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  1. Hey all. I want to make my life easier and collect the trophies faster without having to do the covenant stuff and i was wondering if anyone was willing to help me trade some rings and weapons for their time and some souls I know i can farm most of the cov items but id prefer to speed things up, i have PTSD from DS3 my psn: babcia2132
  2. thats more than fine, im currently lvl 59 on my main but i'll probably reach the high 60's later today
  3. Many many thanks Im online right now so feel free to send me a friend request. All you need to do is die 20 times and hopefully kill the fairy queen with me
  4. I'm trying to get the platinum for this game which requires me to play the online. I need to revive 20 teammates and if possible have 2/3 people help me with defeating the dark fairy where i have no damage done to me my psn: Babcia2132
  5. how do you farm the 25 Proof of Concord Kept (Blue Sentinels/ Blade of the Dark moon) with friends?
  6. If anyone has a wolf ring (base ring, from the covenant), could i trade that ring with you for a weapon or ring of your choice? or i can pay in souls? PSN: Babcia2132
  7. if this is still a thing I need help too