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  1. Does it have to be music because what am listening to right now is my wifey telling me to turn off the console.Thays pretty much everyday.
  2. I have an acc where am lvl 26 . 200 +games played and 72 platz. I had like 3000 unearned trophies and wanted to get it to 100 % but some games cannot be platted anymore so i created this account and I also get to be numero uno in Honduras. I have more accs with platz but the lvl 26 is highest.
  3. $4.99 exactly
  4. Rocket league.Love how you can join any game mode quickly.
  5. I remember having heaps of fun playing warcraft and a few other games on pc. Then I made the switch to ps one and never looked back.
  6. I have a few telltale Batman and walking dead Also batman asylym ps3 japan and ps4 remastered.tekken 7 also and ps3 drake's fortune. Any game you want doesnt matter where you are I can send it for free. But only one game per person. I ll add more games later as i platinum them. I just dont like trading in games for credit.its a shame what shops offer you for 10 good games.So I rather give them to you so you can play and get platz.
  7. Good idea
  8. Nice collection.
  9. That australian store is expensive sometimes. But thats a good alternative if you cant find a deal on the internet. And you might want to check the british store too its quite the same as the australian one but with more deals across the year.
  10. Tennis in the face. Got it for cheap.
  11. Its probably scams. Its weird that 22 old females send me msgs. I know a few woman but zero with a ps. And the other day on my alt acc its hey sweetie am bored and I was like str8 away block.
  12. The trophy cabinet is cool.
  13. Am a pes fan and the trophies take the fun away for me.its too bad man I have been playing this game for the last 11 years. They look kind of the same as last years IMO. I always wanted to have at least a pes plat in my collection.
  14. Still 79 to reach 100 platz but am neva givin up bruh