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  1. I bought Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Cyberpunk 2077. All other games I want to play will be bought when the I have time for them. I don´t buy games for a PoS.
  2. My goals? Just play what I want. I don't have a backlog because I only buy a game that I will definitely play next. My plan is to buy a PS5 day one and I hope bc will be nearly as good as on Xbox. I have a switch and PC anyway so there is always a game I want to play.
  3. I would put it between 2/10 and 3/10. Most of the trohpys are pure grind to get better gear for harder difficulty, do 50 relic runs and so on. 50+ hours for everything.
  4. Forgive for what? Not every person is into permanent hate and shitstorms. Companys can do what they want and I decide for myself if the game is worth my time and money. Your opinion is yours and yours alone and don´t start to reflect it on any other person.
  5. So far it is another great game from Respawn and a very good Star Wars game. Gameplay is fun as hell and the mix of Titanfall/Sekiro/Soulslike/Metroidvania works very well.
  6. First two episodes are more about the story and learn to play the game. Episode 3 introduces many new gameplay elements and for me this is the moment it clicks. You can do so much sh** with all the gadgets, vehicles and other things. I think I´m already a Mule and BT Hunter. Nothing stands a chance.
  7. I don´t think i will ever get the Platinum in this game but doesn´t matter anyway. Starting now and hope to have fun with it.
  8. I can second this. Frame Rate on the Pro is solid in both modes but the texture loading is a mess and must be patched. Most of the time the game looks like a PS2+ game.
  9. This is a story related Trohpy.
  10. You have the option to download PS Now games on Playstation 4.
  11. The essential save you need is just right before getting the crown. For all the ends you need every high king once and you must do all side quests for every faction and side with Constantine once. For Kurt and the 2 trophis to save one city you need a save before the Treason quest (Female playthrough).
  12. Hi there, tested some of the advices by velmenni (they were a great help) and the place to farm for Curiosity Cabinet. I think what is essencial is one thing: Farm them without leaving the game or load a save. I have played for over 50 hours without getting the trophy and it popped now after farming exactly as mentioned after about 150+ berrys in one sitting. If you have any other advice please post it here!
  13. Hi there, I´m playing strictly Mage on Extreme at the moment (level 22) and the YouTuber is right. This build is very strong thanks to the damage, crowdcontrol and the best spammable evade in the game. But three things to add. The beginning could be very hard, always target gunner first and don´t use the ae dmg. Normal Attacks after Storm are better.