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  1. I'm terribly sorry for the oversight. I fixed the typo 😜
  2. Hi, I read some reports about it and can very it myself, that in the PSN version (digital download version) 1.02 the mission "The Big Stink" for the trophy Lord Of The Files is bugged and can not be completed! As far as I read, this is also the case for the disc version with this update. I don't know, if this is the case for all installations of the game. While it is easy to block the update for the disc version, the "downgrade" of the PSN version is a bit more complicated (eg using "PSX Download Helper"). After unsuccessfully trying to complete the mission with version 1.02 several times, I was able to complete it in version 1.00 on the first try. The save file of the version 1.02 can be used with the version 1.00. Hope this helps Lonny
  3. Actually, I would delete some of my pointless trophy hunting game trophies. On the other side, Sony would be very stupid to implement such feature. Guess how many people would complain - justified - that their trophies got deleted?
  4. Even if the patch notes and the trophy guide state, that the buggy UPGRADED trophy has been fixed, it wasn't. I had 7 cars with the maximum engine upgrade - no trophy. So I set the engine upgrade of all 7 cars to level I and restarted the game. After setting the maximum engine upgrade of the second car, the trophy popped! WTF! Well done, dev team, well done...
  5. Thanks for your reply! I didn't change my username. As a software developer, changing the trophy settings from "everyone" to "no one" and back was my first guess - on both consoles (PS4 and PS4 Pro). Hoped the problem would just got away in the last 12 hours... Updating a friends profile (same country) works. Also updating my profile on psntrophyleaders works. So the source of the problems seems to be psnprofiles. I'll hope and wait...
  6. Hi, since yesterday (after working without problems for years) updating my profile lonny2001 has suddenly stopped working "Aww, no trophies here". No privacy settings have been changed. Since psntrophyleaders is still able to read my trophies, I can only guess that there is an internal problem. Please help! Kind regards, Lonny
  7. Just finished hard mode with only 3 saves. The game gave me only 14 tinderboxes :-( This walkthrough video with commentary is absolute brilliant! He also increased the gamma for the video, so you can actually see something.
  8. I just tried the above cited method with the digital "ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer's Edition" version (includes all DLCs). Result: It did not work. I also tried doing the "Alpha Rockwell" fight with this level 117 character. But after winning the fight, the game put me back to level 105!
  9. It's a little offt topic, but I was mentioned in a message above: Repentent does not stack. You get it only if you "Escape the Northstar IV with 3 to 5 Astronaut Tokens", but If you found all 6 (5 Austronaut Tokens + DSLR Camera). And Obsessive glitched for me too :-( Update I was wrong! Obsessive is not glitched! The only real bug is, that the 8th satellite transmission is very likely not saved in a checkpoint (it was never for me). Just listen to it and finish the game without dying, restarting a checkpoint or quitting the game. The problem is, that because of this bug everyone thinks it is the reason that they didn't get the trophy. My theory (and I'm pretty sure about it) The trophy description says: Listen to all Audio Logs, Audio Terminals and Intercepted Transmissions If you use eg. the 100% guide from rus199410, you will have listened to all Audio Logs, Audio Terminal and Satellite Transmissions. But there are more Intercepted Transmissions than Satellite Transmission. At various points in the game you receive transmission like "Satellite transmission received", "Intercepted transmission" and so on that are about some personal stuff of the dead crew members. I don't know if any of the other transmissions from the ground personal counts or if the actually transmissions are only available after you've found the dead bodies of the astronauts ... What I did in a 3 hour run to get this (for me the final) trophy: I did not die nor did I restart a checkpoint or quited the game Collected all known Audio Logs, Audio Terminals and Satellite Transmissions Found all 5 astronauts Flew through every single part of the station structure/part (eg. you can reach all Vocalis switches from outside, but you get a message when flying up from inside). Outside always followed the debris trails (the white and yellow flakes). eg. between Vocalis #1 and #2 Never took outside a shortcut between structures My conclusion: Not glitched, just an awfully designed trophy!
  10. Well, it really took me some time to figure that out! Jumping across the gap is not possible. That's an evil deception from the developers ;-) At the end of the cave where the collectible is, there is an opening above. Fly through it, descend and turn around. There is another structure and a button that is almost completely hidden in the side wall. Activate it and Historian will be yours soon. Hope this helps!
  11. ad Reflective: This trophy can also be obtained by standing still for 10 minutes inside the room (with the reflective floor) when calming a Titan. ad Clarity: The description of the node In the lower right corner of the Gallery says, that you must fly 10 minutes with fish. That's misleading. eg. Butterfly's will working too. ad Never Forget: I vote for "not story related". The trophy popped right after I pushed circle in the room calming the 8th titan and I was quite far away from the exit portal.