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  1. I’ve had an issue with my save files with the base game after installing the dlc. I’ve been meaning to go back to GTA IV and get all the trophies on base game when I remembered I had the complete edition ready to go. I loaded it up and it installed to hard drive fine and started a bit of the DLC’s but when I try to load up my game from either DLC menu, it’s just says “GTA IV only save” and when I load up GTA IV base game, it starts a new game instead of my Story Complete game save. The game saves are still on my ps3 but they appear in the Episodes from Liberty City folder with the Lost and Damned logo on it, so they aren’t missing. Is there any known solution to recovering those save files or do I have to start my single player from scratch? Thanks in advance!
  2. 19.10 here and it was bloody tough to get at that!
  3. From the several games I’ve played, I can see a heap of leftover character items in supply drops/crates/etc on the Alcatraz mode so it might be a great choice to round out a few of those last character challenges you guys need. Also, reduced number of people on that mode - 40 or so people = less competition/more chance to secure your challenges!