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  1. For those interested only in trophies it is worth buying the levels if they go on a discount. True?
  2. But does this dlc have any online trophies?
  3. Hi guys, can it be a good idea to start with the challenges?
  4. Do you think there will be other levels?
  5. Ok thanks, I was interested in understanding this
  6. Hi, I would like to start this game, I wanted to know is a server shutdown planned? Are all trophies obtainable privately? Thank you
  7. Hi, do I need the deluxe edition to complete RE 2 at 100%?
  8. I confirm, the dlc causes serious damage to the save with continuous crashes, I reproduced the 2 dlc on a new save file and luckily it went well
  9. Thanks for the advice, luckily I managed to make 100% in the story so it's just a matter of completing the dlc, maybe I'll try to play the dlc on an empty slot
  10. Anyone having problems with dead rising 4 dlc? I'm talking about capcom heroes and frank rising, i can't load saves, is there a solution to this problem? Thank you
  11. How many do you have to be to follow a game of tir? We are 3, is that enough?
  12. So the ideal would be to start with 6 people, thanks
  13. The servers are now empty, how many people are needed for the boosting?
  14. Guys I have a nabbo question, but is it possible to always dodge attacks? I see that it is all very random
  15. I solved it without earning any trophies