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  1. At this point, my backlog is ridiculously huge and I haven't really played anything in the past three months I don't care what games we end up getting
  2. Oooh, Destiny 2, the game I paid over $100 for and one of the my biggest disappointment and regret in gaming. GoW3 Rem is pretty sweet though
  3. PS4 disc mechanic is ridiculously loud (no matter the version, I've tried multiple; original, pro, slim), same goes for fans. PS4, original, slim, pro, is just ridiculously loud. Those saying it's not are not bothered by noise as easily as others. Doesn't change the fact it is loud.
  4. Oooh, extra NG+ mode, awesome!
  5. Love HPL stuff so this might be interesting. Is it just me or does the visual really look dated, almost PS3 like.
  6. And here I was hoping for the harder difficulty the first one ridiculously easy and by the looks of it this one is no different.
  7. Base game is no a full game. There's no discussion about it.
  8. That $15 is already discounted SP. The point is you can buy Base+SP physical for $20. Here you get free base game and $15 SP. Remember, it's not free, we're paying a monthly subscription.
  9. Everyone praising Mafia 3. People should play the first one. The third one was a disgrace to the series.
  10. Yeah, for $15, not really a free game at the end. Heck, you can get Mafia 3 + SP for $20 physical. I'd rather they give us one full (FULL) game. The same thing happened with Xcom 2, Bloodborne, etc.
  11. As expected and as always, games with expensive DLCs...
  12. Oh fml When I finally decided to buy Dishonored The Complete Collection it's not on sale anymore
  13. Well, not a bad thing for someone who wants to get tropies.
  14. It's going to be something I'd love to 100% but getting a season pass to the free base game would be as expensive as getting a goty myself probably.
  15. Haven't played it on PS but when it was released back then on PC I loved every second of that game. Definitely my fav in the series.