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  1. I'm going to have to swap Ys: Memories of Celceta with Persona 4G for the second event date, just to give an advance notice. Will still pop Valkyrie Drive for 17th.
  2. The way I see it, having a 10 scale for just "skill" is completely unnecessary, only factors in a portion of a game/trophies and it might not have the same relevance in every game. Also yes, if there was no bolt glitch, R&C should get that noted in the rating if it requires 6 playthroughs for bolts. 10/10 is overstatement, but that would get the game something like +2 in my books. Why think in extremes anyway? There is also a thing called normal or medium difficulty. Also there's some good points mentioned above. If we are to factor in lots of games, then it gets messy when 100 hour games with maybe some medium difficulty spikes are getting similar ratings to VNs or exploitable puzzle games. I'm sure most have experienced a supposedly simple platinum turn into a nightmare, in which case it is fair to consider the rating not helpful. I will get suspicious of any game with rarity under 6% and a rating of 3 or 4/10. I don't care if it's skill, boosting, grind, game being terrible or a combination of all. It's definitely something and I won't find that 3/10 much of a guiding light.
  3. In terms of time, there is a difference between mopping up collectables for an afternoon (Assassin's Creed II) and dedicating a week to kill tortoises (Final Fantasy XIII). These not even being the most extreme examples. I don't understand why someone would just factor this reality out of the equation.
  4. It's a bit late for the 765p games at this point unless there's some kind of collection. Best bet is to hope for Asia english releases like Super Robot Wars has been succesfully getting. You can play the SP-games with a patch, though.
  5. WipEout Omega Collection and Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash has one. Both via patch.
  6. Sounds a lot like Valkyria Chronicles 4 is to me. Game is possibly great for those who just came in after the first or were soured by Revolution. However every single added class and most of their customization from the portable games are nowhere to be found. I'm still interested in DQ XI when it launches for the Switch, but also glad I didn't jump in hyped only to find it streamlined. I don't expect every game to surpass the last, but it sure feels awesome when I can honestly say it does. Otherwise it just ends up as another game in the pile. On topic: *joins Sony is the greatest disappointment crew*
  7. That was the only good thing about Ubiclub and earning points. You could have points from having played Black Flag on PS3 and then spend them on Odyssey to get an early game boost, or some cosmetics. It was pretty awesome and rewarded for long time loyalty. Now they want to hold people hostage with the points. "You gotta buy our game or your free stuff will expire". There's an old saying that nothing is as expensive as free. I probably have enough to buy entire stock of club items out of a new game, but I'm not going to care about Ubi anymore.
  8. It was clearly a mistake when SNES and N64 had normal top loading slots. Everyone I've ever known has issues with the NES cartridge loader. Not sure if the Famicom was better than the NES with this.
  9. Grandia 1 japanese had old school voice actors like Hidaka Noriko as Feena (main roles in anime such as Gunbuster, Nadia - Secret of Blue Water, Akazukin Chacha and Ranma 1/2). I'd love to replay the undub someday, though I think Grandia 2 is overall more fun. Interesting, but remastering sprite heavy games like Grandia 1 could lead to it look way less appealing than the original.
  10. Build up a nice collection of games for the Switch and maybe focus on PC too. That's about it. Probably will quit trophy hunting for the most part in the process.
  11. Got Gal*Gun 2 (again) and some much needed memory.
  12. From new games I'd say I had the most fun with Gal*Gun 2, but it was a bit short and not as fun as the prequel that I also played this year. However I'm not counting Double Peace for 2018 other than on a personal level. Counting remasters, I'd say top game is .hack//G.U.Last Recode. Counting it because it was a late 2017 release. The game is showing a bit age and was not always fun to actually play, but looking back it was my most memorable JRPG experience this year. Certainly had a lot more fun with hack than platting FFX or Ni no Kuni and I still think about it sometimes. I'm also playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 on Switch, but I don't have a final opinion on that just yet. Might not be a personal GOTY. I have this strange feeling that I've already played this game and that's not a good thing.
  13. The game uses the style of Blue Reflection. Kishida hasn't done "Arland style" in a long while. That's about all there is to it. Also, game might not use 2D portraits, probably 3D model only. I don't expect the models to vary all that much, though.
  14. Got Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the switch. Also posting Breath of the Wild, which I missed earlier but I did get the physical for that as well:
  15. There's plenty of games with music/license issues. All the Dynasty Warriors Gundam games lack their original BGM in the western versions for example. I think Super Meat Boy might also not have the rights for PS4 version.