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  1. the first 2 trophies after the difficulty trophies is required...
  2. School, school and some more school and gaming time

  3. my goal is having fun while collecting, so I don't thing that goal will ever be archived
  4. Taking a Liberty (GTA4) ultra rare 2.22% Auf Wiedershen Petrovic (GTA 4) ultra rare 2.96% Wanted (GTA 4) ultra rare 3.02%
  5. Playing formula 1 2010, happy to race some online :)

  6. the best way I found is too make a character with high speach, where you can use perks to get more money. The fast way is going to riften and use the speach glitch, to get speach to 100 and using the perks to get 1000 gold more at each vendor. and just start selling a lot of shit. the slower way is to do side quest for the dark brotherhood, these gives you 750 for each. fast and quick money, or you can do jobs for delvin, these gives 500 each time, can't remember the name of the job, but its where you change some papirs, this is fast, but you make 500 in a few minutes. both of these ways are quickly done
  7. 257 hours in total on 2 characters .. been playing too much, although my character is insane. started again because the time between levels was too long
  8. Need skyrim advise, just ask :P