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  1. Trailer seemed remarkably devoid of fun or bold stylistic choices to combat the drabness. Also had some Last Remnant vibes, which isn't terrible, but also not exactly something that raises my hype up.
  2. 66th :platinum:, Miracle Girls Festival


    Vita plats feel good. However I feel like I put more effort in it than the 40% rarity suggests, but I was able to do everything before then 24 hour trophy.


    Favorite featured anime: Vividred Operation

    Favorite song to play: Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W (opening theme)


    1. MidnightDragon
    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂 Vividred Operation was my favorite featured anime as well :awesome:

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  3. Gaming feels like that when I play a lot of average to good games and maybe put in more time to them than I normally would. However if I happen to find a game that I feel like I can't put down, I have no issue abandoning these games at least for the time being. Also this trophy list on PSNP is just one part of games I play, or played in the past. Even if it's 100%, it doesn't mean I'm somehow finally "free" to do as I please. I can give that permission to myself anytime I want, but I don't always have that next big thing in mind or don't feel I have the energy play it when it's some 80 hour JRPG (I play these a lot), or maybe it's expensive or otherwise hard to acquire.
  4. So many trophy hunters suddenly pretending they care about old ass Mario games. Won't be getting the collection either way. I wish they didn't even bother with pure nostalgia baits, but I guess that's easy money, can't fault them for that. I'm 90% sure it will happen with Zelda too, so many port beggars for games that aren't even rare...
  5. Think I'll get Raiden V (no promises about platting it)
  6. Possibly controversial opinion:


    A rhythm game basing its hits on the songs vocals/lyrics is a bad rhythm game.

    1. starcrunch061


      I don't like it, either. Vocals aren't generally the driving force of rhythm. I think of a song like War Pigs, where Ozzy's vocals, while never out of rhythm, in no way determine that rhythm, which is standard 4/4 time.


      Not a good policy. I would suck at such a rhythm game.

    2. SlimSanta94


      There are games that do that very briefly and make it work but I agree I hate it when rhythm games do that too much.

    3. PhyrxianLibrarin




  7. Every idol needs 10 million fan for S-rank and there isn't any easy way to grind this in plat stars. Also drop rates for S-rank unifroms are abysmal. If you're going to do it I suggest focusing on Iori first. Iori gives a type-fitting costume that gives out a money bonus on a S-rank live and that money can be used to do 100k fan promotion (+10% with glasses accessory) using the Genki Musume outfit that gives 7 rolls in the minigame.
  8. Feels like only way to get vita games is to import them nowadays.
  9. Hopefully with easier list than plat stars.
  10. 64th :platinum: , Dead or Alive 5: Last Round




    I wish the list had something for the story mode too, but anyway I'm happy to have played a DOA game finally. Definitely many... interesting characters here that I wouldn't mind to see more of. A fast platinum, but for those like me who don't play fighting games, completing even one characters combo challenge can be frustrating, or some of the more advanced tutorial missions. Also thanks for @hassansabah for helping out with 100 online matches.

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂 This is a far better game than DOA6, with more fighters, stages and fanservice. Also, the SEGA Saturn fanboy in me loves the addition of Virtua Fighter guest characters 😋

    3. mecharobot


      Thanks folks.


      Did not know about the Virtua Fighter characters, but I think I can guess who they are. I could recognize the Ninja gaiden guests and Naotora, who I'm more familiar with. Actually also bought DOA6 in the same online order, since both were cheap, but not sure if I'm going to play it any time soon.

  11. Why would I watch these when I could watch - you know, anime? Imo, it's typical internet memebait humor and I do find the spam annoying. People can have their fun, but overdo it (i.e. spam links all day every day in your non-vtuber oriented discord groups) and it will reflect negatively. Not a fan, but I guess its more due to the zealots than the actual content creators.
  12. People like to confuse game difficulty with trophy difficulty. Something taking 10 guides (if they even exist) and 200 hours is in no way a 3/10 effort and it is extremely misleading to say so. It would be wise to at least check rarity to actually know what you're getting into.
  13. I don't have many stellar experiences this year, especially with new games. I think the winner of 2020 is going to be Suikoden V, though it does feel incomplete at points and a few other issues like somewhat formulaic plot progression once the game establishes itself. Still 8/10 game, liked many of the characters, art, music and got a bit emotional at few scenes. Frankly speaking I'm not sure if I'm going to start another story heavy game and certainly not a "cinematic" one. For some reason I don't have this problem with older (or lower budget) games with reading text boxes and such... dunno why that is, but these games with long cinematics of characters talking about nothing make me bored real fast. Have a few fighting games and rhythm games ordered, so maybe that'll be a change of pace.
  14. Got 44-44. I'd rather do Lighting dodge than this. Ikr. However seems that a good part of the fandom considers them genre staple and complain if a game misses them and opts for more combat related side content.
  15. Just because a game has NG+ or chapter select, does not mean game has no missables. It's extra work and can make the first run harder than it should be.



    1. Astray404


      This is why I hate some JRPG games like Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. But to be honest it depends on the length of each chapter or the whole game. For games like Resident Evil with a short clear time (< 3 hrs), it's not that frustrating to start NG+ and redo some missables. Actually leaving some missables in another playthrough will even let you clear the first run with more ease