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  1. For those who would want to give it a try, "We are LIVE" is already unobtainable.
  2. All of them.
  3. No, the servers are closed and there's a bunch of now unobtainable online trophies.
  4. No it doesn't affect the trophies, you can still get everything from MyCAREER and MyTEAM. The Gamespot article talks about MyLEAGUE.
  5. But this trophy list/stack is specifically for the physical version, which was only released in germany as far as we know ... I didn't buy the digital version in the german store but it seems to have the same CUSA code in this store than the other european stores. This link is the only one I could find:ückte-Tüftelspaß-PlayStation/dp/B082MK451Y/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&keywords=contraptions ps4&language=en_GB&linkCode=sl1&linkId=e3c50f2808cc3af33b9ec38a1e1f0cad&qid=1580482313&sr=8-1&tag=maniac7908-21
  6. I grabbed the CN version with my HK account in late 2018, but it's no longer available (if I try to check the store page from my download list I end up there I tested it back then and I couldn't access the servers (I had a "Blocked IP" message after the title screen) while the other versions (EU/NA/AS/JP) were working just fine. I tested it again today and I still couldn't connect to the servers (it just asks me if I want to play offline), I then installed and tested the AS version and it was working just fine. It's most likely unlisted everywhere and it was probably limited to chinese players (and maybe a few other asian countries ?) in the first place. Let me know if you find anything though, I would be interrested in doing all the stacks including the CN one at some point if it's possible !
  7. These lists of Miles & Kilo ( and Kid Tripp ( need a PH tag, they are for this Play-Asia exclusive physical release : This list of Metagal ( needs a JP tag instead of PH, you can get this stack from the japanese Playstation Store.
  8. You have to post it here if you see something missing/wrong in a trophy list.
  9. The Coma : Recut is gonna get delisted from the HK store on April 30th, not the 14th.
  10. I want to get the 100% too, I did the Vs. Friend match trophy with @luis_lem a week ago and haven't played since, it looks like it's gonna be a serious grind if we both want to get it done but it looks doable.
  11. Psychobreak 2 (, the japanese stack of The Evil Within 2, is missing from The Evil Within series:
  12. The currently active locker codes are also listed on this website, it's more handy than using Twitter imo :
  13. FIFA 16 PS4 ( and 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ( are missing from the FIFA series: MLB The Show 16 PS3 and PS4 ( and don't have a "Other Platforms and Regions" box on the side.
  14. Btw for anyone with only 1 PS3/1 copy of the game and a good enough internet, the game is available on Playstation Now so you can self-boost all the online trophies by streaming the game on a PS4 or a PC.
  15. Sorry @TrophyDad, I checked the forum yesterday but didn't see your message somehow. I see you already started but you can easily get through the Head to Head and Blitz Team Board trophies by quitting out games with your alt/boosting partner in 2 hours or so. For the Risk and Reward trophy, you have to finish the game or else the trophy won't pop. But after that you won't be done with the online, you will still have to grind Blitz Bucks to purchase all the Pro players/Ultimate players/Ultimate power-ups which requires to be connected to the servers. The best way I found to get Blitz Bucks is to finish Head to Head games and score touchdowns/play well against your alt. I usually get 6k/6.5k per game + the rank up bonus every few games. You can also use Blitz Bucks to get the Fantasy Characters for 20k each, but it's faster to beat them on the Blitz Gauntlet to unlock them. So yeah, I still have quite a lot of Blitz Buck farming to do and I'm not sure how long it will take to get everything but 15h sounds like a good estimate imo.