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  1. hi I’m planing this on vita 1st then ps4 my game was from the EU PS+ and it’s on 1.5
  2. yeah I checked true achievements, PlayStation trophies n even steam community it confused me too
  3. all a pleasure helping the gaming community just as I learn from all of you . it bothered me too and I checked many sites but my living proof that I did it . now that I’m doing dirt 2.0 it’s a more serious game than even wrc8 wrc 8 was even more sim like then 6 but I like GT so it’s not an issue
  4. Thank a bunch man I did all characters that way no sweat
  5. hi there everyone for those who are aiming to platinum i got a way to easy get both Dante + Lucia S rank Trophies as in both Highest Honor + The Sky's the Limit below are 2 videos i did for both characters with minimum efforts to earn both trophies For Dante pick stage 6 and you can use submachine guns or the rochet launcher to fill the DT so you can stinger the boss in 2nd form for easy rank build up For Lucia her hold + Forward Slash Double leg attack is key and best way with her to just rack up Style fast
  6. hi there everyone i finally got the platinum yesterday and for a wonderful game it overstayed its welcome with the accomplishments heck the time needed to grind after the 500 wins to do 1000 stages n 5000 KM you could platinum WRC 8 in that time frame that how long it takes anyway i would like to report to you all and end all of the questions is that SSS Staged do count to the complete 1000 stages trophy here are my pics of the trophy snapshot as well as my status page for insight on what i did as you can all see ive been doing Coffs constantly most of the grind after the 500 wins mark note that i stated this game end of last year with the latest patch to boot also there are times i felt unmotivated or boredom kicked in and sometimes i just leave the game for a break for a good game the 91 accomplishments kills the spirit of it and makes it more tedious than it really should be it should have stopped at the 500 wins but noooooooooo they had to drag it since 7 is the same im gonna pass for now no need to kill my mood so im doing Dirt games now
  7. Now I got message to visit Cordelia during the sniper challenge but decided to visit her when I’m all done with edy dlc
  8. ok everyone sorry had to edit out my mistakes and add my VO , here's my video has anybody got this Medal like me before doing CH 10 ??! i played it on ps3 100% , then platinumed it on PS4 japanise Disk and now I'm platinuming it on a US Disk this is the 1st time this happens to me any explanation ??
  9. hi everyone im playing this game to get the platinum again and also doing a 100% Platinum Guide with getting A ranks on my 1st run yesterday i finished the last Edy challenge as i didn't do CH 10 yet , somehow while doing the Edy DLC i got the Order of The Holy Lance Medal / Trophy strange is that even supposed to happen because the WIKI says " Earn an A Rank on any chapter battle after Chapter 10 " so how did it unlock for me ?? ill be uploading it in my YT Playlist later soon to show you all
  10. interesting i never thought of that tho my method is for getting all 3 in 1 go
  11. hi everyone i would like to share the method i used for completing Normal Challenge 30 using Ralf's galactic phantom move in Macro shortcut
  12. Thanks this makes much happier that my content is entertaining, not only this post but not even my channel gets much love as I’m getting less motivated to put on my hard work . yeah some of those crashes took me tries to platinum score them thank you your comment made me happier even if it’s a tiny hopeful bit
  13. I’m currently playing n plating this game and it’s better than ICO by a long shot
  14. yeah I got served hot n spicy with extra flips to make the seasoning more tender n crispy the moment I saw them I said I’m dead wished I didn’t waste 2 stars there but I panicked as it was my 1st ever run as I was aiming to get the trophy I’m not sure does it have an end !?
  15. thats how i got it yesterday it was fun and crazy too