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    It goes without saying my main hobby and has been for a long time, is video games. I also collect action figures, art books, and various video game memorabilia. Outside of video games, I watch Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchy Roll.

    I also enjoy reading books and articles on the internet. I have a fondness for writing and try to write whenever I find time. I love learning new things and expanding my education. I like science, history, math, astronomy, philosophy, and psychology. I guess I'm a nerd, lol.

    I listen to all kinds of music and I listen to about anything and everything. My favorite genres are probably 90's alternative and rock roll from the 70's. I also really love to listen to video game/movie soundtracks.

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  1. Resident Evil Revelations Beyond the Veil [RAID MODE] Clear the bonus stage, The Ghost Ship. Seventh Circle Travele [RAID MODE] Clear all stages on Abyss. Jumping at Shadows [RAID MODE] Defeat Shadow Norman. Full Speed A-dead [RAID MODE] Complete "The Ghost Ship: Chaos." Top of My Game [RAID MODE] Be player level 50 when EXP is awarded. Seventh Circle Overseer [RAID MODE] Clear all stages on Abyss with an S rank. Research Complete [CAMPAIGN] Scan all enemy types.
  2. Resident Evil Revelations Bonus Demi-god [RAID MODE] Acquire 150 bonuses at the result screen. Turning Up The Heat [RAID MODE] Obtain a Lv.50 special weapon.
  3. Uncharted: Lost Legacy Best Driver in the Business Drive from the Ganesh mountain carving to the top of the waterfall at the Trident Fort and back in under 3 minutes
  4. ~*Platinum Trophy #79*~ One Last Time Collect All The Trophies
  5. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Gift of Gab Listen to all optional conversations in game Lost Art of Journaling Find all Journal Entries Lost History Find All Journal Notes Swordmaster Perfectly parry Rafe in the sword fight without getting slashed or stabbed Best Score! Beat the best score in the retro videogame Relic Finder Find the Strange Relics Treasure Master Find all Treasures
  6. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Ludonarrative Dissonance Defeat 1000 enemies Glamour Shot Take a photo of Sully Stage Fright Just prior to City Chase, stand perfectly still for 30 seconds (stage demo fail) Hang Tough! Destroy 10 vehicles while being draggged from rope Marco Polo Returns! Play in the ocean near the sunken ship On Porpoise Get three dolphins to follow the boat Peaceful Resolution After being marooned, leave everyone alive until the treasury
  7. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Ghost in the Cemetery Get through Scotland cemetery combat encounter without killing or being seen
  8. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Treasure Hunter Find 50 treasures Unstoppable! Defeat 100 enemies in a row without dying in combat
  9. ~*Platinum Trophy #78*~ Heros of Gaia Collect all trophies.
  10. Final Fantasy IX Bloodlust Defeat 10000 enemies. All's Well That Ends Well Complete FINAL FANTASY IX. Heroes of Gaia Collect all trophies.
  11. Grinding out 10k kills in FF9 and watching Gumball. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get this trophy though. Well, at least I got plenty of episodes too watch 1f601.png



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. KaiserVendrix


      Ah hair ties, where would us gamers be without them eh? xD You know I swear FFIX had a auto mode so you wouldn’t even need to select attack and whatnot? I might be wrong but you could see for yourself on that one. 

      R2 while in battle, no idea if your using that or not. xD 

    3. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      Maybe go to the hardware store and get a little C clamp and you can hold down the X button too. :)

    4. FireFoxie


      @KaiserVendrix Yeah I set it too auto cause I'm too lazy grind this out on manually lol. 😂


      @Metal Slime King That's a really good idea! I think I might try that. 

  12. Final Fantasy IX End of the Road Attain level 99 with a least one character.
  13. Dagger (Final Fantasy IX)
  14. Final Fantasy IX Sword of Kings Obtain the sacred blade Excalibur. Cracking the Code Uncover the secret of the Eidolon Wall. Frog Wrangler Successfully catch 99 frogs. The Ultimate Fork Obtain the Gastro Fork. Kain's Legacy Obtain Kain's Lance. The Ultimate Flute Obtain the Angel Flute. The Ultimate Mace Obtain the Mace of Zeus. To Ozma and Back Defeat Ozma. One Nag Too Many Cause Moguo to have a tantrum.