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  1. Do you need to finish all the challenges now or is it just bugged? If bugged how can I fix it?
  2. Its not in the season pass had to rebuy the digital premium edition, even though I bought a new sealed copy WB support wouldn't give me the mission as it was pre-order only.
  3. The only difficult trophy is completing all 20 levels on hard using hardcore but if you have a buddy it will be a lot easier, it was also on Plus a couple of months ago so that will probably make it rarer.
  4. Levels are longer and more difficult, still a lot of fun though :3
  5. Last I played it was the same as ark, Grindy and if you died you had to pick your stuff up from your corpse.
  6. How long would the online trophies take with a dedicated boosting partner/group? And are the servers still up and safe for the future?
  7. How long would it take to complete the multiplayer trophies from scratch with a dedicated boosting partner? and are the servers safe for now?
  8. 4 for the ranked, 3 trophies require 3 people the rest just need 2, lvl 60 grind you can do alone. The level grind took about 6-8 hours on the private rescue mode.
  9. The Soulsborne series (DS, 1,2,3 & Bloodborne.) Nioh (& Nioh 2 if it comes out this year.) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
  10. Haven't started this game yet but would like to know how grindy the multiplayer is, as that's what I'll go for first.
  11. What did you find off-putting about Spyro 3?
  12. Sunny flight is the worst, they get a lot easier afterwards.
  13. My glitch was one of the thieves in mystic marsh got stuck on a power up, so easy kill for me, I did have to redo the dracklets orb to get the trophy to pop.
  14. I was also very happy with trilogy, Toys for bob did a fantastic job with spyro, I only encountered 1 glitch and that glitch actually helped me get an orb. The games were always short anyway, so nothing new there.
  15. Combat is much more refined in Odyssey, Though I prefer Origins more, aside from the fact I like Egyptian mythology more I feel like they did a better job intertwining the story and Egyptian lore than they did the Greek, Odyssey is still a great game though 2nd place in the AC series to me, I just think they missed some opportunities, but they could still be added with updates. It took me 92 hours to plat.