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  1. All I want is a decent graphics card for my PC and now all the ones I'm looking to buy have doubled in price because scalpers have been buying them all! It's bad enough that they've been buying all the PS5's/Series X and reselling them for ungodly amounts of money, but they've wormed their way into the PC market. This is getting beyond ridiculous! I swear those people would sell off members of their own family....if they haven't already.

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    2. Addy_Bebopp83


      Omg, I forgot about the toilet paper! Thankfully we were stocked up a month before COVID happened so we were good at our house, but our Walmart was out for months. I remember reading on the internet about a guy that had bought all the hand sanitizer in his local store or something and tried to charge people double for it online. He got in trouble and was made to sell it at normal price during the pandemic. 

    3. PostalDudeRus


      @DaivRules I don't think you can mine cryptocurrency on toilet paper.

      As for GPU, I recommend waiting until price drops or stocks will be full again.

    4. DaivRules
  2. Well, I'm going with no again cause I can't see the picture.
  3. Nope
  4. Uriko Nonomura (Bloody Roar series)
  5. 7715 Omg this picture is so 90’s 😂
  6. Amnesia Collection
  7. Hollow Knight
  8. Silent Hill Dead Space Suikoden Wild Arms Parasite Eve As much as I want to see more games from these series, I doubt we’ll ever get any of them. Konami doesn’t make video games anymore and are more worried about pachinko machines. Once EA let’s an IP die that’s usually it so there is very little hope of ever seeing Dead Space 4. Sony for some reason closed their gaming studio in Japan so the likelihood of another Wild Arms is pretty low and the last one that did come out was a cell phone game. As for Parasite Eve, I’ve heard that Square Enix lost the rights to the video game from the author years ago. I’m still hopeful Square-Enix might be able to convince him to let them do a remake and if not at least a remaster of the first two games.
  9. Even though I'm not trophy hunting anymore, getting through my backlog still stresses me out. I think I should only buy games I think I'm going to finish from now on.
  10. I have absolutely no interest in sport games.
  11. 7711
  12. I’m going to say no only cause I can’t see the image.
  13. Soldier 76 (Overwatch)