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  1. My name is Mayo 2 exclusive on PS 5😂
  2. Updated my answer, sorry for mislead
  3. I do not take gun. Vincy do not enter church. In the museum i burn the doll. In final trial, i blame doll to be burned. in the end only proffesor survive and i recieved ending near diner and get secret №10. Hope it will help to someone
  4. Can not find secrets 10,33,37. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  5. What level is better to play for trophy "Dead in the air" Thanks UPD: i misunderstand the trophy. i was thinking you need to kill 3 sluggers at ones. But in the end you can kill one and reload chekpoint.
  6. Any news about new patches?
  7. Please post here if you have any info from devs or any liks about when will out patch thas fix trophy " Tentative Peace" Thank you
  8. Any news about patch that fix this trophy?
  9. I have the same problem. Can not understand how to get them.
  10. are you sure? there only skins and emotions to buy. anyway, thank you
  11. This material you need to level up your Major artifact. You only recieve it for daily assignments. Any other way to recieve it?
  12. One more thing to ask, did you recieve trophy by this method? just asking to be sure, thank you.
  13. We have harm room from level 1 to 5 and harm room personal for each character. Which did you play?
  14. Does missions prisoner counts toward trophy? Can you track somehow how many you have saved? UPD: i am asking, because for every saved prisoner you gain 50 exp fro faction. For mission saved prisoners you got nothing
  15. Does anyone find a mission to farm this trophy?