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  1. i think i too got all of the sisters DLC with the mix OST and the JP VO beware the JAP VO is 10Gigs !!?! yeah i payed like over 60 i think at the time
  2. i cant remember for the life of me did one of the endings erase my save file , because its not in my PS+ cloud save or did i get angry and deleted it out the long frustration i even got all of the DLC too from that time OHH WELL since i got a YT channel id love to play it fully again at some point
  3. yes just redownloaded again after i got the plat so many years ago Hey ?!?! is it me or did i lose my save or did the final ending erased my save ?? i really forgot its been a long time
  4. hi everyone hope all of you are in good health im trying to plat this game on Vita and all is left for me is the long grind , i got the 30000 building trophy today with less than 33000 i tried your idea to test if i will get the 50K one fast as i need to do the last boos 3 to 4 times I CAN CONFIRM that no it doesn't work !! as those 8500 - 9000 building shown destroyed doesn't count or else i would have gotten the next trophy . well ..... off to the LOOOONG GRIND then , and VITA games crashes on me in weird ways so be carful .
  5. Dlc are not needed but you get an extra stuff with them it’s mostly main missions , squad story , skirmishes, hard n challenge skirmishes
  6. hi i would like to submit my Hard Mode score videos for reference I'm trying to prove with mistakes in between is doable
  7. i wish they didn't remove the chain near the end in the room with all the fatso's
  8. sorry if my voice with my mic was loud
  9. Hello Everyone hope all of you are in good health i would like to share with you all my findings as i played sor 4 for the 1st time with my friend i happened to find out this infinite wall combo in co op with axel n cherry is this an already known exploit or did i find out something new thought id share it here with you all
  10. in a timely manor when ever you wanna grind it , true it was tedious for me as well but that what I found out at the time
  11. hi everyone if you followed my main video above i noticed i missed 2 ACES from Skirmishes 5 + 6 you will find it in this video a reposted recently happy hunting
  12. hi there well this the 2nd time i got the plat 1 on ps3 n now on ps4 i did it better cuz of my early hex grind shown above to utilize your EXP and Rare Drops + Hexes as you do the main game and mostly the Arena also if you struggle on anything check out my LP i posted above as i did EVERYTHING as i played each chapter if you have any questions please ask here or on my videos above and i swear my LP is like a bible on how to platinum the game have fun everyone and yes i know this game like to kick you in the nuts at times but don't worry
  13. glad it helped as this trophy bothered me personally was afraid they might patch it
  14. Hello Everyone i would like to share my 2 videos of when i early grinded the Green L and Straight Line Blue Hexes to get early exp and many other good terminal boosts as you go up completing the Arena and main game hope this helps on your platinum journey and if there's any questions ill be glad to answer and here is my playlist that i platinumed the game so of course i did everything on my 1st run
  15. thank you and to the people i credited from my search on GameFaqs Forum that i got the ideas from then i tested then i made my video and got my platinum , then decided to share it to help anybody out the platinum