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  1. Another sale, another pass. I'm actually happy the deals aren't that great, saves me money and I can keep focusing on my already huge backlog.
  2. Awesome pick. Will sure give it a shot. The DLCs/Season Pass old Sony's trick again tho... Oh well
  3. Another update for people attempting 100%. Mz gf started from scratch, replaying everything in single-player and reaching over 80% completion rate the save files got corrupted. The game didn't crash, the console wasn't switched off. It was an automatic saving sequence after the level was finished. She doesn't have Plus so there's no option to download back up. Just a warning for others, especially those without Plus, back up your save file (there's only one, the game doesn't bother creating multiple) after each game session to USB.
  4. April was a pretty good month for me. I got 86 trophies and an increase of 0.62%. Also, after over a year I got 100% in For Honor! This month I'll be mostly working on Warhammer Martyr and LEGO Harry Potter.
  5. Here's another monthly update January 03-01-2020 - Batman: Arkham Knight - Season Pass - $6 (haven't started yet) 22-01-2020 - The Telltale Series - Batman: The Enemy Within - $6 (already 100%) February - March 04-03-2020 - Rise of the Tomb Raider - $8.40 (haven't started yet) April 15-04-2020 - LEGO: Harry Potter Collection: Years 1-4 - $3.19 (finished in coop with my gf, but the trophies are bugged in coop so might have to replay the whole damn thing again in single to get 100%) 15-04-2020 - LEGO: Harry Potter Collection: Years 5-7 - $3.19 (haven't started yet) 27-04-2020 - LEGO: Marvel Collection - $19.13 (haven't started yet) 29-04-2020 - Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr - Imperium Edition - $11.69 (started already, I'm a sucker for WH universe) Total - $57.60 Spent a bit more this month than I would like, but my gf and I are both working from home and having too much free time we wanted some games to play together. We both like LEGO games, got 5 LEGO games at the moment so that might/should last us for a few months. I'm still doing much better than in 2017 and all those years before so I'm happy. I'm staying away from buying games I know damn well I won't be playing anytime soon and games I know are going to be on sale for cheaper later on.
  6. Now, I'm usually the one defending the Plus service but I'm getting sick of getting games with tons of DLCs where it is usually cheaper to buy the GOTY/full edition than get free base game and buy DLCs/season pass separately. Sniper Elite, Mafia, XCOM, etc. I don't expect to get every month games I love or end up playing but at least offer the damn DLCs/season pass for a reasonable price.
  7. Don't have either of them on PS4, if the rumour is true, it would be a great lineup.
  8. There are so many games I'd love to see remastered, just to name a few: Dead Space Prince of Persia F.E.A.R. The Suffering Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (please just upgrade graphics and leave everything else as it is) Mass Effect 1+2 Warhammer 40: Space Marines Costume Quest Gothic 1+2 Now, these are not that old games, there's tons of much older games I would love to play again remastered but with those I'm worried the game mechanics, etc hasn't aged well and it would take more than just to upgrade the visuals.
  9. We finished the game and she didn't get half the trophies I got. Missing Finish Chapter 1 and Chapter 4, strangely she unlocked Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 just fine. The second player didn't drop out/log out from the game, not even for a second. Just a heads up to others attempting the game in the coop and hoping for 100% for both players.
  10. I did all trophies legit and it wasn't that bad
  11. Me and my gf just started playing it in coop and after reading this thread I gave up on getting it to 100 %. We already had to replay the first boss level because the trophy didn't unlock of neither of us.
  12. I started at 57.36%, set the goal for 65%. That gives +7.64% or 0.63% monthly. At the moment I'm at 62.44% so I'm way ahead and unless I start a bunch of new games I should be fine. The question is if I can keep playing games from my library and not adding new games from my backlog. I decided I can still add new games but one at a time and have to get that game to at least 65% before adding another one. This way it should allow me to add games from backlog from time to time and still keep my % on track.
  13. Killing 100 of each class is actually easy and doesn't take much time. I'm getting back into the game as well but I'm missing DLCs (I bought a physical copy of Legendary edition but the DLCs were expired...) Destiny: The Taken King on PS Store says it includes both expansions, does it mean Rise of Iron is included?
  14. It's not about the amount, it's what you get for it. I don't see any value in the extra skins/gear and some xp boost worth extra $5. It's also a message to the distributors, not everyone wants to pay extra for this type of content. The mindset "what is extra $10 on $60 game", etc got us where we are. Overpriced DLCs, the content behind a paywall, etc. (this is in general about the current state of game industry).