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  1. Nope. Check out the guide.
  2. I would like to give this a go! This is one of the more unique challenges I have seen!
  3. This is my least favorite list since 16 because of the diamond dynasty stuff. I don’t mind playing a little bit for the trophies but don’t make me invest time and get a good team going for it.
  4. When this happened to me it lasted around 3 weeks.
  5. Favorites: Marvel's Spider-man Spyro The Dragon Donut County Life is Strange: Before the Storm MLB The Show 18 Least Favorites: Goosebumps: The Game Lego Movie: The Videogame Energy Cycle I have earned 13 platinum trophies this year. I am hoping to finish up Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage before the end of the year. Backlog is ever expanding, but I am graduating college in 7 days so it may be a revolving door of unfinished games.
  6. Update 1: 1. The LEGO Movie 11% => 16% 2. The Walking Dead: Michonne 4% 3. Lara Craft GO 0% (I hated Hitman GO, should've never bought this) 4. RiME 0% 5. Uncharted: Lost Legacy 0% I only played an hour this weekend, hopefully I get more time for gaming this week. Happy hunting!
  7. I have always admired these from the shadows, but I think it is time for me to finally give it a go. I am going to start kinda easy because I am a full time student approaching graduation so I should probably make sure I get my degree so I can leave college. But with that said, here is my list: 1. The LEGO Movie 11% 2. The Walking Dead: Michonne 4% 3. Lara Craft GO 0% (I hated Hitman GO, should've never bought this) 4. RiME 0% 5. Uncharted: Lost Legacy 0% I know it is easy and I should be able to do this in a month. I will add more if I finish all of these. Happy Hunting!
  8. Well that's a little messed up lol. I think the list looks very easy. Only a little grinding for the 32 Teams trophy. For the legacy someone will probably make a roster like last year so you can just sim 10 years and get all the trophies very easily.
  9. You must like them a little. You have 13 of their games on your profiles. Lol
  10. I would be willing to do PPR or standard!
  11. I am with you. I loved season 2 but I think it was because of the decisions I made. I asked my brother and he said his ending wasn't very good while I thought mine was amazing. I think the ending you got determines how you looked back at the game.
  12. Since you have 100% I would pick up Rachet and Clank. It is a blast to play and pretty easy to 100%. Nice profile by the way!
  13. I actually enjoyed playing that game. I thought it was funny making such a huge mess!
  14. I would take your MW2. I started it back in 2009 and I've never gone back for veteran play through or collectibles.