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  1. I haven't cried at all - actually I posed a reasonable question, to be able to use the site while unranked. The answer seems to be no, so I accept that. Now I can move on. But for what's its worth, probably nothing, but I don't cheat anymore, something I have given up - have you given up? No, looks like you're still commited to the behavior that got you a bad rep - that's the difference between you and me, I accepted the consequences, I admit what I did - and I don't do it anymore. You seem to be trying to justify what a volatile person you are, ranting to me about stuff not even related to me at this point - you think I care if people don't like you? I don't like you either so you're preaching to the choir. I'd also like to know what pride I showed by owning up to my mistake and even saying I've hidden some of my trophies in SHAME- you understand SHAME right? It's the exact inverse of pride. How do you expect me to make amends? Hmmm, should I just paypal Sly $100 for forgiveness for what I did on MY account? If I could delete the trophies I would - but I can't. This isn't a situation where I can make amends - I can only admit wrongdoing and move on. You - you clearly haven't tried to make amends because you're still a scathing [insert explicit here]. It seems to me your problem is that you don't learn lessons, you're still rude and judgmental which is what you yourself say gained you bad rep to begin with. You are the one proud of what a bad person you are, I'm not proud of what I did before. It's no wonder people hate you. The only person here hating on me, like genuinely hating on me - is YOU. It's not surprising though, if people hated me as much as they hate you, I'd probably lash out like a wild dog off the leash too. You can't honestly sit here and say you're trying to do better when YOU'RE STILL DOING IT. I did contact him, it seems it won't be fixed and that's FINE. I only ever wanted to ask but now I'm being lambasted by moral busybodies I did still appreciate your help. The only reason I'm still here is because a certain user has decided attacking me is the way to go. Time for me to walk away now. Cheers PSN profiles, take care, you will be missed by me.
  2. Fair enough, I can just go back to Exophase but damn I don't like that website nearly as much It was a stupid mistake half a decade ago, but if my punishment is permanent exile than so be it. Can never know without asking first...
  3. There's a reason I haven't posted that here. A couple zealous people will go and report me to sony and I'm not about to lose $15,000 worth of games. I know I was stupid to cheat - but I'm not THAT stupid.
  4. It is Custom Firmware - admittedly I had somebody else from NGU do it on one game and some DLCs (Warhawk and then RAGE DLC, maybe another DLC, not sure), and to be frank I never should have.. but this was back in 2013... I used to be super bothered about games in the list stuck at 1%, etc. Something I don't remotely care about now. I personally have never owned a CFW machine. None of my dates were future dates - just the guy who was on my account made them all 1:40 apart so it was a detectable pattern. Out of 190 games I have trophies for, maybe 3 were touched in any capacity by CFW. I also hide those trophies both in shame - and so people don't think I actually did those games. Again, it's not a matter of pride or gloating/competing. The vast majority of my cheating is hex edits and using other saves. I have trophies for example like in GTA 4 I got Rank 1 and Rank 10 right away in MP just because of the save I used from another user which I didn't even know would happen.
  5. Nope, can't agree. Warframe is one of the first games to give console the MMO level of longevity. I actually like this trend of gaming personally, though I can understand why some don't. In my vision, I think it is better for a developer to make 1 product, and continually show it love - vs chug out 10 game in the same amount of time. I am biased though as WF is my fave game to date, period - but I do know from actively following development that it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The playerbase has done nothing but grow, smashing all time high logins consistently - and I know DE has stated they plan to develop content for the game well past the MR30 point - so I would say buckle yourself in, because chances are Warframe is going to survive atleast until the middle or even end of the PS5 generation, which hasn't even hit yet. It's going to have a similar lifespan to WoW before interest in it truly grinds to a halt. I personally play in spurts - every update I go hard for 2 weeks or so to get the new content done - then for another month I have downtime for other games. I get easily 50-100 hours our of each update, and I'm loving that. I actually like this because while I spend money in Warframe, I actually spend less being dedicated to this game than if I were to buy 20 titles a year. My only wish is one day they patch in a Platinum - I don't know if any game ever has, but if one deserves it, its WF.
  6. Read through this thread... I'm talking about the people implying I'm a loser, the people telling me that I'm immoral, the people suggesting I'm doing it for "prestige and profit" - there's about 3 pages of them... Also to my best knowlege you get trophies offline too... but I haven't even been cheating for years now... this was back on PS3, I just play my PS4 legit now.
  7. It does matter because obviously this generation of gamers seems to think cheating even in an unranked aspect is morally wrong - and they need to understand that that is baseless projection of their moral compass. This hasn't been the norm for most of gaming history.
  8. Okay - and I also said like 30 times now I don't want to be on the leaderboards... so what is the issue? I just want to be able to look up myself on here, view my profile, which I can't do currently. It's like some of you didn't even read the OP and just jumped in to be disingenuous.
  9. I never had an actual forum account with my main account afaik. I only ever tracked myself through the profiles section.
  10. I don't care about your morals, not in the least. Cheating is immoral in the context of a competition. I'm not competing. Some developers actively put cheats in their games - that alone should indicate to you something... morality is subjective, and I don't think when I play games alone, and don't compete with others that it should matter. I cannot imagine how sad and lonely one's life must be to go out and chastise people on the internet for cheating in a non-competitive environment where it affects literally nobody else. Because this account has over $15,000 invested into it - your suggestion is dumb. I have games on here I've invested literal $1000s into like Warframe, I'm not going to leave that behind to start a new account to use PSN profiles - it's an asinine suggestion. I wish a mod would close this already because MMDE already helped me out - evidently there is some wiggle room around here, no matter how insane some of you are.
  11. How true this is It's like gaming is now treated like an Olympic sport. Even Sony has never gone after me with as much zeal as some people here. Yes I.e. in some games they have very grindy XP mechanisms that hamper the experience, especially nowadays when games are throttled to sell XP boosts - or even in one game I played Elemental Monster Online, they expected you to pay literal $1000s of dollars in online tickets to unlock everything in the game. In these cases I am happy to cheat. Really I would say 90% of what I do is legit, especially since PS4 came around - but sometimes I feel cheating makes my experience better.
  12. Well when MMDE looked into it there was seemingly no offense. Never been reported or flagged - but I think the automated system grabbed me. I have just been waiting until I see Sly in chat to reach out to him. If anybody with the power wants to lock the thread I'm cool with that, because the satisfactory conclusion has been reached.
  13. How am I cheating for prestige when I don't even want to be on the leaderboards and stated as much in my OP???? Also how am I gonna profit from being able to track myself? What am I selling, and to who? That's a total Strawman of an argument... No that's what a fringe MINORITY of PSN cheaters do. Most people who cheat on any system just want to have fun...
  14. I grew up in a time where I could pop a gameshark into my gameboy and nobody in the world would bat an eye, a time when cheats were actually licensed products and nobody drowned in a bowl of salt over it.... I don't want to be a "winner" or win - I just want to have fun...
  15. This and the 1 million meters have to be the worst trophies for WF to date I already maxed my K-Drives and Vent Kids to max and only have about 15% towards both trophies. Thanks for the link H-Refr, that should help me as well.