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  1. End of June update: May-June S 14 ->19 (+5) A 9 ->10 (+1) B 3 ->3 C 5->5 D 4 ->3 (-1) E 2->1 (-1) Completion %: 58.47 -> 65.55 (+7.08) Unearned Trophies: 693->636(-57) Changes: God of War (PS3) D->S Claire New->S Abzu New->S LiS: Before the Storm New->S Unravel A->S Bloodborne C->A KH Chain of Memories B->A CoD MW3 C->B Fallout 3 E->C CoD BO3 D->C Rime New-> D I started Rime late in June and didn’t end up finishing it which hurt my stats a bit, but I should be able to complete soon when I get back to playing it. Still it was a great month for me, specially for my completion %. Halfway through the year and I’m gonna update my goals as I’ve reached my goals for S ranks and completion %. New goals are bolded. S 15 -> 30+ A 20+ B 10+ C <10 D 0 E 0 Completion %: 50% -> 75% Unearned Trophies: <500 Only goal I might have trouble with is unearned trophies as I have 2 CoD games on my profile that have lots of dlc trophies. I’m hopeful that getting my E and D ranks will get me close and then. I didn’t finish the BO3 campaign so that will help both unearned trophies and completion % since they’re all silver trophies I think.
  2. I have my initial list, like last time I’ll probably add more as I complete games. I was originally gonna have KHCoM in here, but I need to get KH2 done for Camp WannalottaPlat so I’ll put CoM on the shelf for now. Season VII list Rime|| Goal S Rank|| Current: 13/32, D Rank The Wolf Among Us(PS4)|| Goal: S Rank|| Current: 0/36 F Rank Kingdom Hearts 2|| Goal S Rank|| Current: 0/51, F Rank Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End|| Goal: A Rank|| Current: 15/68, D Rank Skyrim(PS3)|| Goal: A Rank|| Current: 14/76 D Rank Small list for now, with 2 easy games to plat. Skyrim and U4 have been on my profile for a while and they’re hurting my completion %. I have other games I want to play(The Witcher 3, AC: Origins) but I don’t want my completion % to drop now after so much work to get it over 65, so hopefully getting those to ranks up will be enough to get me closer to +70% completion.
  3. I finished God of War and LiS:BtS but haven't made any progress in Trine or Mass Effect 2. I did get some progress into KHCoM but not enough to get the plat and I've stalled out on that. Only a few days left so I don't expect I'll get any trophies done, definitely won't be starting Trine anytime soon. Still I had a good season, knocked out 6 games off my backlog. I'm still deciding my Season VII list so I'll report back when I have it decided, I think only KHCoM is carrying over. Season VI 6/9 Kingdom Hearts Final Mix|| Goal: A Rank|| Current: 56/56, S Rank Dishonored: Death of the Outsider|| Goal: A Rank|| Current: 31/31, S Rank Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice|| Goal: S Rank|| Current: 15/15, S Rank Horizon: Zero Dawn|| Goal: S Rank|| Current: 79/79, S Rank God of War|| Goal: C Rank|| Current: 36/36, S Rank Life is Strange: Before the Storm||Goal S Rank|| Current 35/35 S Rank Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories|| Goal S Rank|| Current: 30/48, A Rank Trine: Enchanted Edition|| Goal: S Rank|| Current: 0/47 Mass Effect 2 || Goal S Rank|| Current 48/59 B Rank
  4. No replacement yet. If I can get DAI done, I might use Dishonored as a replacement but for now I don’t want to add anything.
  5. @donut_plz Bloodborne is done, bringing my total 4 games completed for this event. I still have to do the Blooborne dlc, but I'll leave that for another time. I'd also like to take Mass Effect 2 off my list. I haven't touched it in a while and I have a lot left to do so I won't be playing it soon. I'm gonna try to finish as much as KHCoM as I can but I want to get KH2 done since it was my bonus game so if CoM isn't finished before July, I might not get to it. I've been somewhat sidetracked by watching the World Cup and playing old games to raise my completion %.
  6. #17 Bloodborne A truly spectacular game, well worth the hype. My first attempt at the soulsborne series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Difficult but so rewarding once you find your style. Some of those chalices bosses, specially the last few, were real pains and took many attempts, but I did all the chalices dungeons alone and most of the story bosses. I only had help on Amelia and the Shadows, everything else I did alone. I still have dlc to complete, but I'm not sure when I'll get to that. This also gave me the urge to try Dark Souls, but I have enough games on my backlog without adding more.
  7. #17 Bloodborne

    Amazing game, even though some of those chalice bosses were a real pain. I did most of the game solo, including all the chalice dungeons, so I'm very proud of this plat.

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      Congratulations, great work on the Platinum! :)

  8. @xMissFantasy(congrats on the job) and @Toogie53 thanks for the offers but I managed to take it down on my own while waiting for a friend to get on to help me. As frustrating as that fight was, it feels amazing to have beaten it. Amygdala is next and hopefully I can finish the defiled chalice today.
  9. #16 Life is Strange: Before the Storm A short enjoyable game as part of Camp WannalottaPlat. Like the original the trophies are easy and missing the collectible is no issue with its game great collector mode that’s make suden of the game’s frequent checkpoints.
  10. Another for cabin #6, I platted Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Short game but enjoyable and easy to do. And the collector mode is great. The part of the play was by far my favorite part of the game. I’m closing in on the Bloodborne plat, but the Watchdog of the Old Lords in the defiled chalice kicked my butt. The keeper in layer 1 took me a few tries but I was making progress. I barely seem to get any hits on watchdog before dying. I got impatient towards the end and had some dumb deaths so I’ll try again tomorrow and hopefully be able to take it slow. Though I might need to summon some help, the old hunter outside was useful but doesn’t last long. I’ve also made some progress on my dai nightmare playthrough, but I still haven’t reached skyhold so there’s quite a bit to go. Depending on how much side content I do, I should be able to finish it before June ends. I want to spent the July on KH2. For the moment CoM is on pause. I made it to the second set of worlds and started wonderland at lv24. I’ll be slowlong grinding levels in other worlds before attempting the wonderland boss.
  11. Mid June update as I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made this month. May -> Current S 14 ->18 (+4) A 9 -> 10 (+1) B 3 -> 3 C 5 -> 5 D 4 -> 2 (-2) E 2 -> 1 (-1) Completion %: 58.47%-> 65.09% (+6.62) Unearned Trophies: 693 -> 626 (-67) Plats: 12-> 15 (+3) I’m very happy of my improved completion %, and think I should be able to hit at least 70%, before the end of the year. I have some games I’m looking to start soon, but I think I’ll wait till I finish one of the either DAi or Bloodborne before I start something new. I still have some BO3 campaign trophies, all of which are silver, so hopeful that will be a nice boost to my completion percentage. Games God of War (PS3) D->S Fallout 3 E->C CoD MW3 C->B CoD BO3 D->C Bloodborne C->A I’ve earned trophies in other games too, but I think only these changed ranks. Only have Unchared 4 and Skyrim(PS3) as D ranks and Final Fantasy as E ranks. For now I think I’m gonna finish the BO3 campaign before June ends. I’m also working on some games for Camp WannalottaPlat and will be starting KH2 in July for it, I’d like my completion percentage closer to 70 before I start a new game. I think the 3 D/E rank games will have to wait till fall, but I should be able to raise them before the end of the year.
  12. Add another one for Cabin #6, I platted God of War(PS3). Looking at my list and what I have left, I'm tempted to start KH2 since I haven't made much progress on CoM. CoM is slow going as I'm not a fan of the card combat and for Riku's premade decks are rather annoying. I did start my DAI nightmare playthrough but haven't got very far. My ME2 Insanity run is stalled out. It's been ages since I played it and it's taking me a while to get used to the controls and insanity. I might drop Bloodborne from my list as I haven't played it much and I have a long way to go with the chalice dungeons.
  13. # 15 God of War (PS3) First game I've cleared of my PS3 backlog this year, not counting the Kingdom Hearts movies. Once I actually got to playing it it was good, short but mostly enjoyable. The camera was a massive pain in some parts and the Challenge of the Gods took me quite a while but worth it for the Dairy Bastard costume that made a speedrun easy.
  14. #15 God of War (PS3)
  15. #15 God of War (PS3)

    Finally finished this. Challenge of the Gods was a bit of a pain, but worth it for the dairy bastard costume. Used it for the speed run and it was quick and easy.