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  1. i cleared normal. how to start hard mode?
  2. it is glitch in coop some times not missing point. it just broken. if you want spend many hours play coop.
  3. dlc must need ? for platinum
  4. Oh it's so really good Thank you for answer!
  5. Hello, guys I have a question. King's fall Hard has 310, 390 level. Can I get a trophy with a 310 hard ? Thank you . (( I got a platinum trophy last night ! yeaah~
  6. self answer - You don't have to buy.
  7. Should I buy Randy's first outfit(overalls) from all the armor collection trophies at Potos Village? That's what I was wearing from the beginning. Why are they selling it at the store? Now im in Manafortress ,Do I have to do it again?
  8. it is do not work rightly puzzle 9 10 11 12 hard core 3 ,4 square 3 may be 10 times and wait 5min it do not solved puzzle. finally im reach square 4 it is boken system -_-.. dont solve
  9. Is it 100% even if I purchase only the main piece? Or do I have a dlc to buy?
  10. another 6 class may not pop with out nec and 6 class
  11. I got platinum last night. Now I can happily read these complaints.
  12. asia - south korea maybe