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  1. Finger crossed for Xenoblade and Baten Kaitos. Not sure who has the rights for Skies of Arcadia now, but that would be awesome too.
  2. It does actually, you have to kill one esper with magic only and some get temporary immunities. The bow is also trash against superbosses, since they ignore evade and also the bow does not combo and it's slow. Very useful for killing early game trash though, but I wouldn't really waste time early game getting more than one. Plenty of easy spots to get high levels end game in a couple hours. What takes time in the game is doing hunts and traveling the maps and the speed-up option negates most of that.
  3. I don't know about that. I was in a "co-op session" about a month back which involved players suiciding against computer as fast as possible to get online play count. Then there are stuff like "revive player" trophies, or xp/rank farming based on such actions and people aren't even trying to beat a mission or whatever they're playing. People might even just afk for some trophies, or let strong players carry them through stuff. That said, I don't play much multiplayer, but I have a few plats with mp-trophies. I got them all without boosting, except for DW Gundam 3, which is co-op. I also have all Wipeout Omega Collection mp-trophies that were easy and fun to get at the release, but I'm missing two single player trophies for the platinum.
  4. Couldn't care less about steel book tbh, but having the artbooks like PS3 games would be well worth the money. Not that it's going to happen ofc.
  5. The trophies in Rorona are supposed to be pies, I think. But yes, the latter trilogies have more varied images.
  6. Decided to get working on the game(s). I cleared Pro survival mode in Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni and it took 55 minutes and 4 seconds. I'm going to try survival Hell tomorrow and it will surely take well over an hour if I don't screw up on one of the bosses. Not really excited about playing this awful mode non-stop for that long, but I'll see how it goes. On a positive note, I've already done phantom delude on challenge mode, which I had zero issues with. Took like 5 tries. Planning to save 100 naked bodies for last trophy, since I don't have many easy ones and don't want to risk unlocking the shop trophy asap after I clear the special modes (if I can). I can always grind bodies separately from xp/money, so it should be safe.
  7. 51st plat, Super Robot Wars X 1S587217.png


    Game took a lot longer than it should have looking at the rarity. I was thinking of getting 3 mecha plats in a row, but I'm a bit burned out and might just work on the Vita event next.

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      Thanks folks.


      @thepeaguy Well, SRW V and X are quite casual compared to past games and I think there is something a bit off about the animations and spritework that lacks the punch SRW is known for. It's pretty obvious which units were on budget and which were not. Imo, SRW V is the better game out of the two, but they don't actually play any different, so it might come down to roster preferences. Moon Dwellers is also in english and feels a lot more like older games, but even playing OG1&2 the story arc is quite hard to jump into and it takes 3 or 4 playthroughs to plat.


      Generally speaking some games may be a lot harder than others, but in the end they're grid based SPRG, so how good an SRW game is more about roster, story arc and animations .

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      Well done! 💯

  8. Those are for keeping track of the game, rather than earning stuff mid to late game, which looks bad if you have OCD about start/end dates. I don't mind, but I do mind a 0% trophy list for weeks. One trophy list I'm not currently liking is DW8XL, because it does not give base game trophies, but rather XL trophies. It's kind of like having a DLC list, except it's a main list and also has a plat.
  9. Greenhorn's Mark - Clear the GUIDANCE Scenario. Resting Time - Watch any Quick Save exit message. Pierce Through,Faster Than Him - Destroy an enemy unit with a counterattack. Actual Combat - Clear the initial stage in scenario mode. SR Point Obtained - Obtained SR points. Really liking the animations and feel of the game, much better than SRW V or X, imo. Very long to plat, though. Hope I can get Lat-chan and Seolla asap.
  10. Got a discount on SRW OG: Moon Dwellers., so I decided to nab it instead of DQ for now.
  11. Maybe the Sláine series?áine_(comics)
  12. I'd do Gundam Versus if I was that far.
  13. Achieved 50 Ace points - Will be unlocked after achieving 50 Ace points. Achieved 100 Ace points - Will be unlocked after achieving 100 Ace points. Achieved 500 Ace points - Will be unlocked after achieving 500 Ace points. This went a lot smoother than I thought, thanks to the good people helping with multiplayer. Never thought I'd see these past-expiration-date trophies on my list, which means I now have an actual chance at that UR plat.
  14. My games have been a mess, but I'm finally only the NG+ trophy away from Super Robot Wars X platinum. However it will take at least a week. It'll most certainly be my next one. After that, who knows. I'd like to finish 3 plats/100% before starting either Dragon Quest or Valkyria Chronicles, but that might be impossible.
  15. You need a metric ton of resources and development time in this game, which is imo best filled with raiding. You don't need 4 FOBs loaded with 16 nukes, 1-2 will give you significant gains and you can just buy resources by winning the automatic PF tournaments with a higher level base. Imo it's a lot more fun than resetting that annoying base mission or reloading checkpoints with fulton ballista walker and whatnot glitches, which might or might not have been patched. I never grinded once in single player, but there options for those who want the trophies with minimal online involvment.