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  1. Sure. It nicely shaves off the edge of all the tryharding, especially online.
  2. Down We Go (III) - Clear Floor 12 of the Spiral Abyss I Really don't like playing the Abyss, but managed to nab it in the final day of this "easy" rotation. Ayaka helped a lot setting up a freeze team, even severely undergeared. I had Ayaka/Xingqiu/Venti/Diona on side A and a copium team of Zhongli/Bennet/Xiangling/Fischl on side B. That's the last trophy until next region (maybe). Really hope there's not going to be something like level 16 abyss, don't really like to tryhard so much in Genshin Impact. I'll probably keep powering up my favorites now, but I really don't care so much about getting 36 stars (got 26 and thankfully you don't need 6 stars on floor 12 in case anyone is wondering)
  3. I could preorder or buy early if I'm: -actually hyped to the point I'm willing to drop everything just to play the game -game has limited edition goods I'm interested in -it's a game I want to support (usually a niche game, multibillion companies can make it without my contribution) This doesn't happen all that often these days and there were a few franchises I began to feel like I was buying out of obligation when the games just kept getting worse. I might still buy them from sale and whatnot, but I'm not a charity.
  4. At least the Switch version is a bit tougher than Double Peace even just getting true ends. Everything is faster in the game with stricter choice requirements. I think it was compatible with move controller on ps3, but dunno if it would be easier or harder. edit: also while the plat might be appealing, I think this GalGun 1 was the weakest game of the three. I'd heavily recommend Double Peace on ps4 (switch has weird aim sensitivity issues with the games) over it any day of the week
  5. Maybe it'll be Portable Ops for the PSP classic library.
  6. An idle thought here, but what if Sony made it so that the platinum would be the first trophy to pop intead of the last? I mean it wouldn't affect completion rates (since plat doesn't count towards completion), the plat hunters would have their work cut down and the game devs would have easier time to make lists. At this point I really can't see any negatives. Just win-win-win situation.

    1. pinkrobot_pb


      Pop the platinum when someone buys a game, then take it away again as soon as they earn another trophy. All the plat addicted players would not even have to bother playing the game.

    2. nestamar5


      What's the fun of hunting trophies if they're just giving them to you? We already have 5 minute platinums and they don't have the best reputation.

  7. Honestly not hyped for either the PS5 or Xbox, but I could see a few uses for one. I don't want to play games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla on my base ps4 anymore and maybe I could play something like Phantasy Star on it? There's less difference between Sony and MS this gen than ever before.
  8. I've grinded outfits in idolmaster plat star for a couple years on/off now. Still don't have it. I'd estimate it could take anywhere between 250-500 hours without DLC. All that time just playing a song and hoping for a drop over and over again with zero variation. Dunno if DLC helps with the drop rates, tho
  9. For me I get FOMO from things that might actually become unavailable, which is the opposite of mainstream games. I could get it from sales anytime for decades to come.
  10. One of the very few PS3 games I was still planning to get. Sealed copy too. Still need to buy One For All and I'm pretty good with the main series at least. Probably should think about buying a spare PS3 too...
  11. It's not like you have to create a new save, but if you for example miss one of the weapons that you have to steal, you'll have to play the whole chapter again and that could be a couple of hours of extra work. I was pretty annoyed by this when I was under the impression there wouldn't be highly missable items like that. In traditional JRPG-guides, having to beat the game to either unlock chapter select of ng+ for another chance at an item still counts as missable, but trophy guides are their own thing.
  12. Found a cheap copy and I've always been interested in the Koei strategy games. Kind of wanted to buy Taishi too when it's still cheap, but I guess I'll see if I can get anything done in this one first.
  13. The silver lining is that it's not a mainline game with this kind of low-budget effort and disrespect to the main series. Disappointing, but at least I won't be baited into playing it like with Star Ocean 5. Much easier to skip as a spin-off. Also Elysium? Is this supposed to be some kind of counter to God of War going norse, so you turn vp into hellenic route or something? Just nopes all around
  14. Was thinking getting the switch version, but I feel bad still not having finished Lulua on it. Might not be day 1, but there aren't many if any game releases I'm interested this year so likely I'll get sometime during spring.
  15. Most of my collection is physical and I've only ever claimed 3 PS+ games. I'm not going so say how much exactly since I don't want any contacts regarding the matter, but it wouldn't be these absurd prices some people seem to place on their accounts. I do have one delisted game that seems to go for high prices these days, but still the value of the digital copy is not much. 90% of the value is definitely in my physical collection.