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  1. Sorry guys to resume this thread, but isn't it enough to hide games from your PS3/PS4? I did this some weeks ago because I wanted to remove some impossible-to-platinum games (or other games I just don't want to pop up in my trophy list). My completion rate raised a little bit, too.
  2. Welcome to the Platinum Trophies Jungle! The same happened to me: I was really enjoying the first Watch Dogs, and I decided to go for the platinum. I've never stopped since then Happy hunting!
  3. I do agree with you. I would love to continue to have a live dex, and knowing that with S&S we will have only some of the old Pokèmons... It just sucks. I know that numbers will be similar to 1.000 different species to code, model and so on, but still... I hope that they will add (free) DLCs in the future that expand the creature database, otherwise it will be a complete disappointment
  4. Hi guys, I'd like to report what I think is a potentially platinum-breaking bug. A couple of days ago I was playing Tree Tops level. I picked up the treasure chest key, and after some minutes I had to turn off the PS4. This morning, when I started the level, I saw that the key was not in my inventory anymore, so I thought I'd find it in its original place, but it wasn't there. I tried to restart the level, to change world and start it again, but nothing changed: the key is disappeared. This won't allow me to open the treasure chest and complete the game 100%. I don't know if it's a recurring behavior, but in doubt DON'T LEAVE the level if you have the key in the inventory. Hope that helps