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  1. Once it goes on -75% sale I'm getting it.
  2. Almost dead unless you want to stick with join quickmatch. DLC maps are empty, you can't choose specific operation (because you end up porting to empty server).
  3. I was so hyped to play this game again (loved it when it was released on PC) but damn this game aged so badly
  4. People overestimate impact of serious trophy hunters.
  5. Same session, used cola to speed up theme. Pretty much everyone here mentioned they used colas
  6. Crafted all three in the same session 4 times and trophy still hasn't pop
  7. So that people spend very little on PS3, end up being so busy they don't really feel like they need to buy games on PS4? Right...
  8. Gotta love how many people here are obsessed with trophies and it's pretty much their deciding factor whether to buy this console or not. We are minority OT: rather disappointing list of games
  9. At this point, my backlog is ridiculously huge and I haven't really played anything in the past three months I don't care what games we end up getting
  10. Oooh, Destiny 2, the game I paid over $100 for and one of the my biggest disappointment and regret in gaming. GoW3 Rem is pretty sweet though
  11. PS4 disc mechanic is ridiculously loud (no matter the version, I've tried multiple; original, pro, slim), same goes for fans. PS4, original, slim, pro, is just ridiculously loud. Those saying it's not are not bothered by noise as easily as others. Doesn't change the fact it is loud.
  12. Oooh, extra NG+ mode, awesome!
  13. Love HPL stuff so this might be interesting. Is it just me or does the visual really look dated, almost PS3 like.
  14. And here I was hoping for the harder difficulty the first one ridiculously easy and by the looks of it this one is no different.
  15. Base game is no a full game. There's no discussion about it.