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  1. You are absolutely right. The trials are not that difficult when compared to some of its missions. When i tried SSFIV i was amazed for not being able to do more than 13 trials for each character .
  2. Fighting games for me, especially when they require us to complete X number of trials. I'm just not that good with fighting games, but for some reason i still haven't given up on STxTK. I guess the games is just more noob friendly than the other ones.
  3. I rarely do it since i normally just play singleplayer titles. So far i boosted a couple of trophies on AC Brotherhood, Street Fighter X Tekken, Uncharted 2 and Dragon Ball Raging Blast (Since not many people play it by now). I actually don't mind people that boost more almost every trophy possible, but it seems to loose that feeling of accomplishement that i get when i achieve the specific trophy.
  4. Unfortunately i think i'll never get it due to lack of time, but it is nothing that will keep me awake at night. I never liked to buy or rent games that i didn't feel interested in, so i never felt like i was trying to get a platinum even if i was just feeling bored. Before starting my Platinum hunting i just play the game for fun, without any guides or walktroughs. When i finish i start working on the rest of the trophies and keep focusing on it until i achieve the 100%. For some reason i found that it really helped me improve my persistence and my patience, skills that i will need at my work, so in the end, i was just combining fun with personal development, if that makes any sense
  5. Only two so far: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: 3.75% Yakuza 3: 4.10%
  6. 83.18%
  7. Platinum #26: Lollipop Chainsaw An easy and fun platinum, in my opinion.
  8. I would only like another FF XIII sequel if they offered us some news about a new Final Fantasy. I read somewhere that Versus XIII was just going to be named FF XV, but i'm not very optimistic about that.
  9. It looks nice. Thanks for posting the video.
  10. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi and Lollipop Chainsaw
  11. Platinum # 25: The Amazing Spider-Man
  12. I recently bought this game mostly because of the price drop. However there are a lot of issues regarding the servers. It's hard to do 4 to 5 player matches in a row, without getting a connection error :/