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  1. Try to get hands like Three lights (+ Rainy if you can), Poetry Ribbons, Blue Ribbons or Boar/Deer/Butterfly. Do Koi-Koi if you have simple hand like Any Ribbons or Sakura/Moon Viewing, unless the game is really close or just about to end.
  2. Should probably be noted that some games have a lot easier platinum because of their DLC, even if they don't come with trophy pack. So don't be surprised if a 25% plat suddenly becomes a monumental task because most people here just used some DLC weapon/map packs to make things easier.
  3. Hard Corps Uprising was tons of fun and I think the last good Contra game. Trophies might be on the harder side. edit: might want to buy the DLC character that uses sword too
  4. I already decided to get some ps4 games instead. I'm not giving it 10 years to be in same sad state as PS3/Vita were for past 3 years or so.
  5. I don't really have the willpower to go through the extra hoops to buy digital for euro-psn. I did however check some of my favorite stores for physicals. It's pretty shocking how so many previously common games are out of stock or being sold at full price, even just a 2-3 year old games for PS4. Ended up buying a couple discount games and I think I'm going to check a couple more stores for good measure.
  6. Guess my physical collection will be rocketing in value. I usually keep my old stuff, but honestly I don't think I'll replay my PS3 games. I'd still wish to do a couple things with the Vita, tho
  7. Take your consoles with trophies and put them in the closet. Don't play anything for a week or so. Then play some accessible game, like Mario Odyssey or something and you'll forget what trophies you even had on your profile. Also if you really are missing the game history, you can just make your own at sites like backloggery, myvideogamelist etc. They're probably more accurate too all things considered.
  8. Very excited to play both.
  9. Dawn on Seventia - Chapter 10 cleared in story mode Clear EASY - Clear story mode on EASY Didn't seem like ez-mode to me. Excellent shmup, tho
  10. Got to have realistic goals, so I can feel good about achieving them, instead of crying that I'll never plat ICO for PS3. I aim for 75 plats (only 5 left this year), but what I really hope is to find an older game or two that I can consider as my personal favorite tier. Overall I'm not going to be beating or platting dozens of games with the way I play games and the genres I play. Especially not with my current job, so it's already a miracle if I somehow am able to get those remaining plats and beat half a dozen long RPGs/VNs on top of it. That will really take all year.
  11. Got plat from Cold Steel 2. Also got gaming burnout. Oh, well...

  12. I'll think about it once I hit 99. It will likely either be some fresh game I like, or an awful unfinished trophy list from the past. Either way is good enough for me.
  13. I plan on getting the "old" version myself. They're not the same game and new editions aren't always better (like the bad trophy list Royal has). Actually Dragon Quest series is a good example of that, since it has tons of ports and remakes. What version of DQV should be sold if it came to PSN? The original SNES, DS or PS2? They all have benefits from extra characters to symphonic soundtrack and different minigames.
  14. Much better than black friday, but I hope there's a 2nd round before christmas.
  15. I might not be forced to buy these games, but I sure am forced to see them. For example the Switch sales section is a complete trash fire every time I go there. I've probably passed on buying games because I got so tired scrolling through the shovelware. Same goes for looking up new trophy lists, or release schedules for upcoming games. There's usually no real filter either.