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  1. Can you play with someone else who has a vita or a move and get the trophies?
  2. Will do! Also can someone add me as a friend so I can get partners in crime?
  3. Will self-improvement still be obtainable?
  4. Far Cry 5: Enter the Dragonfly
  5. Maybe Gex or Croc? Both where big while I was young, but seemed to have faded into obscurity.
  6. Thinking about buying this now the legendary editions out :3
  7. Hope its true, Spyro was my childhood! I just pray they have him in his original form and not skylanders.
  8. P4P! :3 https://lbp.me/u/Tarsier182/levels?p=1&l=12
  9. - Code Vein. - God of War. - Far Cry 5. * Kingdom hearts...hopefully X3
  10. Can you do the 4 player sections with another friend online using 2 controllers each?
  11. Hearted everyone! https://lbp.me/u/Tarsier182/levels?p=1&l=12 Need profile & level hearts :3
  12. I want a physical copy so I'll still be buying it, Started the digital copy a while ago but never got around to actually playing it, so great news for me :3
  13. Is completing the hippodrome required for the trophy?
  14. Do you need to finish the main quest before the trophy pops? The only place I have left to clear is the two elephants.