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  1. Yes. But you can get those out of order legit, because you can join as player two on any level that player one is doing, thus you can get the mission trophies in any order. And that is also a well known bug. I don't know about the game you're flagged for though. Also if you jump in as player 2 you can get those out of order. I know because my 5 year old has played random levels with me and her trophies for that game are out of order because of it. It's easy for LEGO games to not give you the trophy if you don't play the level in one sitting also.
  2. Nice! I just had a critical system software failure that caused me to lose my 100hr+ vault that was a few days away from platinum. I had 18 legendary weapons and outfits, and had crafted all but the last theme. Just needed those and the 100 objective which I'm sure was close too. This motivates me to start a new vault and sweep up the rest of the trophies. Still gonna be a grind to the point in which you start getting legendaries but still better than starting over from 0.
  3. I got home and as soon as I started the game I had the 50th raider attack.
  4. Hi. I have 52 dwellers. I know the chance of raiders has already gone down for me, but do they ever stop coming? I'm still getting them but now they are mixed with everything up to radscorpions, so less often. I don't care about it taking a long time but I don't want to have to evict dwellers to be able to have raider attacks again. Are there any other trophies that need to be done early on? Not that I noticed but maybe I missed something? Thanks!
  5. If you mean for the PS4, there's a physical version. If you mean Vita, idk. I'm hoping PS4 gets the multiplayer update that the PC is getting. Does anyone know anything about that?
  6. I platinumed the first GOW in 6 years and 11 months.
  7. lol You're right. I don't know why I mistook hidden trophies for hidden games. Thanks!
  8. Hi. I hid Borderlands 2 for PS3 because I earned one trophy while cheking the game out, but then I got the PS4 version, so I hid the PS3 version because I won't be playing it again. I also hid Marvel Heroes Omega because it went offline and it's imposible to ever get trophies for it. However, when I check my profile here , it says I have 4 hidden games. Not 2. Is there a way on this site to check wich ones the other two are? Thanks.
  9. I didn't even know trophy requirements could be changed through patching.
  10. Has anybody platinumed every game they've ever played? Seems to me like everybody must have played at least a few games that they couldn't platinum.
  11. I disagree. I think the vast mayority of players have no problem with female leads. Video games is probably the most equalitarian medium there is, second to comic books maybe. Some of the most awaited and high profile games to come out lately and coming out soon have female leads. If your issue is with that tiny minority that dislikes females leads for some reason, then I'm sorry to say that will never change. There will always be pro and against in all issues. You can't change the way all people think. You just can't.
  12. Me too. I have it but I'm sure I never paid for it.
  13. That's what I was thinking.
  14. Yes. As I remember it, Varys pays somebody a trivial amount of gold and a bottle of choice wine for a replacement baby for the mountain to smash against the wall and they ship baby aegon to "Easteros" with one of Raeghar's buddies.
  15. Tormund isn't going anywhere until he sexes up Brienne. The show runners are very afraid of the internet and the internet demands they be together. They're not about to snuff their comic relief either. About Euron sailing the golden company over...I think Theon will catch up to Euron and raven Daenerys to send a dragon to end Euron's fleet before it reaches king's landing. Ravens a practically telephones now so that could take all of 30 minutes. Nice. I'll take your word for it. I wouldn't be surprised if they merged jon and aegon. Like they did with coldhands and Benjen Stark.