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  1. Here's my first update January Starting 72.03% End of January 71.82% (-0.21%) Off to a great start I started 3 new games and didn't play anything else Evil Genius 2 - got 100% after almost 150 hours. Greatly enjoyed it, it has some issues but it was a perfect game to play during long meetings I, unfortunately, had to attend in January (approx 20+ hours a week). And it's actually an ultra-rare plat. Took me probably longer because I didn't use any guides and was taking extra time to do even missions that weren't required for the trophies. Back 4 Blood - I'm a fan of these mindless zombie shooters, World War Z, L4D, Killing Floor, etc. Was excited when it was announced as a title for PS Plus Extra. Sadly, it's not that good. I can't change FoV, the aim no matter how I try to set it up always feels off, the maps are basically small corridors so the friendly fire on higher difficulty is not that easy avoid. I can imagine it might be a bit better in the local coop but with randoms or bots it's far from the previously mentioned titles when it comes to enjoyment. I might try to get a few easier trophies but no desire to go for Plat or bother buying DLCs Smite - I have no idea what made me start this one. I probably miss LoL/Dota/HotS toxicity and wanted to experience it on PS. There are many bugged trophies so 100% is not even possible. It's not terrible but as usual with mobas, often the matches are extremely unbalanced: one team dominates the other, afkers, bots (have to play with PC players, PS player base is dead). Two new games I won't be getting 100% which is going to negatively impact my completion ratio but hey, I played games I enjoyed and that's what matters. And my Rarity ratio dropped by 0.43% to 39.37% Plans for February - will keep playing Smite but don't expect to get any trophies, maybe one or two. I'm debating whether to start Metro Exodus but there's still no date when exactly it's leaving Extra and I'm not a big fan to be pressured to play games with a deadline.
  2. What's the point of this service then if the argument is: the game is already pretty cheap so who cares...
  3. These so poorly communicated removals are starting to p*** me off. Some games can easily take 100 hours, at least two or three months heads up should be provided. I've tried contacting Sony support and they have no idea when Metro is going to be removed (didn't expect anything else but wanted to give it a shot).
  4. That's a great selection there, at least for me. Was debating getting B4B for quite some time. That one alone would be enough for me. Will try some of the other titles, mainly Omno looks nice.
  5. This is the only challenge I regularly participate in here at PSNP and I will do so again this year. Starting Completion rate (31.12.2022) - 72.03% Goal - 77.03% I'm sticking to the minimum 5% increase as it's getting more challenging to raise the percentage and I refuse to play shovelware to bump it up. Also, there are games with trophies I don't enjoy hunting - mainly missable since I refuse to play with guides/walkthroughs. Here's a recap for the past 3 years 2020 - Completion increase by 7.71%, Rarity -2.74% 2021 - Completion increase by 2.24%, Rarity -1.20% 2022 - Completion increase by 4.72%, Rarity -1.85% Not every year I managed to hit the 5% minimum but my main, personal goal is to keep lowering my Rarity rate. I'm already under 40%, and as long as I increase the Completion rate at least a bit, I'm happy. I don't want this to get in the way of how I game/what games I choose to play. I will try to post regular monthly updates. Good luck everyone participating!
  6. I stopped playing the game because the matchmaking is pure garbage and because most of my remaining tracking trophies (kills/wins) the tracker stopped working so the trophies are unobtainable, at least for me. Oh, the trophies are also rare because the majority of the trophy hunters are a bit an** about "no Platinum? Wouldn't waste my time on it"
  7. Returnal. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Unfortunately, the random/collectibles were ridiculous so I gave up on that part.
  8. I've played ME1 and ME2 so many times, I don't think I want to go back to them. I've tried Biomutant from the PS Trials and thought it's a perfect game to play if it ever gets to Plus so will give it a shot.
  9. I've started tracking all spending with the purchase of the PS4 so no idea how much prior to that. I got the PS4 in June 2017 and since then I've spent 2 230 USD. This includes all PS4/PS5 purchases, extra controllers, Plus subs, physical/digital games sales, minus selling a few physical games and all PS4 hardware. That's approximately 2000 days for 2 230 USD (and my Plus Premium should be valid for another 4 or 6 years). That's a damn cheap hobby if I look at it that way.
  10. Amazing news. Might even break my personal rule and pre-order this one eventually. Absolutely loved the first one.
  11. Is it the same version? I thought the one from Plus was only PS4 and the one from Extra was PS4/PS5.
  12. Pretty good picks but as always, I don't really want to start games with DLCs and not have the dlcs. Ubisoft's price policy is ridiculous and it's often cheaper to buy goty/gold edtion than to buy season pass or dlc separately.
  13. I don't think I understand what happened there. I've never used the rest mode, I always turn the console off, and all my saves are always uploaded to Cloud.
  14. I'm pretty sure Unreal Tournament 2 will be 1000+ Diablo 2 also 1000+ WoW probably 10k+ On PS, Overwatch close to 500, Battlefield 1 and Warframe close to 300
  15. Starting: 67.31% Goal: 73% Current: 71.58% I was doing pretty good and was close to 72% but started playing Overwatch 2 and not sure if by a mistake or didn't realize it, started the PS5 version so it started a brand new trophy list. I'm strongly against boosting MP trophies if the servers are still active so will probably never finish the PS4 nor PS5 list since there are heroes I don't like to play. This tanked me back a lot. Also started Century: Age of Ashes. Not that bad but another game I will very likely never 100%. Finished The Medium and got a few trophies from already started games previously (Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt, Helldivers, Moving Out) so made it to 71.58%. That makes it a 0.24% increase from September. I plan to start a few new games and keep playing Overwatch 2 so have no high hopes I will be able to reach the set goal but at least the 5% I should be able to get to (need 0.73% for that).