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  1. KINGDOM HEARTS II Master Obtain all trophies. This was one of the best games I've ever played. I love the combat in this game and I'm also excited that I've earned my tenth platinum trophy.
  2. Can't wait to play this after Walking Dead. I had this for a while but I was playing RECOM on PS3.
  3. Natural Player Sora Clear Sora's story on Standard. Chain of Memories Master Obtain all trophies. I'm back! Here's my trophy post in a while. I couldn't post and play PS4 games because I was spending my energy in this game. This game questioned my existence. It was a waste of my time playing the story mode 6 times. I even bought 1.5 and 2.5 on the PS4 but after this game, I don't even wanna come near RECOM. I'm worn out from playing this due to the tedium of going to the lifeless "worlds" that are actually rooms. I, however, love the card system battle. I don't know why some people hate it when it's unique. Anyway, ENOUGH OF THAT! I'm moving on to PS4 now.
  4. Technophobia- Detroit: Become Human Dementophobia- Outlast 2 Metathesiophobia- Persona 5 I thought about getting the platinum for Outlast but when I saw the game, I got scared. I love to face my fear of that game.
  5. Combination Fighter You completed 150 challenges! Combination Master You completed 300 challenges!
  6. Okay. Thanks for the tip about using the T+L+A darkness card. I've already got every enemy cards for Sora now. I only need to play through the story mode for Sora and Riku again to get the platinum.
  7. Kingdom Hearts because I want to platinum the series some time soon on the PS4 as well as KH 3.
  8. I'm really enjoying this series albeit not liking the confusing story.
  9. I recently completed KH Re:COM story mode and now I'm grinding for enemy cards. How long does it take to get all enemy cards? I just want to get the Card Master Sora trophy out of the way then grind for levels. I haven't even gotten the Red Nocturne enemy card to farm for Megaflare.
  10. Mark of Mastery Defeat the phantom Ursula and begin the Mark of Mastery Exam. I want to get the platinum for Re:Chain of Memories before I spent my time with Dream Drop.
  11. Battle Card Collector Obtain over 300 battle cards. Interceptor Strike an enemy before entering battle 150 times. Treasure Hunter Open 10 chests from hidden rooms.
  12. Bee Buster Clear all 70 bees within 1 minute and 40 seconds in the Bumble-Buster minigame. Card Breaker Break an enemy's card 1,500 times.
  13. Ace Pilot Get a score of 500 points or higher in the Balloon Glider mini-game. High Jumper Get a score of 120 points or higher in Tigger's Jump-a-Thon mini-game. Sky Diver Get a score of 2,000 points or higher in the Whirlwind Plunge mini-game. Mini-game Maniac Sora Collect all Mini-game entries in Jiminy's Journal. Now that I've gotten these trophies out of the way, the only mini-game trophies left for me to get are Veggie Master and Bee Buster.
  14. Woven Memories Clear Castle Oblivion 5F. I regretted trying to platinum this time consuming game.
  15. Tightrope Walker Replenish HP when you have less than 5% HP.