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  1. It's a bit hard to understand as a trophy collector how someone can be so conceited as to complain how their precious niche game suddenly manages to get 24/7 active multiplayer and a new playerbase. Do they wish to be a king of a dead game? I'm just happy I can work towards trophies naturally. Kind of hoped these behaviours wouldn't be so universal, but in the end it's not really any different playing competitive anime MP-game or CoD with dudebros. People gonna people.

    1. LegacyJKO09


      you make a very valid point. perhaps it could be they don't want to keep playing the "dead" game to retain their spot on top. Or they arent good to begin with and are only the so called King cause playerbase dropped.

      But if the multiplayer suddenly gets 24/7 playerbase online, then yeah by all means if they're a fan of the game then they SHOULD be extremely satisfied about that.  


    2. Nighcisama


      I could understand it if the game is hard to learn and requires practice and coordination to play properly. If you are used to having a few veteran players for months, maybe years, then there is a certain level of skill basically everyone has at some point and the matches are good. If hundreds of new players then flood in with no idea what they are doing then suddenly the match quality drops significantly for the old ones, especially in team games.

  2. A Collection 10 Strong - Acquire 10 MS. Welcome to Base Camp - Complete all "Exploring the base camp" training Victory Over a Rival - Defeat a rival. 10 Times Into Battle - Sortie into battle 10 times. Increase Rating: D - Rank up to Rating D. This is a free online only game that got western release today. Don't know what madness drove me to play it, but if anyone is considering getting the trophies and ranking up, it's probably best play game now or get ready to find 10 people to boost with.
  3. It's best to be careful with Yojimbo. If you pay too low and he does the dog attack, his affinity will actually get lower. This also happens if he dies, or get dismissed without paying anything. You should only ever see Wakizashi and Zanmato from him if you want to build him up for the Zanmato strategy.
  4. Victor is the best mode imo, especially end-game. You might want to keep Slayer on Tidus earlier if you want to grind for Blitz Ace.
  5. It's kind of like thinking the basis of your ptw is "behind" the camera, as if you actually were the cameraman. I always play inverted (yes, the x-axis) and pretty much will drop a game if I can't change it. I also tend to never play with default control schemes. Usually it only becomes a problem with games that have sudden fps-modes or some movement gimmicks that throw me off a bit.
  6. Noticed that I apparently have premium. Many thanks to the mystery benefactor.


    Too bad I haven't done much hunting recently, but I think I'll be able to get two or three plats before end of the year.

  7. It's a nice extra and can give that extra push to "get your money's worth", but it is pretty clear to me that it's not something worth getting an inferior game, or version of a game, for. That's already making decisions based on addiction mechanics, which would probably ruin the entire hobby for me in the not-so-long run. Most of the best games I played this year did not have trophies (such as Zelda BotW, Xenoblade 2 and Zero no Kiseki). I do still keep a list of these games in a backloggery, so it's not like I have no record to look back what I played.
  8. Also got it this week. It does feel like it has some Nier Automata's mechanics in gameplay, but overall it's maybe a bit slower. You can choose to play male/female, there's visual customization and it's quite pleasing to look at. There's jap audio as well. Only thing is, I don't like playing it with the JoyCon. There's no control scheme that lets player remap dash (which is pushing down the left stick). I guess the reason is that it can be played in co-op mode. I'm thinking of changing to easiest difficulty simply to avoid dashing as to not break my controller. Game is cool but not worth breaking my second set of joycons over.
  9. I don't know, perhaps you should consult Square-Enix on that. I'm just quoting what I'm reading here. *cough* sarcasm
  10. Considering that this seems to be the version closer to the true artistic vision, does this mean things like Squall's dialogue have also been restored, or did SE use up their time fixing Siren's skirt?
  11. It does seem weird considering the uncensored game is still available at both PSN and Steam. In these parts of the internet though, people mostly care about adding the plat to their collection so they're fine with anything. Sucks for the Switch users, though.
  12. Haven't done much musoing this year, but I did do some progress is DW8XL. I have finished Challenge Mode, Ambition Mode and all the Xtreme story levels. I only have the big grind left: A-ranks, Ultimate difficulty, goals and weapons in free mode. Not sure when I tackle all that. Probably need to build up a new character too. My strongest is lv 150 Guan Yinping, but she does not have that great proficiency or musou attacks to be consistent in Ultimate play.
  13. You might change your mind once looking into the drop rates of the rarest blades. I'd like a unified store, but for now even the 3DS eshop is still open so I don't think it'll happen just yet. I would believe they want to resell some of their exlusives and certainly some Wii U games (Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors) got ported to Switch later.
  14. Final Fantasy XII TZA Metroid Prime Valkyria Chronicles 3 Atelier Meruru Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (+ Golden Country) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Trails in the Sky FC Gal*Gun Double Peace Senran Kagura Estival vs Probably something like this when choosing only one game from a series. I'm not too fond of listing tons of legacy titles I haven't played in ages, although they might have been impactful experiences at the time. These are more games/series that I think would make me happy playing them right now. I'd like to squeeze in some MGS, Star Ocean, maybe even Morrowind, but this will have to do for now.
  15. Imo at least 5/10. Also the guide does not give an optimal walkthrough. I did two with Sonic (solo, because I remember the horrible twin play from Sonic 2) and Tails (solo). Latter because good luck getting that Gatch them all trophy in Metal Mania with Sonic. Also most of the stage challenges... yeah, you'll miss over half of them, but you can get them from time attack instead or going back in the levels after completing a run. The Factory thing needs Sonic tho. I think optimal would be Tails solo run (with all emeralds), get stage specifics in time attack and then farm blue spheres.