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  1. Keep at it I did it with no exploit it hard but it’s not Impossible little trick when you can’t figure out a puzzle just miss on purpose go back to do the one before and sometime the new one is easier didthis a couple of times it help
  2. Finally got it I think it because the first two world I played with someone
  3. Does anybody know if the surf and turf dlc count towards this trophy because I finish every other trophy but did not get the 1000 meals yet was doing level 1 at 20-23 meals per play again not sure if it counts or it bug on me
  4. Like 28 Days Later is not a Zombie movies Infected and Zombies are two different thing
  5. I did it !!!!!!!! Legit never was able to make the glitch work I had a good run got to the pillard before the second part of the song The pillars are not as hard as I tought or maybe I got lucky but if you wrap around you can see what you need
  6. Are we sure it’s still working like I said I tried with 3 sec and 4 sec 2-3 times each but no luck
  7. Does it still work I can’t seem to make it work i tried 3 and 4 and nothing
  8. When I sell and reload I don’t keep the money is there a specific mode to do this
  9. Probably because you guest account does not have a Psn Account and can't connect to server. I did it with my account plus my son's account logged in the game with my account then logged with my son's go back to my account send invite to son account and accept the invite by switching back. To invite to club more tricky I had to send invite the close game on my son's account lauch again and the invite was there Hope this helps
  10. I have crate to trade if I could getcertified item in exchange can give it back after trophy pop
  11. I did twice and I watch the second mission two I think I have to redo first mission last part for so reason when I resume this on I puts me in the last part even if I got the trophy to finish it and this part was the most annoying part of all the single mission for me
  12. When I try to resume the first one it brings me to the last part of the mission I don’t want to redo all of this And they all say I finish them on the menu
  13. Yes once I got another set it worked but the empress jaguar set did not work for me
  14. Ok thank I will wait to get another matching set and hope it’s going to work
  15. I have the jaguar kits and wore it many time but the trophies does not pop am I missing something