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  1. Overcooked was on sale for $4.24, Edith for $7.99 so that's two already super cheap games. On the other hand, you can get Plus 12 months on sale for 43$, making it 3.60$ per month. You still get more value with these two games. Another question is whether you actually are going to play them. I already have Overcook and I'm not interested in Edith at all so very disappointed but still not angry.
  2. What a way to cheat trophies. People using glitches disgust me. If you can't get it legit, you simply don't deserve it. Just like I can't get freaking Gauntlet in Titanfall 2 When it comes to spring, you only need to press it once, no need to hold it. If you press it and you stop running, then your L3 is not working, I had the same issue. Just blow some air under the L3
  3. Took me way less than 20 hours, the game is super short. I still remembered those timed mission from early days, so had to just refresh my memory. Did it legit, had no idea you can actually glitch and I don't understand why some punks would do so. If you're not good enough doing it yourself, you don't deserve having it. Simple as that.
  4. It's easy even on Veteran. It's modern scriptfare game; push to the next scrip, very little skill involved. Still, pretty good game and aged well
  5. Thought it was just for the limited time
  6. Is it worth getting it now? Do people still play? If not, I might get it just for the Campaign. So pretty much debating whether to get just base version for 5$ or pay double for a few dead MP dlcs. What do you think?
  7. Majority of the game are started with a bot, already from the lobby! I've never seen worse matchmaking
  8. One of the worst matchmaking systems I have ever seen. You either rolfstomp the enemy or you get obliterated.
  9. oh well, didn't work for me how long does it take to start a new vault just to get this trophy?
  10. If we get another month like this I might actually consider not extending my subscription.
  11. Would like to know that as well
  12. I'm getting network error every freaking game. Any ideas what's wrong with this game?
  13. Oooh here we go
  14. Once it goes on -75% sale I'm getting it.