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  1. First of all, each monster does actually have unique movesets and combos, check them from menu. For example iirc, Destoroyah's best rage building move is up+circle (or maybe down circle), Rodan can one shot a generator with the normal jump attack, the Larva's can dodge roll, Hedorah moves best with the charge jump's etc. There's a lot of tricks. Also, the normal path is indeed best for evolution energy, but strong monsters like Biollante, Burning/Heisei Godzilla and King Ghirodah should take the hard path, since that gives some rare cells. Alternatively farm rare parts with a maxed defence monsters like Mothra, Mecha K Ghidorah (you'll need these) or Kiryuu if you need cells. The defence monsters take a lot less time. Also there is no need to max Showa Godzilla for trophies, though there's a special boss at the end for him.
  2. Ikkitousen has games on PS2 and PSP. Also I suppose you can add me, I have platinum for Shinovi vs, Bon Appetit (digital + DLC), Estival vs, PBS and Censored:Renewal. Also in case people aren't up to date, Xseed is indeed localizing Peach Ball for Switch. Apparently limited physical. edit: also have Valkyrie Drive and plat from original Neptunia on PS3
  3. Hope for a Switch version and maybe a Sakura Taisen collection, even if only digital. Also yeah, Kubo might be better as character designer than doing a plot. Looking forward to what he is up to.
  4. Finally got around to beat Zelda BotW, clocked 75 hours, with all main quest objectives done. I did get into it more after some power ups, but I decided to call it quits after Ganon and the final memory. No way I'm farming for Gear upgrades. Just powered through castle and Ganon with my 17 hearts and Extra health meals. The hearts are pretty useless compared to armor though and I mostly had 2nd tiers with couple 3rd tier pieces without set bonuses. Had fun exploring, but was left pretty hollow the moment I beat the last boss. Order I went for Divine Beasts was Zora> Gerudo > Goron > Rito, but other than Zora this is apparently not optimal. Just felt drying in the desert after all that rain I guess. Also played with jap voices and was pretty disappointed how the sub just changed or left lines untranslated. However this was one of my favorite Princess Zelda's overall, at least in OV. I could pour more hours into it, but this isn't the only timesink in the market so think I'll continue Xenoblade 2, hopefully getting it done before Atelier Lulua later this spring. The Switch backlog hasn't got out of hand yet.
  5. Positively addicted to Xenoblade 2, but man the maps are confusing. Gonna play this blind, though I've been spoiled that you can get a certain secret character in it and I need that bad

  6. Keyboard and mouse isn't optimal for everything anyway, you'll definitely want to keep a controller or two ready especially for console ports. For me, I've always played on PC, yet I'm not sure what this "PC gaming" is supposed to be. I certainly don't relate with people playing their MMOs and esports. What I play are: VNs, fantransated games, fan-games and legacy gaming. However I don't really like doing this, because a lot of time I have to tamper with files, system settings etc. Sometimes I just want to play a game...
  7. The game got ported to Switch, which I think is the main reason for this "DX" version. Another trophy list seems pretty redundant, but not like it's going to hurt anyone.
  8. Seems all Valkyria Chronicles 4 DCL was on sale, so I got everything. Well, except the beach missions, which I did earlier. Not sure if I will actually play them all, but should be great doing Selvaria and Squad 7 mission at least. Also tried getting back into Breath of the Wild. Can't say I'm feeling it. One of my favorite open world games, Morrowind, is very open-ended and relies on player paying attention to know where to go and what to do, but this isn't open ended same way as those old RPGs. Here you could still use fast travel and follow map-markers, but there might not be any reason to do that. I don't feel like I've yet to discover something amazing or truly useful. So many cooking items too... why does every game want to have their own terrible item creation system again? I don't know, maybe I should just decide on a strategy to get the game out of the way asap and see if I'm strong enough to pull it off.
  9. Well, seems his voice is going to be patched out of Kingdom Hearts 3 (japanese): https://nichegamer.com/2019/03/15/kingdom-hearts-iii-update-to-replace-olafs-japanese-va-pierre-taki-over-drug-allegations/
  10. Mighty Warrior - Destroy 15 enemies with a ally pilot within a single stage One Fell Swoop!? - Attack at least 10 enemies with a single MAP Weapon Ace Pilot - Make any ally pilot an Ace Pilot (50 kills) Two technical missables in one stage + Ace pilot, whoo. I was setting up a stage to get the kills with Compatible Kaiser, but ended up using Soulsaber instead. I can probably get the movement speed done since I've been using Hyperlion quite lot too. Hopefully I can get all the bronzes out of the way this playthrough, though 100 kills for Soulsaber pilots might not happen.
  11. Maxing every monster in Godzilla (PS4 version) is probably the most tedious, but at least some monsters were interesting to play and others... well, let's not talk about SpaceGodzilla. Also I just got the Fate/Extella Umbral Star plat. I don't know why this is 8,4% rarity. Imo it's more tedious than for example Warriors All Stars. At least in the latter I was working towards stuff like alternative endings.
  12. Generally I get high combos with the extella maneuver. If it's the last level, you might want to keep playing that a few times to level up Nero anyway. Stack some mana charge and unleash a 15 bar maneuver against a mob and you should get a very high combo count. Usually with the boss or special type levels like the last one, I come short with kills rather than combo and I have to farm them before moving on or killing the boss.
  13. Where do you guys trophy synch? I synch with the profile sheet where the friends and messages are and it doesn't take several minutes. I avoid opening the trophy collection itself at all costs. I currently have more PS3 backlog than PS4 so I hope everything functions for at least a year or two. Not like I'll be able to get everything done, but if I can get maybe a dozen more PS3 plats, I consider that success.
  14. Seems the script may be heavily altered anyway: https://www.reddit.com/r/kotakuinaction2/comments/awu0iy/censorship_the_changes_to_zenki_zero/ Apparently the steam thread revealing additional censored content got nuked. SC is seemingly not willing to disclose the changes openly, but it'll be clear when it's out I guess.
  15. I got my 10th plat from Atelier Lydie&Sue. Might be my last Atelier plat too if I'm getting next for Switch instead (probably Lulua). Was putting it off, since I couldn't be bothered to make something good to beat the twin goddessess at level 100. So I didn't, I took my best N/A, copied it with Cordelia and kept tossing it until they went down while keeping healed with auto-elixirs. The end.