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  1. Finished the Campaign on Easy, a public game and absolutely no one joined the game. After each mission, I checked servers and empty. Will try again during the weekend.
  2. Just bought this game and it's pretty dead. Couldn't find a single game. There might be some game once I open Nightmare/Cata difficulty but I don't have high hopes.
  3. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War - another one of those games where if you are interested in DLCs you get f* over. Buying the individual DLCs, never going on sale, is more expensive than getting the Definitive Edition. This has been my main issue with PS Plus games. If I want DLCs, I end up buying the GOTY/full version at the end. The difference between the base game and the definitive edition is $2.
  4. Debating whether to get Vermintide 1 + all DLCs or just base game Vermintide 2.
  5. This was my main argument when people were arguing over the PS5 vs Xbox prices and deciding they will go with the console that's $50 cheaper (before the final prices were announced). I thought it was ridiculous reasoning to decided on the console when two or three games will be more expensive the than console itself.
  6. I was actually planning to buy it next summer but I changed my mind as quite a lot of my backlog game will benefit from faster loadings, and placed the pre-order. Well, I was a few hours late to the party and it looks like I'll be getting it January/February anyway. If I'm lucky.
  7. Oxygen Not Included!!!!
  8. I remember seeing the same threads back in the day when the game came out. I was hoping they wouldn't make it easier. It's not that difficult.
  9. I'm wondering now if it's going to be a limited promo only for those who managed to order the console now. Hope it will be still available if I get the PS5 next year since it's sold out everywhere now.
  10. I own the majority of the games but this is a great move and an amazing offer. I was actually pleasantly surprised the console is $499 and now all these goodies on top of it.
  11. Keeps happening, using Chrome, Win10. Checked the setting, deleting cookies after closing the browser isn't enabled. This is the only website where this issue happens.
  12. I'm having the same issue. Whether I open it on PC/Laptop/phone/tablet, every time it keeps asking to accept cookies. Hasn't been solved
  13. If you want to blame someone for the current state of gaming, blame gamers. We vote with our wallets and it's crystal clear microtransactions are an easy way for companies to make a profit. How to fix it? Simple, don't buy any games with microtransactions, and if you do, don't spend a cent on any microtransactions.
  14. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville - My 40th Platinum and 3000th trophy, and surprisingly it's titled Platinum.
  15. Would it be possible to have a ladder/rank system based on the Completion rate? If not a ladder/rank system then percentile? e.g if your Completion rate is 95 % you are in top 1000 or 98 percentile. What do you guys think?