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  1. Hopefully my order went through on GS. I got Witcher 3 complete edition, Bioshock complete edition, Skyrim special edition. $65 for all this is a steal.
  2. Ehm, nope. You still have to download lots of data with physical editions. And by this logic, there should be a difference between a 50GB game and 1GB game. You can buy a disc version of a game and still need to download 10GB, or you can buy a digital version of a different game and download only 500MB. Pricing has nothing to do with bandwidth.
  3. Are all trophies obtainable from singleplayer only?
  4. You should only pay full price if you intend to play the game right away. I rarely pay more than $20 for a game. There's just no need to, my backlog is huge. I wouldn't worry about the game industry, checking their profits, they're making more and more money every year.
  5. Whoa, not a single game I'm going to get this time, the majority of these game have been cheaper before. I'm a bit disappointed. But they, better for my backlog and my wallet.
  6. Doom I just love this series. I remember as a kid playing Doom I&II. When Doom 3 came out, it was my favourite game, I finished it multiple times on Nightmare. The newest Doom was my GOTY when I played it on PC. I had a lot of fun replaying it on PS4. Multiplayer was a bit grindy, but still enjoyable. What pissed me off was one glitched trophy (it's been glitched for over a year but devs don't care, their response is to delete your saves and play the damn game again, which is what I had to do).
  7. Same situation. I don't feel like playing the whole game again here
  8. Serious trophy hunters are such a minority. Just look at the number of players tracked by this website and the number of PS3/PS4 owners. That's not all, from 3 million tracked players, vast majority is not even active.
  9. Hardcore trophy hunters, those who wouldn't buy a game because of that one trophy, is such a small minority it wouldn't have any impact on sales. Not every player who bought the game is here on PSN Profiles. Just look at the numbers; % of people getting any trophy here on the site and % of people getting the same trophy when you check the game on your PS4. Here's an example how a small portion of players use, and are tracked, here on PSN Profiles. Doom owners 111 255 VS estimated sales according to various websites 2 000 000+ Not even 6% Plus Black Friday pre-sale is going on.
  10. Decided to go just with Rayman Legends. That game is awesome, and so much content for this price.
  11. Just got the game and I'm loving it. Feel free to add me for challenge buddy
  12. Level 55 and 3% daaamn
  13. People never learn, they still pre-order, especially from EA and right before Black Friday and Christmas sales...
  14. I might get Rayman Legends and I'm thinking about Dishonored 1; or should I wait for the collection to price drop?
  15. As far as I know, you can be dead for the whole boss fight and still get the trophy. Maybe you can't earn the trophy from weekly challenges? Can't really think of any other explanation.