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    I understand that some people don't like the story to The Last of Us 2 or the character Abby, but that doesn't give anyone the right to harass the actors/actresses. They're just doing their jobs! It's what they do for a living! Some people on the internet can't seem to understand that it's just a video game! IT'S FICTION! What the hell is wrong with these people?! 

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    2. FireFoxie


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      @Mayellie It's very worrying. I truly hope these people seek professional help. 

    3. MidnightDragon


      And some of them don’t seem to get she’s not actually the character. People are so fucking dumb.

    4. Angel


      If an actor/actress and writer can really piss you off as the "antagonist" they created and role played, then they are doing their job as they are making the character feel real and believable.

      But most of they hate Laura Bailey is getting is plain trolling, do wish her my best!

  2. I guess Angry Joe finally made a video about his thoughts on TLOU2 leaks. While I don't always agree with him about certain topics or video games, I agree 110% with him on this! It'll be interesting to if see Sony or Naughty Dog will try to copyright strike his channel. 



    I wonder how long it's going to be before certain Naughty Dog defenders accuse him and other YouTubers of being "homophobic" or "transphobic" or that all he wanted was a happy ending. Cause you know, it couldn't be the atrocious fucking writing now could it? Some fans are really trying to reach for the lamest excuses to defend this game. Maybe Naughty Dog just wrote a dumpster fire of a fucking story and it's not really that complicated.

  3. Some spoilers came out about the Last of Us 2 on twitter and Reddit and all I have to say is if these leaks are true what the fuck were the people at Naughty Dog thinking?! Well, I'll be canceling my collection edition. Kinda makes sense now why Troy Baker told people on twitter to keep an open mind about the game. 🙄😒

  4. I swear the Resident Evil fan base is bunch of whiny and delusional crybabies! I'm so tired of seeing them complain about the remake and how different it is from the original. I literally played the original like week ago before the remake came out and it's not really as great as people say it is!

    Nemesis doesn't constantly stalk you like everyone seems to think he does! He wasn't programmed to follow Jill around like the Xenomorph in Alien Isolation. No, he's just as scripted as the remake. He only spawns at specific locations and when certain events have occurred. Plus he also only stalks you through a few rooms before he gives up. He will be in those rooms if you return to them, but he doesn't chase you past that. No offense, but the old nemesis really isn't that scary! Maybe he was back in the 90s, but he's about as scary as wet paper bag now. 


    For everyone who thinks the remake is so short! Got news for you! The world record for speed running the original is 40 minutes and 55 seconds. Don't believe me, Google it! The original wasn't this long story driven game that I have seen people post about on various forums! The original is short as hell! The remake of 3 isn't any shorter than any other Resident Evil. 


    Oh no, Capcom cut out the stupid ass park that really didn't add much anyway and didn't put in the annoying ass Grave digger which was one of the most annoying bosses in the entire Resident Evil franchise! Yeah, let's just pretend that Capcom didn't extent certain areas like the Hospital/sewers and added the warehouse/lab. 


    Jill isn't wearing her stupid ass skirt as her default outfit? Good! It was a stupid design back in the 90s and made Jill look like a dumbass for not wearing better attire during a zombie apocalypse especially since she knows getting bit gives people the virus! 


    "But she came back from clubbing!" No she was see in her apartment at the beginning of the game loading her gun on her bed before leaving her apartment and going to the warehouse with dipshit Dario! There's really no reason for her to wear such a dumb outfit.  


    Honestly, I really feel like people are just hating the remake of 3 cause it's cool to hate on it. The remake is not without flaws but I'll say since I've been playing the game on the Xbox its more of a masterpiece than the original by a long shot even if Capcom took out some puzzles, areas, and few bosses. Actually I've had a lot more fun with this game than the remake of 2 which I feel is a little overrated tbh. I think some people need to go back and play the original and see that it's not quite like they remember it. 

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  7. I recently played this again on Xbox through gamepass and I know I'm in the vast minority here, but I love the story for Shadow. It's definitely not prefect though and there are some very weak spots in the story. Than again, I felt this way for both the first game and Rise both of which had some very poor writing at times. I will say that there are some gameplay mechanics that I thought were very counterintuitive. Why give us countless outfits and weapons, but than are limited to where the we can use them? I'll be honest it drove me crazy that I could only wear certain outfits in the hidden city. I also hated that I was only ever allowed to use the bow while in combat during a few segments in the game. As far as Deadly Obsession, I think it'd have been prefect if they paced out the campfires a little more evenly. I don't mind playing a game with no check points as long as there are plenty of save points in between. Like most people, I'm not particularly fond of losing two hours or more of gameplay cause I died and had to do over again. I will say Deadly Obsession is a lot easier on NG+, but it's still stressful during certain parts of the game like Cenote or the oil fields where there is a long stretch without a save point. It makes it even more annoying with the un-skippable cut scenes. The jumping is also or was pretty bad, I'll admit. It was frustrating trying to climb or jump because Lara would just fall to her death because she jumped the wrong way or refused to grab the ledge or wall. I wonder though if they patched it because when I played it on the Xbox a few days ago I barely ran into this issue. I like shadow the best out the three. I felt she was the closest to the old Lara since the reboot began though I'm getting a little tired of her not having her dual pistols along with her confidence/sass from the originals. This is something they need to improve if they make a another entry in the series. I also hope they drop killing animals to improve your gears especially endangered animals. I know its a video game, but I'm extremely against poaching in real life so it really bothers me even in a video game. Personally I rate the games a follows: Tomb Raider: Reboot - 7.5 Rise of the Tomb Raider - 8.0 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 8.5
  8. It sucks to live on a tight budget, especially when trying to save up to buy a really good gaming pc. I really wish I got into pc gaming sooner when I had the money. Oh well, better late than never I guess and at least I have plenty of games on my Xbox and PS3/4 to hold me over for awhile while I wait. 😊
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  11. After reading the news that Horizon Zero Dawn will go to PC sometime this year, I've decided that I'm fully switching to PC as my main gaming platform. If Sony has no interest in keeping their own exclusives, than my interest in the PS5 has significantly dropped. I'm not saying I'll never purchase a PS5, but after this news I'm going to wait for a very steep price drop. It'll also depend on if Sony puts all their past or future exclusives on PC going forward as well.  If they do release them on Pc, I won't purchase a PS5 at all. If I can get both Sony and MS exclusives plus tons of PC games from steam than what's the point of buying next gen consoles?


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