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  1. Thanks this makes much happier that my content is entertaining, not only this post but not even my channel gets much love as I’m getting less motivated to put on my hard work . yeah some of those crashes took me tries to platinum score them thank you your comment made me happier even if it’s a tiny hopeful bit
  2. I’m currently playing n plating this game and it’s better than ICO by a long shot
  3. yeah I got served hot n spicy with extra flips to make the seasoning more tender n crispy the moment I saw them I said I’m dead wished I didn’t waste 2 stars there but I panicked as it was my 1st ever run as I was aiming to get the trophy I’m not sure does it have an end !?
  4. thats how i got it yesterday it was fun and crazy too
  5. ohhh ill play it again to see the box differences myself as this is new to me and here i was trying to sherlock holms like being carful and stuff yeah i was afraid to go there cuz of my ammo and traps , as i wanted her to screw herself over the traps , ohhhhh i need to see that spot you're referring sounds interesting if i have guts to go there again . hmmmm i thought it was difficulty health pool thing not as per your loadout ?! ,
  6. honestly i didnt explore the bottom area as its riddled with traps and i still don't know were i can find ammo there , ahhhh yes those 3 traps i shoot when i entered i thought of using it against her , but i was afraid in a middle of a panic id die because of them by mistake . hmmmm her health depends on your ammo !?! that's new to me and would be crazy if its true , yeah when she says something LIKE IM GONNA GETCHA she will be in 6th gear all the time nonstop trying to rush kill you . STRAPS !!?!? yoh mean they look different from the outside besides trying to to hear the TIC TOC TIC TOC sounds , tho i swear at times i heard nothing and still boxes killed me at times
  7. try to let her disarm the traps herself , also the reason i stayed near the the stairs ( like a coward ) is that i was trying to lure her to that turret in front of me if my ammo situation went south ( and it worked for me before ) , but this time the B H killed herself. also the Xray glasses gave an early boost of confidence as it made it easy to see the trap boxes ASAP .
  8. well my friend fear not as i tried it for the 1st time yesterday and i too died over 20 ish times ( les than 30 ) with bad RNG , close win , stupid mistakes on my part but i finally did and i almost cried when i heard that sack of S**T Margarete killed herself by the traps . but as for the many retries i did 1 thing is constant as per my video that the strategy from the Crow room storage till before the jack being killed by turrets never changes as in enemies you can dispatch without wasting bullets . NOW!!! from the turrets area i tried to be cheap and conservative so i tried to let the turrets kill the molded , preferably the one in the out hall of the balcony AKA Turret #2 , follow my plan on how can dispatch them like i did and BE CARFUL after the 2nd turret if you find 2 boxes when you open the door sometimes one of them is a trap but in this run i had non then when you go down before you head to the living room to get the green house key , go to that 1st save room BUT!!!!! be carful and set the floor trap as i did quick then open the door get back a safe distance and shoot the box as it will kill you then head in quick to disarm the 2nd floor trap , ( i got nothing in the room sadly ) then the living room try your best to position yourself next but NOT TOO CLOSE to the turret next to the TV so it can kill the molded for you while you also stunning them if you can so the turret does most of the damage after getting the key dispatch the 2 crawlies + the 4 legged molded the way i did by setting up the wire traps against them ( ALMOST DIED THER ) now be very careful when going through the insignia doors as there is a nasty trap wire in the middle of the doors as i died there 3 times before , just crawl in hugging the left door as you enter THEN FLOOR IT to the yard in the yard my worked strategy is to be quick and shoot the 3 wire traps as fatty is rising and it should fall down and then go through him quickly before its AOE death animation now as for the sack of S**T boss it al depends on your RNG luck of dropped goodie goodies , but i try as much to let her hurt herself by the turrets and traps , i was brilliant as i AHEM was a total wimp and stayed at the stairs like a scarred fluffy kitten ( HONESTLY I WAS NERVOUS AS HELL TOO ) , and i was totally in high tolerance mode as i was trying to find out where is she going to pop out . i was sooo nervous i discarded my empty weapons in fear that if switch to an empty weapon by mistake , i was sooooooooo lucky i beat her i wanted to cry
  9. hi everyone i would like to share a weird glitch i experienced when helping a friend on ghost ship , i was doing this so my friend can get the trophy for beating regular ghost ship as well as beating shadow Norman before setting in to the heli area we waited to charge our ammo fully before heading in , as we fought the waves we halted and charged our ammo before fighting shadow Norman midway the fight something went very wrong as i took lots of damage when i was out of herbs and i believe i should have died but i think i encountered an infinite ( not sure ) health glitch as i took lots of beatings from Norman while i was in Danger status and he was locked on me the whole time strangely i thought my friend should have died as he had less herbs than me , but after we beaten Norman and that we rejoiced that we won by luck + glitch out cheat unintended we soon found out that the game got stuck after we destroyed the level end emblem BUT!!! nothing happens the stage wont end we waited to see if it will trigger in a while but nothing happens . then we tried to quit the stage as i was bummed that my friend wont get his 2 trophies but strangely he got the trophy for beaten shadow Norman but not the ghost ship trophy what do you folks think of this
  10. Hello Everyone i would like to share my Successful run beating Ethan must die finally yesterday as you can see i won at the end by luck against marguerite thanks to the traps but after trying so many times the 1st half isn't so bad unless you get bad RNG or one i the boxes killed you hopefully my video gives you all the helpful ways you can pass this draining challenge
  11. hi everyone hope yall are safe n healthy and having a good time gaming i would like to share my own videos on how i got all platinum scores + runner ups on all stages on all regions+ hope you all find it amusing too and helpful
  12. my friend is suffering in the EU Version and thinking of getting it NTSC do the trophies share the same list or does he has to redo everything to count
  13. i think i too got all of the sisters DLC with the mix OST and the JP VO beware the JAP VO is 10Gigs !!?! yeah i payed like over 60 i think at the time
  14. i cant remember for the life of me did one of the endings erase my save file , because its not in my PS+ cloud save or did i get angry and deleted it out the long frustration i even got all of the DLC too from that time OHH WELL since i got a YT channel id love to play it fully again at some point
  15. yes just redownloaded again after i got the plat so many years ago Hey ?!?! is it me or did i lose my save or did the final ending erased my save ?? i really forgot its been a long time