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  1. Strange Journey another report. Pretty good manga for a SMT adaptation but don't expect too much from the story.
  2. People here are very nice.
  3. KH3. The game was so hyped up but ended up being disappointing.
  4. What does the design look like anyway? I don't have the console.
  5. This site seems so boring now. Probably because I'm not playing a lot of games no more.
  6. Playing Yakuza like a dragon when I get my hands on the ps5.
  7. Please Please Please play Catherine on the ps3 instead of fullbody. It's way better!
  8. Definitely! When I get the money. There are a few games on the PS5 I love to try out but I've been bored of playing games for a long time.
  9. Ace Attorney. I just heard it's coming out for the PS4 in 2019. Life is Strange. Maybe KH3.
  10. Just Beat It Complete all Climax Battles. Where It All Began Obtain all other trophies. I have my first 100% plat in Yakuza. This is one of the few open world games I've ever played and Yakuza made me fall in love with open world games.
  11. Where It All Began Obtain all other trophies. My first Yakuza plat trophy! I'm in love with Yakuza's world.
  12. Thanks for the help. I'll check out the videos and the guides. If I need your help, I'll reach out. As for me, there's really not much I could help you with in terms of mahjong. Forming your hand is luck based. You'll have to learn how to discard the tiles you don't need. Don't give up playing mahjong.
  13. This is the simplest way I could help you. Just so you know, I'm not articulate in explaining and If I didn't help, watch videos on it online or play to understand the mechanics better. So to win at mahjong, you need 4 sets and a pair. A set is 3 tiles with sequential numerical order(EX: 1,2,3) or 3 tiles with the same value. A pair is two tiles that are the same. Basically, you need 4 sets of 3 tiles and a 1 pair of 2 identical tiles. If you think you need one more tile to win, mash the square button for Riichi. I tried explaining it the best I can. I understood better through playing, watching videos on mahjong, and people explaining it to me. P.S: You'll need to memorize the character tiles and the other tiles(specifically, the dots and the bamboos)to know their value. By the way, you seemed to finish the Climax Battles. Can you explain how to do Proving Grounds 1-8 and Melee 3-6?I'm having a hard time with them.