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  1. yeah I got It as plus game with dirt 3 years back
  2. only ps4 still but its ok the game is very straight forward
  3. keep up the hard work also if you need any tips on platinuming ROF you can check my 100% guide on YT my YT channel
  4. new thumbnail looks better 😍
  5. hello there everyone i would like to share my attempts ... ( after lots of editing ) of me getting platinum medals on danger zone on all stages. i have to say i liked it tho there are a couple of stages that i hated mostly because the limitations of the camera to look bellow you etc... ill be doing DZ 2 soon too so yeah i hope its better than this game . here's the playlist containing all phases on platinum medals scores
  6. glad to help its an ok game to plat payback 3 star all map events was really hard
  7. online is dead i missed out on it
  8. i made my character based on Claire from Claymore Anime , tho think i made Helen by mistake
  9. thanks man im happy this helped
  10. hi there buddy i got them using this guys videos on YT Riviera Runaway Golden Coast king of the hill pearl of the orient also for the last 2 i had trouble with the above setup so my buddy Clank522 gave me his solid setup brake bias on +10 or 20 downforce +30 or +40 Gear Ratio -70 suspension not changed diff +10 or +20 i got okatuma and hong kong with ease on my 3rd try hope this help and sorry for the late reply just got it 100% i was so focused
  11. your welcome glad to help the game is easy but repetitive so keep it up
  12. hi everyone im currently doing this game on my YT channel as a platinum guide lets play streaming MY ROF platinum playlist i want to know whats the method to grind money in this game now that they fixed the scope selling trick on ps3 also what is the best colored hexes to linkup terminal the blue line or the green hexes also im in CH4 and i feel the game is starting to get tougher a bit
  13. Hi everyone i would like to share my method as to how i earned that darn trophy description is at the box bellow the video
  14. So..... that means I should not buy the game was gonna pick it up
  15. hi everyone im currently playing bloodstained and its so amazing it feeds the hunger i wanted of the same style of metroidvania games that i used to play since they added bloodlines in this i know this is crazy or too much to ask but can they do a collection of the GBA and DS trilogy games as they are still fun to play or are they still locked under Nintendo .... i mean look how long Resident evil Remake + 0 were finally experienced by more games outside N consoles bloodstained castle reminds me of DoS while miriam kinda reminds me of shanoa from OoE