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  1. Still works. Popped it yesterday. Works just like the Moneybags trophy.
  2. Hey everyone, Trying to platinum 76 and only need a few more trophies. My cleanup is straightforward except for this dumbass Bounty Hunter trophy. I've server hopped over 100 times and found no RED marked Wanted players to hunt down and kill. I've tried to be a dick and annoy innocent players, provoking them to attack/kill me and everyone is a pacifist. It seems there's no easy way to find and kill a Wanted player in this game, except for boosting. I even tried Hunter/Hunted and it stayed waiting 1/4 players for hours on end. How do you get this trophy? Thanks! PSN: nikolistary
  3. False alarm. After the update, I went into settings and it seems the update turned off XP notifications by default. It also re-added subtitles even though I turned subs off.
  4. Hey everyone so Ubisoft just released the newest patch and I'm not receiving XP anymore. No XP points are given for anything I do, from kills to completing missions. I'm stuck on Level 26 and feel it's glitched. Anybody else having this problem?
  5. Thanks so much for this! You rock!
  6. Sorry, forgot to mention I'm doing it on easy. God all these posts make me feel like I just suck ass haha. I know the stupid ass halloween shit event is going on until December, everyone I kill explodes into an annoying flying skull. Maybe I just need to get better legendaries by farming beaten bosses? The crap the circles leave are worthless when I try another round. Oh well, try and try again I suppose...
  7. Hey everyone, So I've got all the trophies for Borderlands 3 minus Slaughterhouse 3 and All Side Missions complete. I fought through the Cistern of Slaughter on solo without too much trouble, and I thought the other two would be harder but still possible. And after over 50, YES FIFTY, tries on each map, I have deemed this trophy IMPOSSIBLE on solo. The huge bitch is that matchmaking couldn't be worse. Like Far Cry 2 worse. I know there's a million concurrent players for BL3 on PS4, yet the circle keeps on spinning into oblivion. It's nearly impossible to get another player in on these matches. Keep in mind I'm a level 50 Zane with massive damage Tediore legendary gear and I STILL can't even get to the last round. Maybe I just need to add more friends and boost privately. I don't know. I'm just beyond fed up at this point with these massive anointed bullet sponges that teleport right to you only to smack you dead in a second. It's unbalanced for solo, and the anointeds are cheap as fuck. TL:DR---The Slaughterhouse 3 trophy is IMPOSSIBLE SOLO. You need friends to even stand a chance, and matchmaking is broken so......still wondering why this platinum is at 24% like it's easy or something. Sheesh.
  8. Got this game on a whim on sale for $2. Awesome game. If Nex Machina was on the Vita, this would be it on a smaller scale. Fun and fast bullet hell.
  9. This thread is a bit dated but I have to say my peace. I'm 33. When the first AC came out I was in my early twenties. I was a prime target audience for this game. And it fucking sucked!!!! Ultra restrictive. Boring as all shit. It was basically like reading a book you didn't care about at all. Because of my first bad taste with the franchise, I did a full stop. I hear AC2 is legendary but AC1 was so awful I deemed it as another man's game and moved on. Then a sale happened for AC Origins and I got it. Thinking it's a shit game from the start. I played it for about 4 hours and thought yep! Its another boring slog. But after trying my hardest to complete The Witcher 3 in its infinitely boring gameplay and story I thought this game would be better. And it was. Basically, this game made me a lover of assassin's creed for the first time. I know many will call me a plebeian or whatever, but it's the first time this franchise clicked for me. I can't wait for Odyssey now. They got rid of all the bullshit. It's a better game for it. I know the diehards who preach wanting the old AC back, but fuck y'all. Go read a history book instead. This game was ACTUALLY FUN.
  10. Awesome!! Me too!! Congrats on your first post my friend! Glad I (or someone else) could make you feel so butthurt to comment on how others feel so Butthurt. 😄😄😄😄😄😄
  11. Looks fine to me. Glad the asshole developers got rid of mein leben on this one, I'm sure they felt the sales hit. Just look at Wolf 2's DLC numbers it's pathetic, like 1000 people on this site? Yes, I am one of those "whiny bitches" sitting at 98% because of that shit. These days it just makes me laugh. But my argument is still the same: Wolf 2 discriminated against people with lives and jobs. The Wolf 2 platinum should be looked at as spending a bit more time with a game as all other games, not quit your job breakup with your girlfriend kill all your friends move back home to mom's house and dedicate your life to some permadeath mode until you beat the same game you beat just on a different difficulty, including the ones like me that beat it on IADI. Tl;dr The Wolf 2 platinum should've been an icon for playing the game entirely, getting all collectables etc. but it's basically a 'biggest loser with no life' award. Basically people who are trophy hunters/completionists AND have jobs and lives to get back to are plebeian subhuman fucks that need to suicide, they dont have the dedication or nuts to sit through the same game over and over with unskippable cutscenes ad nauseam. Ahhhhhh, that said, like I tell everyone, I refuse to pay full price in the future for any Machine Games products. I'll play, enjoy, and platinum $10 max. That's my piece of shit way of pseudo-boycotting. I'll play your dumb nazi game, you'll get my cash, but only $10. Next time dont discriminate. Fucking assholes. And I just platinumed Nex Machina. Now THAT'S how you do a badass challenging platinum. #balanceyourshit
  12. Great tips all around guys! After nearly two weeks straight trying Arcade on Veteran I was seriously about to give up. It was ruining my brain. Couldn't have felt more discouraged. Today I got that son of a bitch haha. My strategy was rocket launcher the whole way except for smart bomb on Architect. I think the MOST IMPORTANT TIP here is to deliberately die on the next level if you have less than 3 lives, as well as making damn sure you have all 5 lives when facing Architect and Supreme AI. Now just 49 feats to grind out, but at least now I can relax for once
  13. FINALLY GOT IT. Wow, I was on edge for the last few days. I read way too many people's comments on YouTube where they were saying the trophy is glitched/trophy not popping after 30, 40+ drones being taken out. Was not loving the idea of starting a second playthrough as you have to do so much shit to re-equip your weapons and tools. I was super nervous too since I botched my drone stats (81 drones destroyed lol) when I tried farming and reloading saves. Thankfully, I put off the final mission (Project Dagger) and started grinding for this trophy. Now I can finish the game and get a nice tasty platinum when I roll credits ***ABSOLUTELY FOLLOW POWERPYX'S DRONE GUIDE*** I had killed only 2 or 3 drones before rolling up my sleeves and this guide was INVALUABLE. It would have taken 50x longer without it. No matter how much you've done, the best method is to use the guide starting from #1. TURN OFF THE MUSIC. Use the Icarus vehicle. Keep your distance. I used a Rocket Launcher all the way. Try to look downward with your aiming, do not make direct eye contact with it. If you have 2 bars or less on your signal you CAN make eye contact with it and easily lob a missle right at it. Make sure you've got your drone tracker mod. Go from #1 and just work downward, try to enjoy the hunt. I did this way. Obviously you'll find a lot of spots without a drone but don't get discouraged. By the time you make it down the list to Sekreto Wetlands you'll get it, I promise!
  14. Fuck this trophy. This is gonna take forever. I can confirm that finding a drone and killing it, then reloading save, then killing the same drone over does NOT work, even though the statistics counts it. My stats currently sit at 47 drones destroyed and no trophy. You need 30 drone Intel pieces in your log. This feels like mein leben all over again in terms of bitchfuckery
  15. Hi everyone This might be a bit more complex than the post's title leads on lol. Question: What is a platinum you earned on any generation (PS4,3,Vita, etc.) from a franchise you normally don't play? My answer: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. To expand, the Call of Duty franchise has been around forever. I'm 30 so it's forever. I am a huge FPS fan my whole life but I was never into military shooters. Always found them boring. However, I played the original in 2007 on PC but my computer sucked and was underpowered. After that I completely stopped caring about the franchise. Around a decade later Infinite Warfare came out and for some reason I got into it, and after 30 hours I was determined to platinum this damn game. I really loved Zombies in Spaceland, but little did I know it would be the most impossibly hard section of the game. After 200 hours of Zombies, I gave up. Fuck this, I said. So when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered arrived free at my digital doorstep via PS Plus, I figured why the hell not try to redeem myself and platinum this one. And after about 60 hours, I did. After that initial rush of seeing that platinum pop, and after the vindication of Infinite Warfare fucking me over, I felt divided. I found a newfound respect for the series while simultaneously never wanting to put myself through getting a Call of Duty platinum again. However, to end, a lot of my friends are hardcore CoD fans and yet none of them have a platinum so it's fun to get drunk with them and rub it in their faces. We all enjoy organically getting platinums from our favorite franchises, my personal sweet spot are Far Cry trophy lists. Not too hard not too easy and super enjoyable getting to 100% BUT the question remains: What's a series you've never been drawn to naturally, but for some reason got its hooks in you, and for whatever irrational reason you were determined to platinum it?