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  1. Got lucky and pulled out Eden Hazard from an Attackers Pack which costs 25k. My whole team consists of 83+ players and it's 2250 now so i think you should definitely aim for Black Ball rent players on Saturday and get them as quick as possible to build up your team level.
  2. I'm also working towards this trophy and all i can say is that you should get a contracts with a high-rated players and never play use them. Just put them on your team and make sure to level up them.
  3. New Invasion boss is out and it's Tanya.
  4. Appreciated if you'd help me with this trophy. My map is Name is 1 SEC P4P Let me know if you'll need me to play yours. Much obliged!
  5. Guys, short-length songs DO count towards 400 songs trophy. I've chosen "Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies" for my song - it's only about 1:10 so it took me a bit to get my platinum.
  6. Can you confirm that playing short-version songs counts towards 400 songs trophy?
  7. Nah you lost no points when you quit in the beginning of a FIFA19. A lot of people farmed this trophy like this just quitting a game completely - no points were lost. I got it by playing with a friend till the end on Xbox so i guess match should be played full-time with a pvp.
  8. Hello. Can someone confirm that quitting mid-game counts towards losing points in Rivals or not? If not then that's the way you can boost yourself through Div4 without losing a joystick.
  9. I believe you can still earn trophies for Versus matches by playing with two vita's in Ad-Hoc mode. Gonna test it and leave a message here if it works. But also i believe ranked matches can't be earned legit anymore. Even game crashes everytime when I'm trying to play online.
  10. Then you'd better launch it on a blank profile and check if it's possible to earn that trophy.
  11. The random guy said that he wants to help you but instead of helping you trying to ruin the game and scores some goals and wins a match for himself. That's it.
  12. I can confirm that two of my friends are playing with me and I'm with a disc copy and they're using a free weekend demo. Still they're earning trophies.
  13. Hey mate. Haven't you found a solution? I'm stuck on a 3rd stage as well.
  14. Don't know what's wrong with me ('cause i'm very casual player) but i had a problem only with 2-28/2-29 and not with a 2-30 (5-stars on a 3rd try and briefcase in ~30). Now i'm gonna platinum it and i love it. Though i will never gonna play it on a PS4.
  15. yup i did on a saw's blade and on a strum bar as well.