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  1. Thanks for the advice, luckily I managed to make 100% in the story so it's just a matter of completing the dlc, maybe I'll try to play the dlc on an empty slot
  2. Anyone having problems with dead rising 4 dlc? I'm talking about capcom heroes and frank rising, i can't load saves, is there a solution to this problem? Thank you
  3. How many do you have to be to follow a game of tir? We are 3, is that enough?
  4. So the ideal would be to start with 6 people, thanks
  5. The servers are now empty, how many people are needed for the boosting?
  6. Guys I have a nabbo question, but is it possible to always dodge attacks? I see that it is all very random
  7. I solved it without earning any trophies
  8. I fixed it by hiding my entire profile, via privacy settings on your ps4, then making it public again. It has already worked with three guys
  9. Solved! thanks cleggworth, thanks also to the administrator for the patience
  10. I put the private account now psn profile says that I have no trophies, in an hour I update the profile and see if everything is alright
  11. Should I put private only in the games category?
  12. Ok thanks I'll try, after you hide your profile did you do something else?
  13. I know the hidden trophies, but I don't know how to make them visible
  14. Hi thanks for the reply, how do I delete the letter h on my account? I followed the guide but you can't take it off
  15. I noticed that 2 trophies are missing in the resident evil 6 list, the percentage is right only that a silver and gold trophy is missing, what can I do? Is there a way to contact amministrator? Thanks