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  1. I think people should not get too excited. Looks pretty much like a paid commercial by UE5 to be presented to game developers. Getting too excited my end up in disappointment given that these things are always exaggerated.
  2. This still happening?
  3. I really enjoy the game, but I don't like: - the combat. It could've been so much more awesome. So many opportunities missed here - lightsaber, force, finishing moves - everything. - the graphics. It's horrible playing it on the PS4 (just like Titanfall 2). Graphics loading really hard while you are playing (you are watching the graphics load as you play), if you rotate the viewing camera you can see the graphics fade, graphics per se are not so impressive. It really feels like it's not a 2019 game comparing it with RDR 2 or with Battlefield V. Also, graphic details could have been improved: - when it's raining you can't see the rain touching the lightsaber and evaporate. This was present even in old games like Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy). - If you stand near a wall with the lightsaber it just enters the graphics. It makes you feel like you are not playing a game that was trying to achieve greatness/state of art, but just trying to not suck.
  4. nobody wanted to boost so I did it alone. Took me 2 hours on 64 players full map Fjell first time flying. Did it with a JU 88 - A plane for germany and its equivalent for UK. Just dive when you bomb, drop all 4 and its a kill. Good luck!
  5. love how it looks. will get it first day.
  6. For the ones that asked, the souls save style for Darksiders 3 is something I seriously dislike because darksiders 1 & 2 were not like this. So yeah, maybe its not a special for the souls formula, but as a darksiders 1 & 2 player I would have expected something else in 3. Regarding the dodge system - its main problem is the game running like shit. Passing over the idea that enemies just make a triple-leg jump to reach you if you dodge with 0.1 second before you should which is ridiculous as anything goes (don't care if its a souls formula or anything else, something like this should not exist) well even if you succeed in getting the hang of it, you cant do it right because of the performance and framerate. The story and gameplay being boring is something I felt, not a general rule. Weapons are boring, it's really hard combining weapons for combos. The story doesn't have anything wow and some scenes just make you wonder why. Again, I'm sure there are people who enjoyed this and would recommend it, but my advice was to pass this.
  7. my opinion - MUCH worse that darksiders 2.
  8. I heard that the game was bad, but damn was I wrong when I though I can play it. I only play for fun and don't get mad when gaming, but this game made me ragequit for the first time since I own a playstation (5 years). Some reasons why you should keep away from this game: 1. The. Worst. Fucking. Save. System. EVER! sometimes you progress for like 15 mins, then you die and you are back from scratch. You need to find some special save points and until you get to a new one, you will restart from the last one. With every mob alive. Its a fucking horror. 2. The dodge system (the one thing that saves you from dying) is really retarded. Its so retarded I can't even explain it. 3. You die really, REALLY easy. Corroborate this with 1 and 2 and you got yourself a ragequit. These 3 reasons are the main ones I would not recommend this game, not even for free. And this comes from a person who played Darksiders 1 & 2. Others: 4. Graphics look like 2010. 5. Gameplay is pretty boring. 6. Story is pretty boring. 7. Game runs like shit. Graphic problems, game sometimes stopping while playing to load scenery. Its bad, but playable from this perspective. I don't know if I'll be able to finish it, but seriously, do not pay for something like this game.
  9. why would you give baseball to EU? Jesus Christ..
  10. I never understand people that play games as amateurs and get pissed off at them. Stop doing it if it doesn't bring you pleasure man, it's not a job.
  11. I like it. Yeah, it could be better, but it is a lot of fun.
  12. I finished it last evening and the game did not crash at all. Some framerate drops here and there, but nothing too bad and the Bruce Wayne 180 degrees head turn 😁.
  13. I finally finished it. I stay true to my first opinion, it is boring and so long. The story was so predictable that I knew what will happen since I started playing it (it is that obvious and the game has no paradigm changes, 100% linear from the beginning to the end). The only thing that I liked was the voicing of the characters. Really good. 5/10.
  14. Somehow I can understand them. Just imagine you are the new EA director of sales (lato sensu - the guy that is in charge of getting money through sales of a game: full game, DLC, microtransactions etc). It's your job to sell more. You get paid to sell more and you get bonuses for selling more. Wouldn't you want to do a good job? You would, so would they. So they invent shit like DLCs and microtransactions. Nevertheless, the fact that I empathize with them doesn't mean I approve them. It's stupid and we, their clients, should revolt against it like people did with SW BF2.
  15. So what are your thoughts about this game? I started playing it given it was free with PS Plus and kind off hooked me in the beginning. Problem is it is so freaking long and every quest needs you to complete other 3 quests and so on that you realize you played 5 hours just to unlock one door. It's boring. Also, I can't start a game and not finish it, so heads up before starting a game this long - it gets boring.