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  1. Everytime it was not a grizzly bear but a black american bear it one hit me with a slap. I think thats the problem.
  2. Dont shoot it? I just let it grab me, spam circle, 1 hit shotgun him after i escape.
  3. https://www.shacknews.com/article/108179/where-to-find-grizzly-bears-and-american-black-bears-in-red-dead-redemption-2 Looked up where to find bears and found this site. Its the first picture that shows the bear on the map near Wallace station. Also on this link: https://imgur.com/a/QIX2uQQ You'll see at the B of Bear that that place has the most red dots. Found that after i got the trophy but sort of strengthens my opinion on that being the best spot. The one near Manzanita post i couldn't find a single bear there though. You'll also see the spawn is vertical so dont go to wide from the bear on the map or else you'll run out of its spawning location.
  4. I did it in 4 hours and seemed to find out how to ''spawn'' them at the last 4. did the last 4 in 15 min. Theres a big spawn place for bears north-west of Wallace Station (west of valentine). For the first 14 bears i wandered there and kept following the sounds of bear roars. But most of the time i heared a roar but no bear. But they did spawn there quite often and I got 14 in 3.75 hours. The last 4 i used the camp outside of the spawning area to sleep in to let the bear spawn in. then go to it, let it attack me, spam circle, 1 hit shotgun it as usual and set up a camp again. 4/5 times of sleeping, a bear spawned in for me. I'm not sure about the sleeping tactic but I'm quite sure north-west of Wallace station is the best place.
  5. Dang would someone be mad if they did all 144 cards without knowing this. Well I'm buying premium cigarettes atm. Thanks, you're a 10 hour time saver. Also thanks Imh007 that also saves a lot of time and tedious book opening.
  6. The mission where you bring captain monroe to the train you'll meet that nun and she's going of to some other place. That's when she gets locked out i think. You must donate in Saint Denis before you do that mission, all others are fine. It got added to powerpyx 2 days ago and thats why i missed that one as well.