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  1. Worst trophy art in the franchise so far, most likely due to missing in game achievements. Well, at least plat badge is in color. Hope I can plat VC1 remastered before the release and get triple Valkyria platinum eventually.
  2. Just can't seem to get "offensive battle" to appear in Valkyria Revolution. The missions are just too random. I had one battle with "reclaim" appear, but that didn't do jack.

  3. That's relieving to hear. Anyway, I don't think I even have to import myself. Funny thing is I have to import Super Robot Wars X, which is on eternal ban due to some really stupid license reasons.
  4. Yet they still have bigger jugs than my mother.
  5. [Valkyria Revolution] Another day without trophies. What's the point even playing anymore? Just throw me a bronze already, damn game. Ugh, I need a VN...

  6. They may act angry, criticize the game or be "ironic" about it, but in reality their hands are already shaking to fork over cash for the next adventure in the field of plats.
  7. Got my first Game Over in Valkyria Revolution today. In a training battle against my own party members. Those guys were clearly overleveled beasts.

  8. Vagrant Story
  9. Iris Fortner (Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm)
  10. Yes, a few times. Took a boat from UmeƄ to Wasa a couple years back when I was traveling. Have you ever ate a durian (fruit)?
  11. Still not wrong enough to warrant a platinum. Should be 30k at least, with manual restart.
  12. I also have never finished a Persona game. There are just franchises where I'm way late to the party and have zero motivation to learn mechanics of yet another JRPG. Also my enthusiasm with the genre is originally more about the fantasy and sometimes scifi worlds (and nowadays also moe), rather than urban fantasy. I have several favorite anime/manga/VN/LN with the whole japanese school thing going on, but when I browse some discount JRPGs to buy, I'd more likely buy something like DQ Heroes.
  13. I believe it'll still have a decent line up of japanese niche games, which is my primary reason to play games, but after 4 generations of playstations, new toys just don't appeal to me like they used to. It's just diminishing gains at this point. Same goes for other consoles and PC as well. I became old and tired.
  14. Because that's what every gamer wants to know since it's the current trendy topic. Just another "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. It's more sad how people these days find ways to get offended even when they get exactly what they wish for.
  15. I have no idea what kind of IPs they can remake, but if I can just hope for anything, then Panzer Dragoon, maybe a set of 1-2, and Orta.