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  1. It has almost no destruction. How can this be better than BF 1, BF V or BF 3/4? Im asking seriously, what do you find so good at it? From my point of view, the whole charm of BF was destruction and levolution.
  2. I obtained it in a private match. Also thought it was bugged. But guys, please bear in mind that 100 is a really big number. Even though it may seem to you that you had completed 100 exfils, you probably didnt.
  3. Is this still a problem? I downloaded the game a few days ago (2022 may) and I would've expected all bugs would be squashed, but audio is a little bit messy, game is a little bit laggy so I'm thinking such a problem as the one presented here may arise for me too. Edit: Did not happen to me.
  4. I was joining matches and getting in 30v30 ones easily. Not once did I get in an empty server. Last 3 days I get to join only empty servers. Did they close shop or something?
  5. Learn submissions. Get a jiu jitsu or wrestler fighter. I beat even level 70+ players. Play in the evening when there are more players. The hardcore ones are the ones playing in the morning. The casual ones are the ones playing in the evening. Good luck.
  6. Did you count them? Wondering because I believe mine is bugged too.
  7. Can anybody confirm this is not bugged as of 3 January 2022?
  8. Am I the only one not so interested in an anime game, a racing game and just mildy interested for the cartoonish looking game? Can't understand what is so great or godly about this month. But as always, de gustibus non disputandum est 😅
  9. really, really bad line-up. Especially for a month as December.
  10. 1. Start a private match; 2. Turn on friendly fire. 3. 200%+ Fireteam damage. 4. As a fireteam member, kill the other 3 fireteam bots. Kill one, revive, kill another, revive and so on. Other bots may revive. Don't let them. 5. Do not immediately kill the revived bot. Wait for a few minutes, do the mission. Then, after a while, kill them again. Repeat the process as presented. 6. After 3 death + revives each (so that's 9) they will die. Go and reinforce. 7. Repeat. Get another 9 revives. After killing the reinforced fireteam also just finish the mission and then exfil. In this way, you also get a successful exfil while at it.
  11. Just fyi, reviving fireteam bots DOES COUNT for the 100 revive trophy.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys! Seems like it's a problem on my end.
  13. Do you a have a PS4 Pro or the standard version?
  14. Am I the only one whose game looks like sh*t while at the same time the FPS drops way below 30?
  15. After finishing the game at some point will contact you and give the secret ending.