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  1. @HusKy Great work, update like this is greatly appreciated @MMDE One thing is providing constructive criticism/feedback, another thing is coming off as douche, which is exactly what you did. That's not being professional and stop hiding it behind your argument in this profession this is a standard. No, it's not. You're far from assertive and while providing valuable feedback and offering help, you still come off as arrogant.
  2. Disappointed as always. All games on my wishlist have been cheaper before. DLCs/Season Passes rarely go on sale, and if they do the discount is mostly a joke. To illustrate: Sniper Elite 3 goes for 5GBP, cheapest the season pass for the game was is 6.49GBP. I simply hate and refuse to pay 60% of the base game price for the season pass/DLCs which usually add only a few hours of the gameplay. To look on the bright side, money saved and I can work on my backlog.
  3. I was quite excited about this game. It's probably the only thing I miss from gaming on PC - mobas but this one is mediocre at best. Even Mobile Legends and similar mobas on tablet/phone are better. This game feels like it's still in alpha. They just wanted to push it out to get money from microtransactions.
  4. I believe it's the page each hero has with statistics: number of kills, damage done, etc. You have to pay 5 000 - 10 000 points to unlock one counter.
  5. Awesome games, one of the better months this year. However, I'm not a big fan of the trend offering base games where tons of dlcs exist. It would be great if the dlcs and season passes be on sale. And by sale I mean proper sale. Season passes even on sale are still ridiculously overpriced, almost at the same price as the goty versions of the game. I'm not paying $15 for a lousy season pass when the base game + season pass pack goes for $20.
  6. Hey guys, Anyone else experiencing high latency, usually 60ms-130ms? All other games I'm 15ms-40ms, this is the only game that I have high pings so I highly doubt it's my connection. Also, it feels like there are missing sound effects; opening chests, campaign has barely any sound. Anyone else experiencing these issues?
  7. still meh, all the games on my wishlist have been cheaper before
  8. awesome, thanks for the prompt replies. Having the option of the split-screen is always better when you need to gather resources fast.
  9. Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting DS Together so we have something to play with my girlfriend. We used to play on PC but we would prefer to have it on PS4. My question is, is it split screen or fixed one screen for both? Meaning you have to stay close together and are not able to wander wherever you each want.
  10. Hell no, some trophies are ridiculously boring to get (nothing fun about 100+ hours of mindless grind). The moment I stop having fun playing the game, I quit. Trophies/achievements are nice little addition but absolutely not the reason I play games. Especially seeing so many people boosting trophies and just copying walkthroughs because they care more about the trophy than the game itself, it completely loses its meaning; at least for me.
  11. Yesterday, my brother and I finished the main campaign at level 24 and we are wondering what to do now. All islands feel very generic and all dungeons are copy paste just different texture. The only thing left to do now is side-quests and super boring events? I was hoping there was more to this game rather than a few hours of a mediocre campaign and very little reason to collect/build anything. Things to do without getting rather overpriced DLC. What do you do after killing the main boss?
  12. interesting to see people play at very different times compared to me the graph colour changes is neat, had no idea
  13. I'm usually defending Plus subscription even if I already own the monthly games but this time I can't. The price has gone up, we are getting fewer games every month, and lots of people thought it would mean higher quality but it's not the case. Last week I extended my sub for another year just so I can't play all the Plus games I've got till now. After that, I might reconsider extending it.
  14. Let's see your Trophies by Time/Day. You can find it in Stats. I wish I could still access stats from a year ago when I was doing night shifts and had Thursday-Saturday off; it looked very different.
  15. I don't use guides unless necessary and I'm stuck, which happens very rarely. Playing the game from the very beginning with a guide kills the enjoyment for me. If the game is good and worth playing it again, I will, if not, I don't really care I end up with 10 % completion.