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  1. Hi everyone i would like to share my method as to how i earned that darn trophy description is at the box bellow the video
  2. So..... that means I should not buy the game was gonna pick it up
  3. hi everyone im currently playing bloodstained and its so amazing it feeds the hunger i wanted of the same style of metroidvania games that i used to play since they added bloodlines in this i know this is crazy or too much to ask but can they do a collection of the GBA and DS trilogy games as they are still fun to play or are they still locked under Nintendo .... i mean look how long Resident evil Remake + 0 were finally experienced by more games outside N consoles bloodstained castle reminds me of DoS while miriam kinda reminds me of shanoa from OoE
  4. 2+3+ DotD needs a remaster badly really miss this series
  5. senran kagura shinovi master DVD vol 4
  6. Your welcome simple n fast too
  7. well i ordered the LE and got the Edy & squad 7 missions
  8. HELLO EVERYONE its been a while since i platinumed this wonderful game i posted in this forum my 100% platinum run video and now im posting a shortened version of it based on hunting down ALL ACES to get its demanding trophy im showing how to get them in Main story , ALL Skirmishes , squad stories And DLC missions availability hope it helps everyone
  9. My ace killer trophy video guide is finished will post a thread for it now
  10. hi everyone im going to make a video from my platinum walkthrough i posted above regarding the Aces hunting . im working on it now and ill post as a new topic also anything regarding my walkthrough above will e taken to consideration .
  11. Hi Everyone i would like help you all out in this game by showing hoe to get these trophies Lvl 10 HEAT Multiplier 500 points cashing in ALL in one go
  12. thanks for a simple game to plat those trophies were a bit pesky glad i helped
  13. Hello there everyone i would like to share my video on how you can get NOT THERE QUIT IT LET IT RAIN please view bellow hope this was helpful
  14. It’s working fine
  15. hi im an ace combat veteran and doing both games right now H1 is a more solid game , campaign can be tough on the last 5 missions but its good , online is good but i hate the supports reel randomness thing H2 ... hmm dont know but i feels the sum of it is not as good as H1 , campaign has more variety missions tho cheesy at times , online is ok but dont like how the planes handles at times trophies wise H1 is MUCH harder and more demanding than H2 , H2 can be platinumed quicker . both are nice alternatives above mediocre games to ace combat in general , tho i hated ace combat AH ps3 with a passion the ps2 games are still wonderful with 7 being the best they did in a long time . my question is any other good air combat games on ps3 - 4 ?? i see alot of WW2ish games