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  1. This is one of the most frustrating trophies I've attempted to do for a while. The most I've got is 85 for the bureaucratic nightmare attempt and haven't even started the battery charging trophy! No matter what I do I get headshot as soon as Rick & Morty mention a radio station? (I think that's what they mention?).
  2. AJP1986. Feel free to add.
  3. MMA

    Thanks for the link, I did search to see if there was an MMA thread but it didn't show anything? Odd? Thank you anyways.
  4. Amazing show, can't wait for season 3! The actors they've got portraying the serial killers are spot on, especially the guy that plays Ed Kemper. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is into true crime.
  5. MMA

    Any fans of MMA on here? I'm a huge fan and I've been watching it since the Pride FC days so it only felt right to start a thread 😊 It'd be cool to discuss upcoming events, results & news etc.
  6. You have the basic weapon set, dead eye etc. I used the replay feature to get the 70 gold and didn't find it too bad, it's just some missions take a few tries and sitting through the long dialogue in some missions is a chore.
  7. Recently finished watching Death Note which I thought was really good. Looking forward to the Netflix reboot, the trailer looks awesome.
  8. Hi

    Hi, I'm Andy, from the south-east of the UK, how's everyone doing? I'm not the best at introductions but I'm not too bad with bullet points - Into gaming (trophy hunting). - Obsessed with MMA (I talk about it. A lot). - Mainly heavy metal music with a mix of 80s/90s hip-hop, 80s/90s music in general. - Love horror, whether it's games, movies, TV shows etc. - Enjoy getting out and about, traveling etc. So that's the basics, I'm a very chilled out and easy going guy in general so feel free to add me on PSN: AJP1986 or Twitter @AndyJProbyn (I really do talk about MMA a lot, just to pre-warn you, haha). I haven't been able to be as active online recently as I'm a new father with a beautiful 9 week old daughter at home but I do try to find some free time during the week to catch up on some gaming