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  1. I know... I’ll go sit in the naughty corner and think of my actions.... 😜
  2. I play for gameplay first and trophies second and these games are classics so I’m buying it even without a Plat. No Plat didn’t stop me from playing and enjoying Sonic Mania either. only thing that would have pleased me more is if this collection and the Contra collection got retail releases, even if only in Japan like the Capcom Beat Em Up Collection did.
  3. Sonic Mania Resident Evil 4 Hitman Child Of Light
  4. Hey sorry I forgot to respond. Yeah I had to save wipe and beat the whole game again on Veteran to get the 2 trophies! real pain in the butt but I’m glad I got it done. Hope it works for you too pal.
  5. I guess I just don’t give a damn as much about trophies/ easy Platinum games as some people do on this site. The main reason I play games is for the fun of the gameplay whether it’s on PS4, Switch or my good old Megadrive. Trophies are just a little fun bonus on top which I do enjoy going for but not to an obsessive degree. The only 2 games I have played from this company are Devious Dungeon and Midnight Deluxe and that’s because both got some solid review scores. I played both games to the very end even though I got the Plats before the end of the games and I didn’t stack them, I just played each game once. if that makes me a trophy whore in your eyes then I can live with your opinion. End of the day I’ll play what I want to play whether it’s easy or hard.
  6. Sadly this didn’t work 😞 looks like I might have to replay the whole game again on hardened or veteran.
  7. Win The War - complete the game on any difficulty and Deep & Hard - complete the game on hardened or veteran difficulty are the only 2 trophies I need for the Platinum but neither are unlocking! I checked through mission select to make sure every mission was completed in veteran difficulty and they all have. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. That's a shame about the glitched trophy. I was considering trying it for the free weekend but not now. Yeah it MIGHT get patched one day but it's been a couple months now and nothing. I don't wanna put a no longer possible 100% on my account. I'll play the game if the glitched trophy ever gets patched.
  9. Hi! Thanks for the response. After starting the game up 4 times it finally decided to unlock the 100% trophy and the Platinum. I guess it was just a weird bug?? I did not have any of the DLC bought or installed.
  10. I have every trophy unlocked for the base game except these 2! Yet my stats say 100% complete. I have all gold bricks/characters/vehicles etc. I saved and tried reloading my game but the trophies are still not unlocking.
  11. He unlocked 2 trophies just a few seconds apart: THE PRICE OF JUSTICE (collect 25 cop badges) 10th May 2010 10:09:21 PM & HONOR THE DEAD (collect 50 cop badges) 10th May 2010 10:09:29 There are 5 cop badges to collect in every chapter (excluding the prologue and epilogue) seems very suspicious... Can anyone confirm if that is possible to do legit?
  12. I know a couple people that have started fresh new accounts recently after feeling their backlogues were too high. Dunno if I could do that lol. Wouldn’t it feel like those hundreds of hours you spent trophy hunting were kinda wasted? Just completed Castle Of Illusion and now starting up Quackshot on my Megadrive. Not played these games in years but having a lot of fun with them. Guess it’s more trophy burnout than gaming burnout.
  13. I have always enjoyed gaming since 1991 when I got my Sega Master System for my 7th birthday. Since then I have owned pretty much every gaming console/handheld that has been released. When achievements arrived on Xbox 360 I soon became an achievement hunter and loved trying to get 100% on the games I played and unsurprisingly, trophies were my next calling. For some reason, for the last month or so, I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for trophy hunting. I have several games on the backlog to work on (Alien Isolation, Metal Gear Solid 5, GTA 5 online, Evil Within, Crash Bandicoot trilogy, Batman Arkham Knight) etc but every time I start up a game I start to quickly lose interest and enthusiasm. Has this happened to anyone on here? How long did your burnout last and how did you get your enthusiasm back? I may play a retro game later on my SNES or Megadrive to see if it's 'gaming burnout' or 'trophy burnout'
  14. The public have spoken and the vast majority prefer the old layout. Unfortunately this poll and the vast majority of the members of this site’s opinions don’t appear to matter as it’s apparently never going to change back to how it was.