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  1. It has all DLC, meaning if you know what you're doing, you can get most powerful weapons in the game early. That is also my fastest plat, but it depends. I don't know any "easy" ones that are obtainable for everyone in just a few days. Even some high % plats like Atelier games or Super Robot Wars could take a while without proper guide to certain things and possible extra playthroughs.
  2. This game already exist for the SNES. Should have been about kid Goku flying around a large OG Dragon Ball world, fighting military and doing stupid things. Would be better for an adventure game.
  3. Already pushing Sephiroth, though he is almost non-existant in Midgar (and for most of the game for that matter). Tifa looks ok, I can live with some zettai ryoiki.
  4. Why'd the trailer cut the blood from Squall and Seifer fighting? Don't know if I'm going to actually play it. The only thing I really didn't do was the PocketStation minigame, which I think nets some kind of passive summon. I wonder if that's implemented somehow.
  5. Yes, I also watched Wataten (lovely btw) and afterwards binged this: It seemed to do the trick and now I'm ready for another anime about girls having tea parties. About Baki, I have watched the past seasons and I generally do like the franchise, but it's just kind of over-the-top and bizarre in a way that makes it both highly entertaining but also often not entirely satisfying plotwise. I kind of wish the show would make more sense, but I'm still hyped as ever to see the tournament in next season (if it gets made). Baki himself seems to be more interested in dating than fighting this season.
  6. There are also the games that have no plat and have DLC. Does that have base game rarity? This sounds nice, but I don't see franchise awards as viable options. Given the perpetual nature of such award, the stacks, the anomalities (phantom DLC of Borderlands), franchises that really have only 1-2 trophy supported games on Playstation and it's not always clear what actually belongs in a franchise (are Shadow of Colossus and ICO a franchise?). The awards would be either impossible, subjective and there's already the Project Platinum trying to cover it with varying degree of success. In the end it would be up to the community to vet them, since a sizable portion would already be phantom awards upon their introduction.
  7. If the cutoff is something like 20% or even lower, it would probably not make people that upset about their ratalaika stacks being devalued while still encourage reasonally achievable platinums. Though seeing it's a "site award", I rather it count based on 100% so it can also fix the "no-platinum" and DLC issues and avoid it being a direct rewrite of "platinum value".
  8. Sonic? Maybe I'll actually get a + game for a 2nd time in my life. Not touching Boredomlands, it's one of those "carry" co-op games where all your friends overlevel, skip everything and playing solo is pointless.
  9. Or I could just get Xenoblade 2 expansion if I want to explore that bad. Areas were already too big in Mysterious and Lulua. They have nothing interesting in them and it's generally pointless to fight monsters. It really does not matter if I have 100 spots to collect the same Magic Grass from and the game assets are too poor to make areas that are both expansive and good looking. I guess it still looks better than Lulua, tho
  10. It's a bit short, however it does have three story routes and I think the highest number of party members to recruit. I'm actually a bit worried the game gets trimmed down looking at how SO5 had 0 optional party recruits (and SO4 had 0.5). I don't know what kind of budget the game is going to have, but it would be a more expansive game than 5 if everything is kept intact just for the amount of party members and PAs they have for sure.
  11. Atelier Lulua, half-leg edition. Was hoping EU got full cover, but horse still got cut
  12. I don't really feel like spending on Sony games, but since the PS4 is just gathering dust I got Caladrius Blaze for it. The double discount price is good. Might check out if there's anything for Vita.
  13. First of all, each monster does actually have unique movesets and combos, check them from menu. For example iirc, Destoroyah's best rage building move is up+circle (or maybe down circle), Rodan can one shot a generator with the normal jump attack, the Larva's can dodge roll, Hedorah moves best with the charge jump's etc. There's a lot of tricks. Also, the normal path is indeed best for evolution energy, but strong monsters like Biollante, Burning/Heisei Godzilla and King Ghirodah should take the hard path, since that gives some rare cells. Alternatively farm rare parts with a maxed defence monsters like Mothra, Mecha K Ghidorah (you'll need these) or Kiryuu if you need cells. The defence monsters take a lot less time. Also there is no need to max Showa Godzilla for trophies, though there's a special boss at the end for him.
  14. Ikkitousen has games on PS2 and PSP. Also I suppose you can add me, I have platinum for Shinovi vs, Bon Appetit (digital + DLC), Estival vs, PBS and Censored:Renewal. Also in case people aren't up to date, Xseed is indeed localizing Peach Ball for Switch. Apparently limited physical. edit: also have Valkyrie Drive and plat from original Neptunia on PS3
  15. Hope for a Switch version and maybe a Sakura Taisen collection, even if only digital. Also yeah, Kubo might be better as character designer than doing a plot. Looking forward to what he is up to.