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  1. You don't even need to use signs. You can dodge everything
  2. I'm already playing on DM and I don't have any sets. It's just boring after a while that every combat is dodge-hit-repeat and there's no way an enemy can hit you. It just feels like there's no need to even bother with alchemy, signs, even talents in general.
  3. I was a big fan of The Witcher books when I was a kid. I loved The Witcher 1 and 2. Finally, I had some time to start the third one. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed by the game's difficulty. It started pretty well till I reached level 4. After level 10 everything is a joke. I was killing +5 level group of creeps/bandits. Now I'm doing skull quests/contracts and it feels I'm playing on easy For example, I just did Contract: Oxenfurt (level 35) being level 24 wearing level 19 gear. Enough QQ. I love everything about the game but as in the previous games, combat/difficulty is an issue here.
  4. Ban any account for an offensive name shows how terrible service Sony provides. Force name changes, if the person still decides to go with offensive (another whole discussion what is and what is not offensive, but that's not the point here) then ban them. This move only shows how incapable Sony is implementing account name change. I don't really care how complicated or difficult it is for them. First of all, it was dumb not to have this option from the very beginning, and they are big enough company to make these changes.
  5. People defending Sony and approving of their actions are disgusting. Banning a kid after 8 years for using a rather dumb (not even offensive; everyone is a fokin PC principle these days) nickname is not a good not just a PR move but rather lame and cheap action altogether. Not letting him change the name is a big middle finger to all customers. The fact that we can't change our account name is laughable. Every year or two I move to a different country/continent (legit work permit, residency, etc.) and I can't change my country of residence on my PSN account. In 21st century? Ridiculous! Microsoft is way ahead of Sony when it comes to providing customer services and support. Whenever I had any problem with my Xbox or Xbox account, everything was solved within a few days. With Sony? Keep dreaming. I personally know a few people who's account was banned for dumb reasons (their credit card declined; banks fault mind you) and their account was banned for months before Sony did anything about it!. I'm disappointed in Sony, as usual. Guess my next console won't be PS4 Pro and PS5.
  6. Just when I finally got 100% in MP trophies O: I already know Firefighter is going to take me a while
  7. We both moved to a different country and she didn't take her 3DS with her and we got PS4 here.
  8. Thanks for the tips, I'll go through them with her and maybe she might like some of them
  9. I fear that would be a bit too complicated/complex.
  10. I'm a big fan of Warhammer 40K, it's my 2nd favourite universe right after World of Warcraft. I would suggest starting with the already mentioned the Horus Heresy series, there are around 40 books in that series alone! Just read first one or two books, it gives you a nice background and works well as an introduction.
  11. Hey guys, I'm trying to get my girlfriend to play more games on PS4 but nothing seems to keep her interested for more than an hour or two. She can spend hours and hours playing Pokemons on DS, is there any similar game on PS4?
  12. Hm, don't see any good deals, the majority of the stuff have been cheaper before.
  13. Darksiders 100% it on PC but I would also love to have in on PS4
  14. Started the Wicher III a few days ago. It's been a while since a game has managed to pull me it like this one.
  15. 4. Mafia 1. I can't stress enough how good that game is. Mafia II and III are garbage compare to it.