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  1. If it helps I believe they carry over into different chapters. Like I had a request from Tilly for a necklace in chapter three and I gave her the necklace in chapter four so I guess as long as you have the request there isn’t a rush to get it done.
  2. Cool thanks 😀
  3. I killed a legendary animal with out studying it am I now fucked or is there more than one of each legendary animal in the game?
  4. i hope this site helps you guys as much as it did me!!
  5. I have had the same problem as everyone else until i noticed that i hadn't gotten all of the collectables in cozumel (the very very first area before you crash land in the plane for the second time) so i would recommend you guys to check it out. this is a link incase you need help finding anything. i hope this helps everyone
  6. Yeah that’s how I done it, also a good place to grind the ‘who needs pendant’ trophy