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  1. Rayman Origins, I played it on Wii so no plat, lol.
  2. It doesn't look bad, there's more "achivement" trophies here than "milestone" trophies. I'm sure the first place online trophy can be boosted as well.
  3. It's actually amazing how an hour can change your perspective. Concerning Ratalaika Games, it seems their other releases don't have enough polish to even be considered finished, much less appropriate for PSN and the eShop. Metagal in particular was an awful experience that I kinda regret buying now. So their games being such low quality does show that, yeah, people are only buying these games for their trophies. And it's sending the wrong message to the devs; not getting the right criticism on their games will make them think they aren't doing anything wrong and won't improve their skills like they should. But Super Weekend Mode in particular is genuinely good, so while I understand feeling that the trophy list should be adjusted to allow the player to experience the full game and probably not have a plat, it hurts to see people say that playing it should "decrease the points on your profile". Seems like people are judging it without playing it based solely on Ratataika's past releases. But still... At the very least, we know that his next game would sell more now than if Ratataika never touched it. I mean, I'm following his work now and I would have never known about him if the game didn't pop up on PSNProfiles' home page. I think this game needed the marketing boost of easy trophies so people play it for the plat and discover, "Hey, this game is actually good!" and keep playing it, rather than being like "Glad that's finally over" like I felt after Metagal. So I still don't get the hate against easy trophies, but I completely understand lazy and easy trophies.
  4. What's up with this elitist attitude against easy platinums? Just don't buy or play them if you're so scared of them. And if you're mad about how easy they are, then remember: quality over quantity. The person with one ultra rare plat (DMCV, for example) is more impressive than someone with 30 easy platinums. The trophy cabinet and rarity % are there for a reason. Personally I think Ratalaika Games is doing an excellent job getting indie devs on the map. Granted, other Ratalaika releases haven't impressed me as much, but Super Weekend Mode is definitely a fun, quality game. But how many people would know about PixelTeriyaki if his game wasn't marketed with an easy platinum? Plus, the experience of having the game you worked hard on being released on the leading consoles in the industry for a whole new audience to play has got to feel amazing from a developer standpoint. At the very least, I understand being upset that a bad game has a platinum and that's the only reason why people are buying it. But this game is actually good, so what's the issue?
  5. It doesn't look like that controller has a turbo option, unfortunately.
  6. What do you guys think about this trophy list? Looks like it may play a little bit differently than most LEGO games, and there are some elements that don't appear to happen in the movie.
  7. Is there a training mode or Tiny Puyo mode in this version? If so, anyone with a turbo controller or fightstick shouldn't have much trouble with the Puyo popping trophies.
  8. What do you guys think about this list? I can't read too much of it, but it looks like you'll need to grind out a bunch of Puyo clears like Puyo Puyo Tetris.
  9. There are a lot of offline trophies that can easily be achieved in local versus. The training mode one isn't hard; at the very least, you can just leave it running overnight if you're not into labbing. The league killer trophies might need to be boosted though. Some people might have trouble with the 10 game win streak and the challenges, if those turn out to be complex. I would agree that this list does seem uninspired, but otherwise it looks like an easy, although time consuming, plat.