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  1. As far as I know it doesn't, the sub just gives you access to "private" worlds and a box that holds unlimited scrap.
  2. Looks like a decent list, I'm just thankful there's nothing for speed-running.
  3. 100 = $1 a paint job is $15
  4. I didn't have the flame thrower when it popped (haven't started the DLC's yet), fire arrows are all you need.
  5. Yep, After the credits roll.
  6. Don't fight the challenges until you fight and beat the last boss I believe and you can get both endings https://www.destructoid.com/blasphemous-lets-you-see-multiple-endings-in-one-playthrough-and-that-s-swell--566845.phtml
  7. Demo ends 06/10/2019
  8. Thinking of buying, but Isaac had some problems with trophies when it was first on here, Did this one get away with it and work properly?
  9. Spin jump as often as possible.
  10. This game looks interesting but I hate having to keep going back to a game months later, I know it's getting weekly challenges but has there been any mention of major DLC's?
  11. DLC's are done, but I think they're doing a tour & creator mode, so more trophies may be added.
  12. I actually liked Origins more, enjoyed Odyssey but I feel Origins did a better job intertwining its mythology into the story where it feels more like set pieces in odyssey, though I haven't played the DLC's so that may have changed, stealth also felt better in Origins, the bows in Odyssey suck in comparison. Also kinda biased though as Egyptian mythology is my favourite of the pantheons with Norse coming second then Greek
  13. Pressed yes as I think people should be allowed to do as they please in Single player, even if I think it ruins the experience itself, But competitive multiplayer absolutely not, no one should ruin someone else's fun. I also don't class guides or boosting dead multiplayers as cheating.
  14. Just finished my first playthrough and would like to get this trophy out the way, Its a long game and I can't be bothered going through again for 1 trophy and I have a rather large backlog of games I'd rather play. Has anyone got a save before the final fight and would be kind enough to let me jump in? assuming this still works and hasn't been patched out?