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  1. So here I was, using my toes on a 2nd ps3 dualshock to get a somewhat tricky trophy. The things those blings make people do.

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    2. Fidel


      Don't think my feet will ever touch my controllers. :lol:

    3. PooPooBlast


      Ahh I see. I hope you at least disinfected your controllers prior to touching it with your feet! Haha. 


      Online trophies are always a pain no matter how short or long a grind can be. Good luck dude! 

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      Idk. I've heard of people buying multiple copies of Killzone 2 and buying extra PS3s for that Valor Cross trophy. Blows my mind that people would waste so much money for a trophy.

  2. It was different when it aired, which was actually during the summer. I remember watching it every week. Not that people were necessarily singing praises, but still it's not quite the same as binging it years later. I guess the same goes for the original airing order.
  3. I also like to think that a high completion rate is proof that I haven't completely wasted my money. I don't see anything negative in it, as long as people don't drive themselves in to a corner with the impossible. There has to be some breathing room, so old games don't kill the hobby. For now my goal is simply a "positive trend". Realistically speaking I know I did a pretty good job with my games past spring, but it's just that there is always the next game so the "victory" tends to feel short-lived. I guess that's just the nature of this hobby.
  4. Metal Gear Solid 4, but I think I might have had something else with it. Maybe Oblivion? (Un)fortunately these don't, or didn't have trophies then.
  5. There are events in this game that only happen once on a savefile and will not ever be repeated. Basically, stuff happens outside the missions too. This game does not work like MGS 1-4.
  6. Final Fantasy X HD It's All About the Money - Obtain Yojimbo Game Over, game.
  7. I only have Shining Resonance Refrain (Draconic Launch Steelbook Edition) on pre-order. Which is odd, since I don't even know anything about the game except the artist. Looking forward to it.
  8. Dual Shinobi Hearts mission DLC, totally worth it even without trophies. No regrets.



    Update for the Atelier fans. Seems it actually is a crossover after all?

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    2. AlchemistWer


      Actually it's a Spin-off.

      @eigen-space Don't know how I should react about this new game or new "concept" that Gust want try with Atelier. Soon or later the idea of put together all or almost all main character of each game was a predictable idea, but I never think they will do something with Kingdom Building maybe you are right with the influence of Nino Kuni Gust thinked they could do something similar. Is a strange feeling, in one hand I'm happy Gust don't continue with another trilogy or new main game and  I hope they want create a spin-off to think about what to do or how to do the follow main games. In other hand the game feel rare to me, a lot of people seem happy with this new idea and a lot of people are happy because Vayne is back. But we already play a game like this new Atelier and much better than Nelker, Meruru... Meruru need improve her alchemy (we don't kown if Nelke will do alchemy) count with time limited (Nelker provably no) and need build a kingdom. I would like to know what japanese people or atelier fans in japan since Marie or early games thinking about Atelier nowadays.


    3. mecharobot


      I was looking at some concept art and it seems it has at least one alchemist from every trilogy/duology, except the DS games and Elkrone. Yeah, it's not completely new to Atelier either. I mean there has been kingdom development and I think some kind of holiday resort development in Atelier before, though maybe not quite the same way presented in Level 5's games like Dark Cloud or NNK2.


      I'm somewhat interested in this myself, certainly sounds like it could bring some new management aspects in and maybe have more building friendships etc. At least I'm more interested than continuing with yet another trilogy of more casual alchemy/event flags. I would guess it has some kind of shop alchemy system, like Eternal Mana. Unified artwork for everyone is going to be weird, though.

    4. AlchemistWer


      A new air can always be a good option, but the problem can come later for example after Mana Khemia people just want other kind of new mana khemia. We don't know if the game will be realese here actually west just count with one spin-off Annie-chan on DS, very nice btw 😅

  10. It's all about the pigeons. On topic: Super Robot Wars X The Chosen Path - Protagonist makes a choice at a crossroad. Nothing special about the trophy, but I had to check out the scenario chart and consider for a while if I'm going to focus on the Gundam routes or Secret of Blue Water (& troupe) on this run. I went with the latter, since it's the postership of the game and I can never get enough of Dunbine Tobu (or the crazy Tomino names).
  11. 46th , Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Yet another Senran Kagura platinum for me and also my first Vita plat. Certainly this game did answer a lot of unanswered questions I've had from Estival and Burst (anime adaption). In terms of gameplay it's still beating a few hundred missions and not much else, but I liked the little hubs each school had even if there's little to do in them. Highlight of the game was the Gessen storyline (since you know, it has Yumi and Shiki), but it's not like I didn't enjoy the others. Game is a bit repetitive, with some framerate/camera problems, but I didn't feel it overstays its welcome. Only problem was when I had to grind Asuka to max Flash since I couldn't do the Aerial Rave trophy with the first character I had max Flash stat with (Yomi). It is a smart idea to build a few characters towards the attributes right from the beginning of their missions, but whoever maxes Flash first should be one of the Hanzo characters. Now to wait for Burst Renewal and maybe play Bon Appetit as well.
  12. Tales of Vesperia, KH 3, Senran Kagura BA Full Course Edition and DQ XI for me. I think these are all eventual buys, though only SK is day one unless I have a lot of spare time/money in my hands when DQ and KH roll in. The only real surprise here is Tales of Vesperia, which I gave up on a long time ago. It does look a bit dated looking at it now, but we'll see. Might be interested in getting TES VI and AssCreed Odyssey from sales, maybe.
  13. Seems the game still has you taking plenty of walks with friendly NPCs. Never liked the feature, but it looks like a nice game. This time I'm not picking up at launch, since I have too much unfinished DLC as is.
  14. All these great games, yet I wish I could just plat FF XII TZA again...and senran kagura estival versus

    1. AlchemistWer


      I know that feeling 😞 for that reason I re-play P4, but I would like plat again another games like can be .Hack//G.U or Persona 5

  15. Seems I can finally get AssCreed Origins to 100%. I've been expecting this.