I think an extra scene at end, so that's probably most juicy side content. Ofc Champion's Ballad DLC as well (Trials of Sword is kinda meh). Other than that, most shrine quests are creative/challenging, such as Eventide Island if you haven't found it yet. Personally I took a break from the game after beating it, but got the season pass later and finished all the shrines after doing Champion's Ballad quests. It also adds some interesting treasures into the world. offtopic: eagerly waiting Xenoblade DE, to dust off my Switch
  8. Last time I had truly fun playing FF was with The Zodiac Age. I think that kind of game suits my current preferences better than the regular JRPG gameplay loop, of which type I have plenty in my backlog as is. So I would like to see some kind of pseudo-open world, overhauled version of FF 1 (maybe 2, since it's a bit "darker") as a minimum plot, maximum exploration/quest/hunt type gameplay. Not with this kind of look though, more drawn over realistic and keeping closer to amano designs. Not that it's going to happen, but I feel that would be the kind of thing I would follow with genuine interest rather than fearing how they're going to screw it up. Even if they did - well the games are mostly curiosities now with very few having strong feelings about them.
  9. I'm not against creating a new account, I mean people already have plenty for many reasons, but I do think it is a mistake thinking it has power to fix things on a fundamental level or give answers to some kind of existential crisis with games/trophies. If you're not happy with your gaming habbits now, there's no need to wait for PS5 to think why it might be so.
  10. Oh, I do agree. I meant respect for people taking precautions, not those who sabotage others. I think I'm going to triple down as well and go zero contacts since just this one meeting turned into a disaster.
  11. /end rant
  12. Ended a 20 year long friendship thanks to this shit. Guy intentionally coughed at people, called them cowards and crazy, and then that I think I'm better than him. Gave him way too many strikes as is.I mean, I don't like being coughed at intentionally even if you don't have a highly contagious disease. Fucking moron.
  13. Not usually my style to ask for people to choose for me and I won't ask which is better, but any opinions on either Death Stranding and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I said in another thread, but I think I could really use a game where I can mindlessly wander about, chasing objectives, looking at sceneries and terrorize the poor NPCs in my way. I guess Skyrim is also on sale, but I think I'll pass on playing that again for now.

    1. DaisyVilla102


      I've barely played Death Stranding and only watched a play-through of part of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but my impressions are if you want to terrorize poor NPCs then ACO is your best bet.

  14. I just play normally, however I don't think this is a great time for trophies, at least not stress inducing ones. Most games I play aren't particularly gruesome anyway. I think open world games probably "shut down" my mind the best, kind of feel like getting AC Odyssey just for that. It's easy getting lost climbing stuff and chasing objectives. If you have Switch Zelda BotW is a great one.
  15. Not that it is newsworthy, but I got fired last friday. Feels good, I wish it was sooner. I will survive, but some of the regulars weren't taking it well.


    For now it's trophies again. Making some good progress in [email protected] And Suikoden 5! I'll do, it it's done by sunday, but grinding 18-21 party members to stop OP TRUE SUN RUNE is going to take a while. I had my doubts that it's just True Fire, but this thing is nuclear disaster. Imo this is as good as Suikoden 2, so any Suiko-fan I'd say go play it if you didn't already:


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    2. AlchemistWer


      Wow are you playing [email protected] Platinum? hope the RNG help you if you want get the platinum it need a lot of luck to get clothes and accessories droped 😅. I have stella stage on my backlog and also Idolmaster 2 btw.

    3. mecharobot




      I'm not sure about the platinum, I just wanted to play some [email protected] I have almost everyone at B (only missing Ami and Azusa) with extreme stages done. I can do songs at Master rank, but seems rest of the game is just grind for S-rank (?), max song levels and apparel.

    4. AlchemistWer


      Yeah, actually a lot of people complaid about it because you can reduce the grind buying dlc but even with it the game still need around 200 hours in order to get the platinun.


      Stella stage in other hand change it and don't need buy dlc or spent a lot of time in order to get the platinun.