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  1. Sorry @TrophyDad, I checked the forum yesterday but didn't see your message somehow. I see you already started but you can easily get through the Head to Head and Blitz Team Board trophies by quitting out games with your alt/boosting partner in 2 hours or so. For the Risk and Reward trophy, you have to finish the game or else the trophy won't pop. But after that you won't be done with the online, you will still have to grind Blitz Bucks to purchase all the Pro players/Ultimate players/Ultimate power-ups which requires to be connected to the servers. The best way I found to get Blitz Bucks is to finish Head to Head games and score touchdowns/play well against your alt. I usually get 6k/6.5k per game + the rank up bonus every few games. You can also use Blitz Bucks to get the Fantasy Characters for 20k each, but it's faster to beat them on the Blitz Gauntlet to unlock them. So yeah, I still have quite a lot of Blitz Buck farming to do and I'm not sure how long it will take to get everything but 15h sounds like a good estimate imo.
  2. Yeah, SSX is used for Fight Night Champions iirc and it might work for NFL Blitz too, I don't know if all of the few EA games with this issue share the same Terms. Someone also mentionned Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 on TrueAchievements for the Xbox version, but I don't have the game to test/confirm it on PS3.
  3. Hi ! If you want to start NFL Blitz today, it won't let you accept the Terms and Conditions and you won't be able to access EA's servers to get the online trophies because of that. To fix the issue, you'll have to accept the ToS in an another game, I personally used FIFA 17 PS3 but there's probably other EA games you could use. I'll update this topic if I run into other issues while going for the online trophies but I hope I'll be fine.
  4. Well it seems that a good amount of players got the 100% on this before the price went down according to the game's leaderboard ... 😂
  5. Well at least it's no longer 50$ lmao
  6. A quick guide I put together for the v1.01 patch of this god awful game, since there was none available. The game takes about 5-10 minutes to finish, trophy timestamps are on the video's description. Good luck !
  7. I made a guide for someone for the v1.01 but I might as well share it, since the other one was deleted. Hope it can help someone !
  8. Yes, I ended up getting the trophy with a full team of 5 human players a couple hours after I wrote this post I'm glad I got it, it wasn't as easy as I thought to get enough players on the lobby AND win the game so late after the game release !
  9. EDIT : Nevermind I finished a match with 5 human players and unlocked the trophy. I won the current Co-Op Live Event 3 times on 2 different PS4 and didn't get the trophy. Am I missing something ? Do I have to play on a team of 5 human players (like in NBA Live 18, even though the trophy description doesn't mention it this year) ? I'm re-installing the game right now and will try again but I doubt it's going to change anything. Hope I can get it sorted out because I doubt EA will keep adding these Live Events much longer ...
  10. Yes, you will still be able to download everything after the 31/08.
  11. Since you only have the level 30 trophy left, you could change your PSN ID to reset your MP progress and then do the glitch. Not the best solution but it's still better than grinding for hours. Also make sure that the name change won't affect other games you are playing or plan to finish later.
  12. I can confirm that you can install the v1.00 of Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition and get trophies with cheats enabled (at least on the EU version). I'll try with the NA version when it goes on sale but it should work too.
  13. @Hakoom What single player campaigns did you end up doing for the plat ? I'm about to start them and would prefer to focus on the easier ones if possible lol